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“Vince, right?”. “M’ all yours…Everyday” his eyes pleading with you to believe his words as he stare up at you. going home first to clean up a little and change before you made it over to his place. It smelled just like the body you were tangled in all night, reminding you of that deep rooted feeling of defeat and slight regret. “Do you want some Advil with that?”, Rolling your eyes you pick up your fork.

Vince was shocked to say the least.

While you weren’t shocked that he wasn’t there to wrap his arms around you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear in a voice broken with sleep, you had to admit that there wasn’t a part of you that didn’t ache for his touch the first thing that morning. “For what?” Vince asks, eyebrows furrowed as he looks down at you. Vince doesn’t reply right away, the silence in the room perplexing as you turn around with the milk in your hand. “I didn’t hear that, can you say it again?”. Your father lets your words sink in, as the buzzer sounds for the beginning of the third period. Triangles break into lines - Nolan Patrick, 10.

Thats what you had the pleasure of tuning into from the other side of the kitchen on your Friday night. You both let out a defeated sigh as Vince sits up. a/n: so thank you to the anon that requested I write to this song.

But you hadn’t expected it to play out like this, for your first new friend in the city to not even be new in your life. You tried so hard to be awake for him, knowing how badly he wants it this late, especially when he’s out all night, every naughty thought that crossed his mind turned into a dirty text message, letting you know what to expect once he came home. “i think i’m gonna do blue, gold and white!” you decided on making one for vince that would match the blues colors. He was beyond annoyed at the interruption, making him yell out, “I’m fucking coming calm down!”, This is just….sexy and I don’t know why . Photo. You knew there was nothing wrong with it if you did and even if you did have an STI you knew that would be nothing to be ashamed of either. “Alright, so I’ll just pick something to watch by myself then.”. You realize as soon as he looks over at you, at the stupid grin on his face that he was messing with you. “Let me give you what you need.”, Continuing to play into him, your hand cupped the side of his face as you asked “And what is that, Vince, huh? “Well, I had been hoping to get her to come as my date, but she’s holding out,” Vince tells Mrs. Peterson with a smile. But he would let out a quick laugh at the way you abruptly got out of his bed, annoyed that you even attempted to play nice at first. A few hours later, after finishing your hair and makeup, you head back into the bathroom.

Back in your apartment you lock the door behind you, sending Vince a text to let him know you had made it home safe. “Are we going to smoke that, or what?” Vince finally mutters, breaking the silence as he gestures to the joint in your hand. “I, uh, have something,” you suddenly state, looking over at Vince as he sits on his bed, scrolling through his phone. With both of your hands on his face, you turn his head so that he looks at you, and comb your fingers through the back of his hair to soothe him. “Any requests?”, Shaking your head you look over at him. His head rolled back and a string of curses left his mouth when he enter his room to see you sitting against the headboard, legs bent at the knee and spread out for him to admire. “And here is when Vince took me away to a bed and breakfast last month during the All-Star break. However, a familiar face comes back into your life … “how was your day? “I know. You feel Vince slide his arm around your waist and you look up at him, eyes narrowing in confusion. Just as his tongue makes contact with yours, there is a small knock at your door.

After stepping out of the shower you dry off, changing into a pair of light pajama shorts and a t-shirt. Let us live.

“Talk to you guys later.”. “Some friends,” you reply vaguely, looking over your shoulder towards the table they were at. A minute later you notice your drinks being set on the bar beside you, an excuse to break the intense eye contact that was beginning to make your heart race a little too fast for your own liking.

“Vince, for the hundredth time.

“Well what do you think about frequently?” you ask, beginning to walk down the path along the river beside Vince. His jaw dropped slightly once he figured out where your sick little mind was headed for. “At least let me offer you breakfast,”, A blush covered your cheeks as you searched around his apartment for your purse.

“Of course I am,” you tell him. “Ignore it,” he says as he goes back to kissing your neck.

Show me around.”. “No, no I don’t sir,” he stutters out. You know?”, Vince looks down at you, silent as he processes your words, your sentiment. The innocence in his words was muffled by lust as his fingers instantly found your core. Your mind shot back and forth trying make sense of the words he whispered into your ear all night, and the fact that he seemed to forget them all come morning. Vince is quiet for a minute, standing next to you at the bar as you two wait for the bartender. I’m sure the delivery people will help me bring it inside and I’m sure I can take it from there,” you assure him. He was beyond annoyed at the interruption, making him yell out, “I’m fucking coming calm down!”. “You don’t touch unless I tell you to, understand?”, His eyes roll back in frustration as his tongue presses against the inside of his cheek, which only earned him your nails digging deeper into his skin drawing a small cry. He can’t tell if that’s a threat or promise. “You’re such a jerk.”. Vince Dunn, St.Louis Blues (Jess Starr / The Hockey Writers) Lorsque les Bleus placent Vladimir Tarasenko et / ou Alex Steen dans la réserve des blessés à long terme, cela libérera l’argent nécessaire pour payer le défenseur et éventuellement ajouter plus de pièces.

