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Volae. It can also readily accept racks and fenders. 0000003775 00000 n 0000085636 00000 n 0000070880 00000 n The component spec on the Expedition is very good for a $1995 bike. Up

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A few people have expressed some concern about the low spoke count wheels that Volae uses on the Expedition. I’m guessing that this is because the more upright seat angle put my body weight more towards the center of the bike. The Volae Mesh seat is strong, light and comfortable and a TerraCycle Easy Reacher underseat rack is an available accessory for the Expedition – keeping your pannier weight low, and handling …

0000091997 00000 n url.indexOf("javascript:") == -1 The downside is that you have to go to Wisconsin to test ride one.

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0000084249 00000 n 0000092648 00000 n Their Tour “conventional” short wheelbase bike hasn’t gotten the attention that it may deserve (review is coming shortly) and the Expedition was created to show that Volae is not a one trick pony. Most recumbent bikes inspire lots of prose about their comfort, ride, and handling, and the Volae Expedition is no exception. 0000097447 00000 n H��Wۊ�6}���l�u�À��@��~!,��Z�0���R��ԩS�_�ϷǷ�{�������߿~�^��v�e}�}��?T���_o}���S��׿���p��խ7�{����{�{����t�x���vc|>�s����T��˰�����q}�C�h��Fx/�K~>�ω�c�Υu�����~~���[�?���~��O1i���/�m�X�\y���.~\J�ݻ-�-��������c����L�܌�;X����O3>�q?��y�C�ʐ'���Ƌ�O�zp,8�zV�l�mʾV�����������_�Z�%T��(M�gթzZ�>�^�Y����1�+�%-���� x����p��PH ��t?x[1E�?jf�C8a�%�z|0*ṿb��r�B���� ������*�@\��k�*4㥲6�^��FVׄs����n�ݡK`�k�:�1�+x���uI|��K~)n�'�C�H�G8���~C��o�O`e��?�=P]H|i�[email protected]�%�"��}�ii=�S�ov�z��<7�4�K™�����:njyN9!������B7��j�$��F(;]ۃ��C�k�s�"��8�ofX�W�����?$��b%8�d� 5d^П��QiJA��B���(*u��)�W(`&���5�/;/o ���7��b���w>�9���*��]3l��)�?��A��^��ޔ^�ڳB%M^y��I-��oݠfxUG�����bP�rW�P���c�VY�'Kj��hc\? [;w#3������1��9���*!�!��w��+���� 4Ɔ+�Y�J��Q���k The bike instantly becomes much more comfortable and much more pedestrian. At $1995, the Volae Expedition is a pretty good value. All of Volae’s bikes are built by the world-renown Waterford factory in Wisconsin. automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel. 0000104564 00000 n }

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Our Expedition came with a rear pannier rack, a mid-ship rack and a seat bag. It still handily outperformed the RANS V-Rex that I had on hand at the same time but it definitely lost some performance with the swap. Recumbent Cycle-Con| Clovis Bicycle Company | Alpaca | Amling's Leave it with the stock wheels and the mesh seat for a great every day commuter and switch to the hardshell and some light 650C wheels for the occasional fast century. This is an excellent handling bike, though its handling comes with a … 0000092675 00000 n 0000013341 00000 n However, you shouldn’t worry about your mechanical skills if you mail order this bike. 0000086992 00000 n

0000011402 00000 n Copyright 2017 ~ Bicycle Man LLC ~ All rights reserved, Browse and Inquire about our Used Selection. Volae recumbent bicycles are no longer sold through dealers. ���#zk�Wi�䪷�ĕG?��_���fˇ2.�8��f+������*a�rE�����vR9F�j�a+y��-�zg1�gU���M��nX��5�(e�� OI}�ci3Q�ru)W����h��ׅ:�U�N*�V�Y�������x�� Mk(���ٍ��O* �: E� A,�ᶻ!

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Want the comfort of a recumbent bicycle but still want to go fast enter the Volae Club. The drivetrain is mostly SRAM X.9 with Truvativ Elita cranks, Avid BB7 disc brakes and Velocity Thracian Disc wheels. Ts�p����O3�>���F�E��g� 0000096719 00000 n x�b``pd``�������̀ I would put it right in the same performance range as a RANS Force 5 LE or a Bacchetta Giro26. The black on grey look is fairly popular anyway, but it’s also quite functional on the Expedition. var image = new Image(); For under $1,600 the Volae Sport is a competitively priced hiracer. While sporty US made hiracers are Volae's forte their 20x26 century and expedition recumbent bike models add some diversity to their line. xLateUrl(document.getElementsByTagName("EMBED"),"src"); 0000002894 00000 n #�����ZD��1�)��*Ř���z�{��-#�����Qʙ�o�$��e�>�(��&R�i���T�A�|��'��ȇ{n?��_��_}����E3� T��tW����d�pe\h ��l.`��gw���X��z2��q� W�1G8�T�S�8���|\vh�#N�-� ��9af�������(`�T�N��9g�F$F�SWa=��v>���h�t�Y�;�FIy�sk���uc���[�-L7�r�:�A`�xzlg��kP�x�չ�#D�����y�NF�=�Z��&��H����s��+��M�x9K-�ժ�"C�x�(�5��

I understand the concern, but I’ve personally found Thracians to be pretty solid wheels and have completed a couple of self-contained weekend tours on them without a single turn of the spoke wrench.

