total vanishing legend of dragoon

The Virage's left arm uses Can't Combat attacks, which can only be prevented with a Talisman or by destroying the arm.

The Archangel has one attack that, like with Claire, reduces Meru to only one hit point. Whenever possible, make sure Albert gets to use his turn to attack. Have Meru throw some magic attacks, preferably Fire-Based Attack Items. The usefulness of Dragoons in this battle varies greatly depending on your level of training.

This means that one character will be spared damage unless the attack is directed at Dart. This phase is the most difficult. If you have high-level Dragoons, the beginning of the battle is the time to use them. *There is only a certain chance you may receive this item. This is why you (hopefully) boosted his magic defense. Locations Found: Limestone Cave; Mountain of Mortal Dragon; Dropped by: Coming soon! Just pull out all the stops and deal as much damage to him as possible to defeat him before the other knights start rising. One throws either a Spark Net or Thunderbolt, both of which are fully powered. My regular squad is Albert and Rose, but you may have different opinions. While Albert is your primary attacker and Miranda your primary healer, use Dart as you in-between. In addition, her Star Children attack will do decent damage. Any Dragoon Magic that Dart has available to him right now will likely do less damage than any of his other attacks. Your various Dragoon magics will be useful in this battle, especially against Feyrbrand.

He has more hit points, but he also has lower defenses so that you can defeat him faster. Otherwise, you need to pay attention to your health because Kongol hits pretty hard. Make sure Haschel keeps using his quick attacks, and consider using his D-Attack. If you attack one of the characters she emulates (Albert or Shana), Shirley will consider you unworthy and make you start over. Not to mention that it has some vast HP reserves. Rose should be fine with her Dark DS Armor equipped. Pick those characters that are at the highest level, or the ones that you have put the most effort into.

Except maybe not Kongol, but I've used him before, too, and succeeded. If you brought in magic experts like Miranda, throw out those Attack Items, especially any Water-Based Attack Items. In addition, try to use your most powerful attacks at the beginning of the battle to maximize the damage done. You are forced to fight the two Hellena Wardens first.

Use the Power Up on Miranda and have her throw the Psychedelic Bomb, and this will yield massive damage to Syuveil.

Be careful to watch out for Albert's HP. If you don't have the X version (meaning the Repeat Item), don't bother using the Psychedelic Bomb. Destroying both of these saves you from both attacks. Watch out for them. Choose to forgive her to end the battle. Finally, the helmet has the ability to block commands for your characters. It also has two magic attacks: it can shoot concentrated magic at one character, dealing fairly high damage (especially to Lavitz), and it can give a chance for your characters to become Confused or Afraid. After you defeat the Caterpillar, it goes through a transformation to become the Pupa. Attack Mappi first, but he'll disappear after a couple hits, forcing you to attack the thieves. A Total Vanishing can be used in battle to destroy a minor enemy. It's very unlikely that you will defeat them before Fire Bird uses them to attack you. Having either Miranda or Meru throw the Psychedelic Bomb X will be very useful. Once again, Rose's Dark DS Armor gives her an advantage against some of these attacks. Occasionally, Dart tries to talk to Lavitz; be sure to let him do so.

Spend time guarding until you're at full health, and then attack the Pupa. This Virage has a physical attack where it hits a character with its arm (this can be disabled by destroying the arm, but it's the nicest of its attacks, so we don't recommend doing this). After five times, Lavitz will remain facing the other way. He also has a very high physical attack, which is useful in every situation (dat Gust of Wind Dance doe), and has the HP to back it up; Albert also has the ever useful Rose Storm.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. However, you can never go wrong with a Psychedelic Bomb X if you have it. The last thing to really worry about is the many magic attacks he uses.

Using Sun Rhapsodies will extend his power with the Divine Dragon Cannon.

Status items should work, but not if the enemy is immune or very resistant.

Attacking during this battle is not necessary. Using the Dragon Buster is a "Can't Combat" move, causing instant death to the character - unless they are equipped with a Talisman. If you have enough Attack Items, Shana can actually take care of this thing all by herself. So who am I to judge? Exceptions are, of course, the Psychedelic Bomb X and Light-Based Attack Items. This confuses Lavitz's trouble spirit, and causes him to turn around, revealing the demonic influence. And again, be careful because of Zackwell's Can't Combat instant-kill attack. At the beginning of the battle, Dart uses the Dragon Block Staff, weakening both the Divine Dragon and all Dragoons. Unless you just really feel like practicing your Additions, guard until several rounds have passed and Rose reveals that Michael's core is vulnerable just after using his powerful Dark beam attack.