Quote. The Blues beat the Rangers 3-2 and once the game is over you head down to congratulate the team with your parents in tow. Most popular Most recent. Looking over at Vince she turns back to you with a smile. ‘Text me when you get home’. Laughing you glance up at Vince, your giggle fading as you realize he wasn’t laughing. “Um, a rum and coke, please,” you say to the bartender. “I was planning on leaving the Tuesday before, staying until the Wednesday after.” The wedding was on a Saturday and the resort seemed relaxing enough to be worthy of making a vacation out of the trip. “Well, yeah.”. “Next time.”. “Hey, can you pick up the new guy that just came in?” one of the other nurses asked as she breezed past you to handle one of her patients. vince stared into your eyes, and touching your cheek softly with his fingertips. Pouring yourself a mug of coffee you walk over to the fridge to get some milk. You turned around to face him, his messy bed hair, and his pretty green eyes with an awkward frown on your lips. “Don’t call me your girl…” you rolled your eyes as you muttered to yourself, splashing a handful of water onto your face. Bastard.

But you were freezing as you made your way to the bench to take the skates off, you pulled on the laces until you were able to slip your feet out of the skates, Vince smiling at the way you were lightly biting your lip in concentration. “I’m so sorry. But at least screaming toddlers could be calmed down with the promise of a sticker or a lollipop. When you look back over at him he’s staring at you, eyes fixed entirely on you. Your eyebrows raised at his hesitation which would make him comply sooner than he planned for. “Sure.”. Reaching over you pick up the shot glass, clinking it against Jeremey’s before bringing it to your lips and tipping your head back, the sour hit of lemon mixed with the liquor making your wince slightly. “Sorry?” you puff out a laugh “You think sorry is going to help you here?” you pulled your hand away from him causing the air to huff out of his lungs and grabbed his jaw to make his eyes meet yours. A lot of the rooms you looked at had two beds.

“I can’t ice skate, I’ll break all my bones!” You rushed your words, clinging to him, he placed a reassuring hand on your back. “It’s nice to meet you guys,” you tell them with a friendly smile before looking back at Vince. “Are you trying to tell me you think the universe brought us together to be friends?”, “Yeah, I guess. “You okay?” Vince asks with a smirk as he notices you staring at him. The man hovering above you is stubborn as he doesn’t budge. “Want to look at the rooms now?”. “I still can’t believe Becca is getting married,” you comment as you two get back to the room. Hello! Thats what you had the pleasure of tuning into from the other side of the kitchen on your Friday night.

“Someone had to say it.”. “Jeremey,” he tells you. ‘What about tonight?’. “I need to hear you tell me who you belong to, Vince.” You brought his hands your chest, giving him the freedom to touch you as he pleased for the first time that morning. You have to stifle another laugh, not wanting to aggravate Vince any more than he already was. “Together,” Vince states quickly.

“Yeah. But at the end of the day, those were almost always the most fun places. No telling what time the clock read, it was grey outside and the blackout shades he had cover the windows would be of no help.

“Yes, thank you.” You sighed, content with how the day went as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head. How could he make you feel like the only person in his world one minute, then nothing the next? “I’m just really glad we met, or, re-connected, I guess.”. “And don’t think you’re going to cum without my permission, got it?”  He shook his head in agreement, but you’re pretty sure you could get him to agree to anything this way. “I’m going to shower,” you call, stepping into the bathroom. “Are you into him?” Vince’s voice is quieter than normal, his jaw clenching as he glances around the bar instead of looking at you. you pulled apart giving him a few more kisses across his cheeks and forehead before settling into his arms to watch your first movie of the night. Chat. Your mom was right, and he knew it.

He’s captivated by what’s on his plate and you know if he doesn’t stop soon it’ll be too late for you.

Who knows how long this is going to last anyways,” your dad says while pointing at the two of you. And you couldn’t be happier about it. “I’m just being friendly,” you defend. “The opposite, actually. “You know, the look. Pausing with your hands in your suitcase you look over at Vince, head tipped to the side as you let out a breath of laughter. “It’s such a beautiful night,” you comment, stepping one foot back as you twist around in his arms to face him. “Good morning.” Walking over to the island in the kitchen you sit down on the barstool, elbow on the counter as you lean forward, resting your head in your hand. “I think they said something about him being important around here.”. “Jerk.” You muttered, shaking standing to your feet, allowing him to hold your hand as you walked towards the ice.

Vince looks around, laughing softly as he leans against the bar counter in the kitchen. “Me…You need me inside you” he struggled to maintain the firmness in his voice that was normally so apparent.

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