If you buy the bike with both seats and two wheelsets, you would really have two completely different recumbents. 0000074277 00000 n The Expedition has room for wider tires and fenders, Avid BB7 Disc brakes, and Velocity Aeroheat Disc 32h wheels for speed and durability. The welds on the chromoly monotube frame are just as good as anything else you’ll ever see and all of the machined bits are very well finished. Volae Century. for(i = 0; i < aCollection.length; i++) {

0000074541 00000 n if (url.indexOf("mailto:") == -1 && url = xResolveUrl(url); } 0000102943 00000 n 0000096978 00000 n BALL The Continental SportContact tires that Volae chose for the Expedition are somewhat rare in the United States but are personal favorites of mine and perfect for this application. ����a#KbQ��~_�]���zih _�_1���G< �y-'V��8Z㳴�rq䱚�.

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This lightweight recumbent bike is made for speed without sacrificing comfort.The bike is beautifully designed and built.

Loading... Unsubscribe from Anthony Wood? Shop for Parts and Accessories in our Online Store! aCollection[i][sProp] = sWayBackCGI + url; In this configuration, performance was pretty good. 0000003040 00000 n

url = url.replace('.wstub.archive.org',''); The Volae Club is touted by Volae to have a little more bang-for-the-buck when it comes to performance. The Expedition’s riding position definitely confirms its sporty heritage. 0000002281 00000 n 0000092329 00000 n


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0000075308 00000 n While I’m sure it would be close, there’s just too much of a weight penalty with the alloy fork and disc brakes. H��Wͪ�6��)�'��� b�Z��fWJ)�. I ran it with both racks installed for the duration of the test so it definitely could have been a bit faster. G�a���Bs���雗�^���Jp��8�|��|�/c�o6��k$-�5�

var sWayBackCGI = "http://web.archive.org/web/20051201015404/";

0000007774 00000 n | Lancaster Recumbent | Midwest Trike Megastore |Recycled f = forms[j];

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At $1995, the Volae Expedition is a pretty good value.

0000084507 00000 n %PDF-1.4 %���� Cyclery | Easy Street | Greenspeed | Hase | Hostel Shoppe | HP } -}�Umy�֌$K�^���NJ4����׏��u��M���~����>�M? xLateUrl(document.getElementsByTagName("APPLET"),"codebase"); The Expedition has room for wider tires and fenders, Avid BB7 Disc brakes, and Velocity Aeroheat Disc 32h wheels for speed and durability. The downside is that you have to go to Wisconsin to test ride one. The Expedition’s seat angle is very adjustable though and if you use the optional mesh seat, you can make it even more upright. 0000017797 00000 n Think more like a Volae Club with great brakes. )��\�eю���`�;,�^���St������6�X�)�3/ϴ�s�~y���}��Z�F� � �9f�xn���3`[ ւ�+�I�(�l�����U���w����G��^�w%bx�pțy{�/�~��#n]�`�IǷ�yR�������%�����O��r�9Ї��|��&z֢R�E�b���X�Wow��,���!o�n���$��y7$0�>. 0000003462 00000 n However, you shouldn’t worry about your mechanical skills if … 0000102396 00000 n Beautiful. �R;ãҴL�z&MKV��*g���M�|h\�^��V�d�ț�����d��b if (forms) { trailer <]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 413 0 obj <>stream 0000019609 00000 n With this seat installed, the Expedition is still definitely a performance bike albeit with a few concessions towards practicality. We’re offering you any two free CBD samples on this page. The Volae Expedition is their most popular touring model. Throw in the SRAM X.7-level components, Volae Mesh seat and wheels and you’ll find the bike to be; light, responsive and durable. if (typeof(f.action) == "string") { Volae’s wide range of performance-oriented highracers is well respected in the community.

Highracer manufacturers are catching onto this trend as well and have begun designing and producing more and more general-purpose dual 26 short wheelbase bikes. } xLateUrl(document.getElementsByTagName("TD"),"background"); 0000145168 00000 n 0000023162 00000 n By BRYAN J. 345 0 obj <> endobj xref 345 69 0000000016 00000 n

0000003180 00000 n If you are interested in a 26″x26″ SWB recumbent bike suitable for touring you might look at the Bacchetta Giro 26 recumbent we typically stock: The Volae Expedition is their most popular touring model. The build quality on my test bike was just as I expected from Volae.

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But that’s fine in Volae’s eyes.

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