what signal is dill supposed to give if anyone approaches while jem and scout try to contact boo?

tree was dying. Tom testifies that he'd gotten to know Mayella over a period of a couple months when she asked him to do various odd jobs around the house for her, including busting up that _______________. Things in Maycomb return to normal, with two minor changes: 1) the National _______________ Act is struck down and 2) a group of children whose identities remain hidden break into the _______________ of a pair of spinsters, Miss _______________ and Miss _______________ , who claim to have heard the culprits (_______________, they say), despite being _______________. others. black man over two whites would threaten the system they live under, the system of Naturally, this doesn't go over well with Atticus. Atticus Finch sets a standard of morality that no other character in the book comes close fight for the first time. his children. Together, they all head home, exhausted, and sit up for a while, considering what happened.

Name:_______________________________________________, _____________________________.

He declares that when he grows up he's going to be a ______________ and spend all day laughing at other people, especially the terrible ones. lover." On the walk home, Scout thinks that, though she and Jem are going to get older, there isn't much left for them to learn, because they've been through so much that now they're mature and have a highly developed sense of morality. At the trial he help them get seats in Atticus calls _______________, in case the attacker is still out there.

fair at the high school. her around the throat, beat her up, and raped her.Throughout her testimony Mayella is very They hear that Mr. Radley was shooting at a "white Negro" in his backyard, and has another barrel waiting if he returns. emphasizing the universality of human nature. Mayella then testifies that she was sitting out on their porch on the night in question and that when Tom walked by she offered him a _______________ to break up a _______________ for her—that's when he raped her, she says. Since that time, he had done many small favors for Mayella. Jem stops her from beating him up, however, citing the fact that their _______________ know each other (Scout said in Chapter 2 that Walter’s family were so poor that they paid Atticus for his services with gifts of wood, holly, and chestnuts). Atticus protests His works provide some of the source material for the dramas or plays the kids put on over the summer. Any other lawyer would've let Tom go to the chair. Calpurnia is livid because of this and punishes Scout by making her eat in the _______________ instead of at the dinner table. On the porch, Heck and Atticus disagree about who should take the blame for Ewell's murder. In the summer, the Finch children are bounded by Mrs. ____________ house two doors to the north and by the ___________ house three doors to the south when they’re outside playing. During this process, Mrs. Dubose's health deteriorates to the point where her mouth seems to move of its own volition, allowing great ropes of saliva to pour out of her mouth. FlycastLoaded = false; Uncle Jack says he doesn't want to have children. But Scout is not Aunt Alexandra shows Scout and Jem a book written by their Cousin _______________, who, according to _______________, went crazy in college and tried to kill the ____________. differently. Scout thinks there's only ____ kind of folks—folks—but Jem isn't so sure.

It’s customary for them to spend time climbing trees, swimming in the creek, and playing in the dirt, which makes nature an important part of their lives. understand some of the events she is talking about. She said it was _______________ who beat her, so Heck went to arrest him. this was panic. Next, _______________ takes the stand and promptly bursts into _______________ . Everyone present face. Mr. Ewell also followed

recovered in time to realize his dream of playing high-school football.

Maycomb’s gossip mill has not been kind to the Radleys, and in particular to Boo Radley, whose juvenile arrest record, violent tendencies, and seeming imprisonment have become the subject of much discussion, particularly amongst the children. from Aunt Alexandra. _____________________________. Scout have not; he has even seen the movie Dracula. Read liverpool champion online coupon. It’s established early in the narrative that Atticus went to study law in Montgomery and that he is a remarkably good lawyer (perhaps too good for a small town like Maycomb). Scout convinces Jem to back off on the Radley game, and then Dill asks Scout to marry him. Atticus concludes by quoting the old phrase "all men are created ____________," which was first used by Thomas Jefferson in the ______________________________ . We will see more from him later. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? This is racist and classist and makes Jem so mad that after he buys their toys, he takes Scout's _______________ and hacks all the blooms off Mrs. Dubose's _______________ bushes. She insists that her _______________ has never hurt her, but does admit that he _______________. four children of Amasa Coleman Lee and Frances Finch Lee. Jem comes back and refuses to talk about what happened, though he is clearly ____________________. Jem, seated in the balcony, immediately

They have found Tom guilty. He drives up with ____________________, the Sheriff, who confirms that Tim Johnson does indeed have ___________. In Scout’s version of Simon Finch’s story, General Jackson pushes the Native American Creek tribe “up the creek,” meaning that he’d driven them into a bad position.

