what episode does toph appear in avatar

The young men do not recognize the description, but they do know a local family whose symbol is a flying boar – the Beifong family. In the DVD commentary, the creators say this is because he is a fan. Earth Rumble is a parody of professional wrestling match called the Royal Rumble and includes parodies of many professional wrestlers and wrestling conventions. Read the full rundown of eight familiar characters below. However, in a shot later where The Hippo raises his arms after The Boulder attacks him, his armpit hair is gone. Katara commenting, "This is just going to be a bunch of guys chucking rocks at each other", parallels the stereotypical friend who is forced to go to a sporting match. We see some fun callbacks to Aang’s goofy side, but some fans might be bummed to find out he wasn’t the best father, according to Kya and Bumi. Michaela Jill Murphy, who voiced Toph, talked about that representation. This later becomes her nickname for Aang.

Meanwhile, as Team Avatar, now a quartet, flies away on Appa, a contented smile breaks across Toph's face. A hidden tunnel in a rock face leads down into the earth; at its end lies the venue of Earth Rumble VI, an arena illuminated by a ceiling of glowing crystals. 26/61 By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Despite the over 70-year gap between the shows, Toph's as plucky and no-nonsense in Korra as she was as a young girl in Avatar. Aang and his friends explain that he is the Avatar and that he needs an earthbending teacher. She acted as its chief and, down the line, Lin serves in the same role. A servant comes in to tell them a visitor has come – announcing that it is the Avatar, Toph becomes agitated. Toph is served hot soup, and her father tells her to blow on it, but Aang volunteers to use his powers to cool it, causing those in attendance to clap. When Toph and Aang are first shown in their metal cages, Toph is wearing the headband from when they were captured. During dinner with the Beifongs, Aang uses airbending to cool Toph's soup for her. Aang is largely unimpressed with The Boulder stating, "Bumi said I need a teacher who listens to the earth; he is just listening to his big muscles." Toph defeats each opponent almost effortlessly, which amazes and shocks Lao and Master Yu.

This particular episode is also titled as "The Earthbending Tournament", not to be confused with the title, especially when downloading through the iTunes music store. Fire Nation Man is a reference to wrestling's tradition of ersatz "bad guys" (referred to in professional wrestling slang as "Heels"). However, when the camera zooms out, this headband is replaced by the one from her Blind Bandit outfit. Michael Dante DiMartino In addition to Katara and Toph, Fire Lord Zuko and his uncle Iroh appear to guide the new Avatar. And just like she is with Aang in ATLA, Katara is encouraging and kind with his successor, vouching for Korra’s skills when others doubt the headstrong bender. The gargantuan owl spirit meets Jinora and warns her against staying too long in the library by pointing to the skeleton of Professor Zei. Her father protests, saying Toph is blind, tiny, helpless and fragile, which causes Toph to reject her father and assist them. She taunts him again, calling him "The Pebble", and laughs to herself. Times change, though; as Korra says to Toph, "A spirit led me here and told me I was supposed to find someone. The first time viewers see Toph in Avatar, it's not actually Toph. It's no coincidence that it happens twice. Aang searches for an earthbending teacher with little success. ", As the trio departs, they overhear two young men discussing Earth Rumble VI, an underground earthbending tournament. But, even though Xin Fu is seen sending other rocks flying out of the ring, in the next aerial shot, the only rock seen is the one that crashed near Aang, when multiple other "front row seats" should have had rocks crashed onto them. However, the champion begins to fight anyway. In the next frame, the bowl of soup is gone and is instead replaced by a plate of vegetables. It was bittersweet watching Zuko’s bewildered expression after Korra tells him she’s talked to his uncle numerous times in the Spirit World. In LoK, we find out the cabbage merchant left the produce game to found the automobile enterprise Cabbage Corp. We don't see him on screen and still don’t learn his name, but ironically we do find out his son’s. We’re happy to report that not only do a number of main characters return, there are also surprising cameos from figures we never thought we’d see again. Katara makes her first appearance in Korra’s inaugural episode, when she presides over Korra’s firebending test along with members of the White Lotus. While our favorite airbender passed away before the events of the show, he does appear in flashbacks and speak to Korra spiritually. So much has changed since the days of ATLA, but one thing that hasn’t is Zuko’s smooth conversational skills, which he flexes after telling Desna and Eska about the secret prison containing P’Li, the firebender with combustion capabilities. Previous Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. The square design seen on Master Yu's hairpiece is also present on the outfits his students wear. So, thanks to the swamp and some patience of Aang's own, he and Toph are finally united.

