who has the best grey gamefowl

Judge, an attorney living at Birmingham, Ala. have some of my games and since then we have often made exchanges of brood stock. He was willing to pay an additional $300 rental and I agreed. These Kelsos are beautiful fowl that wins good . This stag was a 2 time winner in the hand of Charlie Peters. Some 2,000 acres of cleared land on which 500 bales of cotton, feed for fifty head of horses, for big herd of cattle, and numbers of sheep and hogs was made annually as early as 1869, and which now produces over 1,200 bales of cotton annually. This was the biggest, pure Blueface he had raised in years. This may be off the blue subject but it is worth the mention. I showed Mr. Mann where to place his cocks and stags and I think he has still never caught up with his orders. They are generally very easy to work with, very good temperament, never a man fighter if treated properly. And within those were individual strains.

A saloon man in Washington, Harry Midleton made the same cross and fought them very successfully and advertised them for many years as Middleton Rusty Reds. We must have been an awful pest to him and I often wonder how he had the patience to fool with us. The High Creek Blues are very aggressive fowl. Duryea lost may mains and Kearney had a share in both the winning and the losing mains. Up to this time, Jamuary 19000, when we commenced to advertise in Grit and Steel our fowl had no name. When I set my stag down for the second pitting he just rolled over on his back but when the Grey reached for a bill hold it sounded like a snaer drum and the fight was over. ED PINE, FRANK STRYKER AND THE ALBANY COMBINE.

For a number of years, I had heard many stories about his fowl and their bloodlines and since A.W.

On the way home he asked Berg if he would let him use a Hoy Muff cock that had won that night to breed. The Col first put these fowl at the penitentiary, but not being satisfied with the run sought my father, then in the Senate from Marion county and asked if he could not get them a run on his big Donoho plantation in Marlboro County, S.C.. Several years a go in Troy, we met a Boston cocker who’s name we have forgotten and who has since passed away.

Many years ago when Mr. Allen and Mr. Shelton were defeating all opposition with their great strain of Roundheads, I attended just about all the mains and tournaments in which they were entered, forming an acquaintance and finally friendship with Mr. Shelton, as he was a man whom to know was to like, being one of those old time Southern gentlemen-sportsmen who at one time so characterized the gentility of the Old South. In reference to the inquiries contained in your letter will say that originally I secured from Mr. Burnell Shelton, of Mississippi, a very fine looking roundhead hen upon which I bred a white leg cock that Judge E.W. Since then, at every opportunity, we have tried to get a line on how they were originated and bred, up to today.

Finally, we thought we had it right and gave in to you. He tests nearly every loser and they have to be right for ihm or he has no use for them. Henry also made other families of the Hulsey’s, he obtained and bred a cock from Sam Bingham. Ashton was a friend of the writer and I acquired much chicken knowledge in our association. I sent a trio to Paulino Ochoa in the Philippines and the reported record was 64 wins – 6 losses 2 draws. He fought this stag against Sam Brazier in Chicago in 1919. After the was began Stone could not hear from Judge Claiborne and as he had taken on a bride who wished him to dispose of his games he then sold them to John Mahar, of Marblehead, Miss., the Jim Sanford Smoothhead Claibornes, stipulating that is Mahar ever heard from Judge Claiborne, that he, Mahar should ship stags to the Judge as he had done. Duryea had the fowl on his estate at Red Bank, New Jersey, and he, himself maintained a large racing and breeding stable in France. In fact, Nick Downes, who was with Murphy for 38 years, claimed up to the time he died that the good fowl Murphy fought up until 1942 were the Lawman Whitehackles of Hoy’s and nothing else. I always admired Charlie Brown and Felix Rood for licing me andothers at the famous cock pit at Reich’s Garden, Columbus, GA., when I was wearing the shoes of “a tender foot,” because it was done so gracefully and, to be exact so thoroughly in fact, that they made a Christian out of me (for the time being). As to the exact bloodlines of the Pink Hatch it would figure out about as follows: one-half Long Island Roundhead, which strain carries one-quarter Sandy Hatch. From the bit I have gathered, The Doc Robinson Hatch originated from the Stewart Yellow Legged Hatch blood, created by Clarence Stewart from the “Bonecrusher” Jack Walton Hatch. Over a period of 20 to 30 years Paul Harvey sold many Walton Hatch. This Albany family was made by mating some hens that were Hatch, Foley’s Ginger, Roundhead, and maybe some Pine Whitehackle (Stryker, mostly), with a Hardy Mahogany cock (Jim Thompson Mahogany and Kearney cross). He and my uncle bought all of my stock and fought and shipped them every where. Until then, almost the only thing wanted was pure power blood. C. Under the “MESCALEROS” entry, which was a combine of Messrs Lito Lacson, Herman Lacson, Brothers Joe & George Zubiri, Brothers Manolo & Nonie Lovina and Rafael “Paeng” Araneta, the group palced runner-up behind Bago City combine in a circuit held in Bacolod in 1976. The ?Mother? Morgan got a Ginger hen from Perry Baldwin. When we arrived home, he found someone had stolen three cocks from his shipping coops, the ones he had taken along for the main. Sam bred the cock over 9 Shelton Roundhead hens (some yellow legs and some white) and all the biddies came dark. The information from my father speaking from personal experience and information passed to him from Donnie Roberts who showed under the Pine Burr entry in many derbies along side Doc Robinson and Peck Brown, is that Doc was always looking for new hatch birds to improve his lines.

Sid Taylor X Saville Birchen . He claimed to have known this stock in Ireland and that they were invincible in the old country, but unobtainable from the estate on which they had been bred by a line of Irish Earls for more than a century. He went on to say that J.H.M. Most of the Lacys I have had and have let friends have for many years carry his blood.

Since the death of Herman Pinnon, Bill has decided to sell a few brood trios. Ever defeat him or Jim Wild, of his own state? Although they did not have an impressive winning record, these small, inbred Lacys showed qualities which were generally admired. Those of you who read this and received fowl from old M.J. can be sure of one thing, you got the best he had at the time. O’Neal and James Waddell were at this time partners, and were taking on all the big ones of those days and annexing the receipts with ease. He said Mahoney bred few fowl as he was more of a feeder than a breeder. However, Jack Wactor SR. told me that he had sent me the best fowl he had and that the handler in fact did not have some of the Blood lines that he had sent me due to a problem with varmits and dogs. At present they breed pure white, pale blue, mottled breast and hackle and saddle speckled. While I only got to breed the “two-toe” cock one season, yet every cock, hen, stag and pullet that I have or have had for five years carries more or less of that “two-toe” blood. When another out-cross was needed we got a Grist Champion cock, direct from Col. These were the basic bloodlines of the E.H. Hulsey fowls when Henry Wortham came on the scene.

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