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Their deal is ambushed by the police but Toni manages to retrieve the drugs and kill Miguel before returning to Salvatore.

He has brown eyes and short, black hair. For this, his work for the Leone Family and twice rescuing Salvatore he is made despite his concerns following O'Toole's 'ceremony'. Toni returned to Liberty City on a coach in 1998 and immediately met a grateful Salvatore who immediately places him under the leadership of made man Vincenzo Cilli who rose through the family's hierarchy during Toni's abscene. Maria, during this time, begins to fall in love with Toni but, realizing he has no money, reaffirms her interest in Salvatore's money. He later meets Toshiko Kasen, the bitter wife of Yakuza leader Kazuki Kasen, who hires Toni to slowly destroy her husband, including destroying his money and going to the opera with Toshiko, before killing Kazuki on the roof of his casino. Toni was the first protagonist to give missions to another protagonist (namely, Toni may have been a loan shark in the past, as he reminds JD O'Toole of the money he owes in, Toni appears in a total of 77 storyline missions, the third-highest number of any protagonist (behind, One of Toni's random lines when targeting someone is.

He later became involved in Liberty City's criminal underworld, joining the mafia to follow on his father's footsteps. Toni also believes that people should show proper respect to their parents, as seen in the mission Hot Wheels, when he berates Vincenzo Cilli for receiving oral sex from a prostitute named Cheryl while talking to his mother, and how he desperately tries to please his mother. He later chases him down and collects the photographs before killing Burner after he tried to escape and after he published stories about Toni's criminal activities under his instructions. Also known as

Toni later helps to repel the Diablos from Hepburn Heights and the Red Light District and retrieves some money from a warehouse in Callahan Point, which had been destroyed by the Triads.

His attempts, however, fall short of her high expectations following her husbands example and she places a hit on Toni, asking him to die 'like a real man'.

He is introduced to Claude, a man capable of completing tasks similar to Toni three years previously, and he hires him after using him as a driver when attempting to collect his protection money from Mr. Wong's Laundromat. While working for O'Toole, Toni manages to impress Salvatore by driving him away from Paulie's Revue Bar, which was being raided by the police, by preventing the destruction of a Leone-controlled casino and then, in retaliation, destroying the Sindacco run Dolls House casino/bordello. The argument involves Salvatore pointing a gun at Toni before realising his loyalty and admitting to becoming increasingly paranoid. O'Toole, however, is killed by Hamfists and Toni disposes of the body in the sea before receiving a phone call from Vincenzo, wanting to make peace at Salvatore's request. preventing the destruction of a Leone-controlled, is attacked by various men with chainsaws but survives, managing to kill Vincenzo in the process, destroys a Forelli owned printing company, found himself in the middle of a hit during an attempt to spy of the Forellis, detonating them causing the area to be completely destroyed,, Toni Cipriani ages significantly in the three years between, Toni is the only protagonist to give another protagonist (. Toni, angry and ashamed at working for Vincenzo, is entrusted with working for Joseph Daniel O'Toole, a member of the rival Sindacco Family who wants to join the Leones. He also manages, throughout the period, to establish himself as the right hand man of Salvatore, being placed above Salvatore's own son Joey Leone. Toni's behavior changes somewhat throughout his appearances.

Much of his efforts in achieving his goal of reclaiming his place in the Leone hierarchy include battling two other Mafia families, the Forellis and the Sindaccos via several means, allowing him to be "made" halfway through the storyline after killing the Liberty City mayor, Roger C. Hole. Michael Madsen voices Toni in GTA III, whilst Danny Mastrogiorgio voices him in Liberty City Stories.

After collecting a corpse for a party Toni begins to campaign for Love and kill some of his rivals campaigners. Toni is in some ways similar to Tommy Vercetti, and his behavior in scenes of the game suggest that he is very loyal, but very easy to irritate (of course, this may be in part of that he is surrounded by such strange people, for instance, Maria Latore, Joseph Daniel O'Toole and Donald Love).

Toni is also known for making unfortunate choices, due to his hot temper. McAffrey also told Toni of the Forelli Family's plans to move their weapons to another location, which Toni stopped by destroying them. Toni initially finds himself performing menial tasks for Cilli, including taking a drug dealer to his turf but is later asked to do more troublesome tasks, including assisting robbers escape from the AmCo petrol station.

While awaiting trial he visited by Toni, disguised as a lawyer named Lionel, and is told to attack the Forelli and Sindacco families for his incarceration. Gender

Toni Cipriani, shortly after returning to Liberty City in the introductory cutscene in.

Toni then comes under the employment of Donald Love, a rich businessman and Salvatore's preferred candidate to become Mayor. Toni later worked for Salvatore, doing various tasks to attempt to convince union leader Jane Hopper and her fellow union leaders to grant them access to the harbor during planned strikes, which had been funded by Salvatore.

Voiced by The Mayor Roger C. Hole, alligned with the Forelli Family, puts out an arrest warrant for Salvatore who, along with Toni, is forced to flee to a safehouse in Newport, Staunton Island. 1998 Toni and Vincenzo immediately dislike each other, which end up in Toni killing Vincenzo after his earlier betrayal.


Toni is the son of Ma Cipriani, with whom he is often seen arguing due to her constant discontent over him.

Toni seems to be very loyal to his bosses (for example, he saves Salvatore from being crushed in a car which the Sindaccos used to kidnap Salvatore). Donald Love is eventually found to be in league with Salvatore and Toni, which makes him unfit for the office in people's eye.

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