He is flanked by all the wrestlers, who threaten them as they leave. Unlike Aang, who grows up only learning airbending and must seek his other elemental teachers, Korra is raised with tutelage in all the elements. Toph does the opposite of that. After defeating all the challengers, The Boulder has a chance to take on the Earth Rumble champion, the Blind Bandit. People won’t stop abusing his library’s knowledge for evil. After a brief moment of silence, Aang jumps into the ring. Original air date

As the Blind Bandit is escorted to the ring, the crowd cheers. The last we saw the academic, he was with the Gaang and had a little more meat on his bones. Aang uses his airbending, drifting above the floor of the ring to evade her; she is unsettled by her sudden inability to track him. The bowl of soup reappears in the next shot. Still, we wish we could’ve seen a scene with Zuko and Iroh. "Zuko Alone" Back at home, Toph tries to explain her secret identity to her parents, hoping it will not upset them. Sokka's behavior during the match is a reference to the stereotypical pro wrestling fan. Episode Guest stars Cookies help us deliver our Services. She disrupts his first step, causing him to slip into a leg split. The Boulder's reservations vanish, and he prepares to attack her. Earth Both are a part of who she is, and was always destined to be. Back at the arena, The Boulder tells Xin Fu that there was no earthbending involved in the defeat of the Blind Bandit, leaving him to believe she intentionally lost in order to split the money with the challenger. The trio leaves to investigate.

As she laughs, Aang realizes she is the laughing girl from the vision he had in the swamp. It’s in Foggy Swamp, Toph’s new home, where Korra stumbles on the recluse and asks her for help in Book Four. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Aang tries to reveal Toph's secret identity, but she earthbends his chair forward, causing his face to smash into his soup. By the time we see him in the sequel, Iroh has transcended the mortal realm and his Fire Nation ties to live in the Spirit World. One of the boys that Katara beats up has the same hairstyle as The Hippo.

206 Has any other minor character been as memorable as the unlucky vendor, whose vegetables were under constant attack by the Gaang? In this episode, Toph calls Aang "Twinkle Toes". Not to be outdone, Aang returns the favor with an airbending-enhanced sneeze, throwing Toph's soup onto her, as well as Master Yu and Toph's mother. Dressed in Earth Kingdom clothes and serving tea to his spirit friends, Iroh helps Korra on more than one occasion. Intrigued, Aang asks them where they might find it, to which they sarcastically reply, "It's on the island of None'ya ... None'ya business!" It undoubtedly is. As they prepare to leave on Appa, Toph comes running up, telling them her father has changed his mind. Toph envies Aang's carefree life, but knows she has commitments to her family that prevent her from leaving to join him. When Toph defeats Xin Fu, Sokka's bag is blue instead of green. Update: Thanks. The song that plays during Master Yu's first conversation with Lao Beifong is "The Jasmine Flower", a traditional Chinese folk song. Fans will be happy to know that his fortune turns around following the events of ATLA. Sokka boos him, prompting Katara to hit and chastise him.

The fantastical world that connects both stories transcends the stories themselves, making every character and moment feel not only that much more alive, but ripe for analysis. At Master Yu's Earthbending Academy, Aang uses the flyer's coupon to receive a free "lesson"; however, he is merely clobbered by boulders.

Toph's father enlists Master Yu's help, and Sokka and Katara come along as well. Her acclimation to solitude causes her to initially ignore Korra's pleas for help, but the Avatar is in a dark place in her life, and Toph is a good person deep down.

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