However, no matter how nice he is, he does have at least two other attacks, both powerful magical attacks. Use these stats to help determine what types of attacks you should use against each enemy. If you need to sacrifice an attack to heal someone, have it be Dart's (behind Miranda's of course). When the shield appears, the best thing to do is go on the defensive. Lloyd's most annoying problem is his incessant use of his Dragon Buster, which rips right through Dragoon armor, as it did for Lavitz all those chapters ago.

If this happens, either use a Mind Purifier or use a Dragoon Special to reverse it. We recommend using him as a place to level Additions and practice completing them, as that will matter in the next battle. Fire Bird also has an annoying habit of diving into the lava and bringing back four fiery balls that he uses to attack the party.

It is during this time that you need to be especially careful of your various healths.

This is what you need to attack. The main concern in this battle is Kubila because he knows a Can't Combat instant-kill move that he'll use after either of his companions dies, and he uses it when he dies.

Eventually the Wire will break and you can resume the real battle. The Sandora Elite has one magic attack that does decent damage to Lavitz, so pay attention to his health. The Repeatable Item Magic Stone of Signet blocks the enemy's attacks for three turns; it is found in the Marshlands, between Hoax and Volcano Villude. For The Legend of Dragoon on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Total Vanishing". For the duration of the battle that you cannot deal damage, be sure to watch Dart's health. No matter who you have in your party, these will heavily affect them, especially Shana or Albert or Kongol. Dart should actually be at an advantage in this battle with his Red DS Armor, because he will absorb all the Fire-based magic attacks Zieg throws at him. Note: I picked Haschel for this battle mostly because he is Thunder-based. The Panic Bell confuses an enemy and may cause it to attack itself. This isn't as complicated; just use Additions, D-Attacks, or even some magic if you have some MP to spare.

In addition, if you fail to complete any Addition, Kongol interrupts and attacks you, dealing even more damage.

Once again, make sure you do not kill Kubila last.

Syuveil is essentially a carbon copy of Albert, so use his stats to guide you through this battle. Since Faust has the potential to deal so much damage, especially considering how many times per round that he attacks, be sure you always have a way to heal your party. This means you might be using several Healing Potions on him.

Magician Faust's magic defense is off the charts, making magic attacks on your part virtually useless. The party you pick for this battle doesn't matter as much as normal for two reasons: (1) the Divine Dragon is non-elemental, and (2) he is almost equal parts magical and physical. There is no specific element that will be of use here, however. Guard, use defensive magic, use Healing Potions. After each round, the countdown appears to remind you of this. However, if a character gets 200 SP or more, it becomes a huge risk to use that character's Dragoon powers again. After you damage his health a certain amount, he puts up a Magic Shield, nullifying all magic attacks.

Each round, the balls will move one step closer to the party, and after three rounds, they explode, causing a decent amount of damage. There is nothing you can do about it except wait until Melbu spits the person back out, causing some pretty heavy physical damage to the person he spits out and the person Melbu spits them at.

Haschel's speed will be put to good use in this battle, as he can attack often or be available often to heal. As much as you can, focus on physical attacks for this battle.

Thunder-based magic attacks will do little damage against him. Faust is the second most powerful Wingly of the ancient world. However, if you have Lavitz at a Dragoon Level 2, his Blossom Storm will come in handy in this battle, especially since Fruegel has some particularly painful attacks. If you have well trained either Rose or Dart and have their final Additions, it may very well take only one completed attack to defeat Michael after this point. This combination should deal some decent damage. Use Body Purifiers or a Dragoon Transformation to cure these. After that, you must wait until he uses that attack again.

Simply attack each round and perhaps use a Healing Fog. It's recommended you avoid using any Dragoon magic, because you still have Doel to contend with. In the past, I have found it useful to focus the high attacks on Fruegel, while having lower attacks whittle down the wardens. However, I believe his completed Level 5 Gust of Wind Dance deals more damage, especially with that Twister Glaive. Focus on using physical attacks to defeat this Virage (and honestly, any Virage). He likes to use Burning Waves and Down Bursts, so watch out for Kongol in this battle.

Spend the first half of the battle guarding, at least whenever Lavitz is facing you.

This is one of those battles where you will probably be wanting to use a Healing Rain or two if you have them. If you followed my Battle Prep outline described in the walkthrough, you can use this strategy for Dragoons: If any of your characters stay in Dragoon form longer than one turn, the Grand Jewel uses the Dragon Block staff to diminish all Dragon and Dragoon powers.

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