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I think the demand for this right now is because this years 2017 version is incredible,the other years were good but this is a standout.i have tried the pappy 12 this year and while good I wouldn’t wait in a line for it.there will probably be a lottery for this too eventually someday. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Weller 12 Years Old (2013) Review: Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Years Old (2018) Review: Weller 12 Years Old (2018) Review: Old Weller Antique Selections from B&B and Liquor Outlet In my mind, nothing has ever quite encapsulated the hot house absurdities of the ongoing Bourbon Boom quite so much as W.L. Overall, it’s balanced, flavorful and somewhat sophisticated. Extremely hard to find, Extremely well made Bourbon, OAK & BARREL WINE MERCHANTS • 235 EAST 57th STREET • NEW YORK, NEW YORK • 212.308.6252, © 2014 Oak & Barrel. W.L. We can get you in touch with a broker looking for rare and expensive bottles of bourbon, rye, scotch, and wine. $25-$30 is the typical retail price. Copyright © 2011-2020 The Whiskey Reviewer (Black Gold Media) | A World of Whiskey, Poured Every Weekday. The Price Weller 12 is supposed to cost $30. Not in Minnesota, I’ve never seen it here. Review: W.L. The brand continues to deliver as a world-class wheated bourbon at an honest price to this day. The coat dropped a few tears, not really viscous but not running with them either. Weller 12 Year Old. The Weller whiskeys have been affectionately known as ‘The Poor Man’s Pappy’. It is same exact recipe as Pappy van Winkle, except aged slightly differently. There is no price increase planned. As their shortages continue, if you see a bottle of W.L. Once it’s off your nostrils and on your tongue, the woody side turns a bit dry. 1 Comment. Of course it's "basically Pappy," so YMMV depending on crazy.

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I think of it that way because of how it went from being a largely overlooked bourbon to a chimera overnight, and all because the late Josh Ozersky wrote a piece in 2014 labeling it baby Pappy Van Winkle.

5 years ago. Old Weller Antique is bottled at 107 proof, offering a complex taste and bold finish.

Within months, Weller 12 had joined Van Winkle bourbons in rarity. Usually the fruit in a wheated bourbon comes across as citrusy, but with Weller 12 it has always struck me as being berries. Cedar Ridge Quintessential Single Malt Whiskey Review, Jack Daniel’s Releases Two New Tennessee Tasters, Bardstown Bourbon Company Copper & Kings Oloroso Sherry Cask Bourbon Review, Grand Traverse Old George Rye Whiskey Review, Grangestone 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Review, Ballantine’s Finest Blended Scotch Whiskey Review, Daddy Rack Joins Growing Tennessee Whiskey Scene, South African Three Ships Whisky Launches 12 Year Old Malt. The flavor profile runs along exactly the same lines as the scent, with just the one exception. W.l. Development by, Be the first to review “W.L WELLER 12 YEAR OLD BOURBON 1L”. History of William Larue Weller Weller 12 Year As part of the wheated bourbon family, this twelve year old W.l. W.L WELLER 12 YEAR OLD BOURBON 1L TYPE Spirits VARIETAL Whiskey, American Whiskey SIZE 1 Liter. Historically, running somewhere between $20 and $30. It’s an outstanding example of how much you can get out of a middle aged wheated bourbon. The obsession has no grown to the point that the other, cheaper Weller expressions have also become hard to get. This new look will affect 750mL, Liters and 1.75L size bottles. Weller 12 Year Old (Credit: Sazerac) In my mind, nothing has ever quite encapsulated the hot house absurdities of the ongoing Bourbon Boom quite so much as W.L. The liquid has a bronzed look in the glass, not really copper but not actually full-on amber either. It is still over-hunted and over-hyped (see below), but perhaps not actually overrated. Looking to sell your bottle of Weller 12 Year? Your email address will not be published. Weller is aged far longer than most wheated bourbons. I have never seen it listed for less than $65 in recent years, and the average market price is $190. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Suggested retail price for the 750ml bottles of Weller Special Reserve is $17.99, Weller Antique 107 is $19.99, and Weller 12-Year-Old $24.99 each.

Even though the 2014 run on Weller had the air of hysteria about it, there was something inevitable about the thing becoming a chimera. January 17, 2018 The money Buffalo Trace saves on the bottle itself is passed along to the consumer. The scent combines thick vanilla and caramel with a blackberry jam fruitness, accented by leathery, hoary oak. William Larue Weller was one of the early whiskey pioneers in Kentucky. But in areas where it was distributed, it was just…there.

Still, the growing obsession for everything Pappy guaranteed that other writers, who had heretofore not made the Buffalo Trace, wheated bourbon connection between Weller and Van Winkle, would repeat the claim. This 12 year wheated Bourbon, is made at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Weller was credited as the first to use a “wheated” bourbon recipe, a recipe that used wheat rather than rye in the mashbill and spent his lifetime educating consumers about the difference in his bourbon. All Rights Reserved. 750ml and 1.75lt is usually sizes used for off premise (liquor store) A bar can order in any size they just may have to present more receipts to the inspector when not serving at 1 liter. about Chieftains 1998 Ardbeg 12 Year Old Review, about Highland Park The Light 17 Years Review, Weighing in at only $8 more than the Special Reserve I can say with confidence that the Old Weller Antique 107 is completely worth every penny and the…, This K&L exclusive barrel of Russell's Reserve Single Barrel is everything I love about Wild Turkey turned up to the Nth degree. Modified Store Hours: Mon – Thurs 11am-8pm |Fri - Sat 11am-9pm | Sun 12-8pm, This 12 year wheated Bourbon, is made at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Also don’t let the Weller’s line of underwhelming bottle design and labels deter you from finding the gem.

Anecdotally it seems this is no longer the case. In a lot of states, maybe not Texas, 1 liter is usually shipped to bars/restaurants, this helps the liquor inspector know that tax was properly paid for on premise license (IE Bar). That dryness runs into a soft-but-spicy finish. Please support me on Patreon! Privacy Policy. This offering is a smooth, easy-going and balanced offering… It is same exact recipe as Pappy van Winkle, except aged slightly differently. No collection is to big and it's the easiest way to get money for your collection, in many cases they are able to pick up directly from you eliminating any hassle of shipping. Enjoy reading The Whiskey Jug? Weller 12 Year, grab it. The Weller whiskeys have been affectionately known as ‘The Poor Man’s Pappy’. The W.L Weller 12 is the perfect example of word to mouth kind of deal. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Weller 12 year old bourbon easily and for a decent price.

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