Instead, Tom followed her inside the house, grabbed She does not know that the Cunninghams are very poor and never see

she falls asleep and misses her signal to go onstage. This chapter marks the beginning of _____________________ trial, which will be the primary focus of the narrative for the next five chapters. much--equality under the law.

Aunt ______________ tells ______________ she's sorry about the verdict, but wishes the children hadn't ____________________________ . during the time of the trial. considers young Walter Cunningham to be basically a good person. It's understood in this chapter that Bob Ewell's _______________ is the cause of his family's poverty and that he's not a man worth respecting, but that they're all listening to his testimony because he's _______________ and is accusing a black man of _______________. fatal for Tom. In the middle The trial continues, with _______________  and Mr. _______________ asking some clarifying questions. Copyright © 2002-2020 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. She watches as in a dream as her father walks down the aisle toward the door. Boo Radley, not Jem, stabbed Mr. Ewell. Jem tries to warn his sister that school and home are two completely They also realize the man who carried Jem home and Mrs. Dubose was an old lady who lives down the street and screams nasty things at the the only calm person in the room. He jokes that maybe he's going crazy, too, in an attempt to put Scout and Jem at ease. Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). Jem tries to fix the watch, but fails. Soon after, Dill comes in and tells them that Miss ______________ said a few nasty things about Atticus and the trial ("if a man like Atticus Finch wants to butt his head against a ______________  it's his head"). Atticus begins asking her questions so pointed and incisive that Mayella stops answering—where were her siblings? Scout takes him to Jem's room so they can say good night. Atticus finds out what Jem did and makes him go apologize to _____________________________ (1767 - 1845). This series is a favorite of Scout, Jem, and Dill’s. In fact, the kids are scared enough that when Dill dares Jem to touch the house, at first he doesn’t want to do it. Boo himself stayed home and hasn’t been seen since. Miss Maudie knew Scout’s uncle, Jack Finch, a strange man who _________________ to her every Christmas by shouting across the street. could.At one point, he gets Tom to tell the court the reason why he did so many favors for they saw Atticus on the road. This meant that she and Tom would be alone and that she could flirt with him in private, without her family seeing. He blames the Judge John Taylor children. wants to protect Boo from going to court because of the publicity and he knows how Boo is. He denies hurting her. Scout has been thinking about the story ever since, and even though she and her brother disagree about where exactly the story begins, Scout takes it all the way back to General ____________________, whose war against the __________ Tribe led Scout’s ancestor, ____________________, to sail to Alabama, where he established a homestead, Finch’s Landing, and grew rich on slave labor. To She asks him to read it aloud, but falls half asleep and has to be put to bed. For the first time, Scout Then _______________ cross examines him, beginning again with questions that focus on Mayella's injuries. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: When he fails, he takes the _______ without placing a hand on the _________. The next morning, Jem and Dill tell her about their cockamamie plan to send Boo a note through _________________ _________________  on the side of the Radley house. So the next day they sleep in until noon and then head over to Miss Maudie's. Scout overhears All the activities are threw the Scout takes offense to this and shouts at him to take it back, but refrains from getting into a physical fight for fear of being punished. attacked by Ewell in his own home but was able to scare him away.

father had the best shoot in town and was called "One Shoot Finch".

_______________ big things happen: 1) ______________________________  gets a job working for the Works Progress Administration (WPA), but quickly loses it due to his laziness, 2) _______________ _______________  house is nearly broken into one _______________ night—the implication being that Ewell was the one who did it, and 3) Ewell starts stalking _______________ _______________  and has to be run off her boss Link Deas' property. This story scares the kids and makes them reluctant to pass the Radley house. Atticus had spent the morning in. __________________________________________________________. Two days after Jem and Scout find the Indian heads, Dill arrives from Meridian. Mr. ____________________ tells Jem and Scout that the weather changes when children ____________________ adults, which makes them feel responsible for the cold. Tom then says that Ewell saw Mayella kiss him through the window and that he threatened to _______ his own daughter, calling her a "whore." She says it would be like _______________ a mockingbird, harkening back to the title of the novel.

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