tiktok curly hair tutorial

Once the gel appears to be set, you move the diffuser to your roots, "massaging" them as the TikTok genius instructs.

If you don’t have a pair of tights, you can try tying two socks together or using the belt of a bathrobe. For curly-headed girls, there's no holy grail secret to getting the perfect hair, but the newest styling trend, hair plopping, might be as close as it gets.The technique, which has been around for ages, recently resurfaced on TikTok through the #plopthathair tag. The idea is that by wrapping the hair in a certain way when wet, it retains moisture while drying, which is vital for curly hair. But if you have a virtual Bumble date or a work meeting, you might want to look put together. She then raked her hands through her hair to break up the waves and give strands a little volume. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article. “Every time you add hair from the sides to the braid, make sure you don’t add any hair to the section that has the stocking,” notes Marjan.

The type of brush doesn't matter, she explains. To create the waves, she clipped the stockings to the top of her head and split her damp hair into two sections. copyright 2020 © all rights reserved by stylecaster, curl your hair with stockings? Much like the sock tutorial that was going around TikTok, an old pair of tights can create a pretty bend in your hair.—and it’s easier than using all these short socks. Then, you rake oil through the hair. We only include products that have been independently selected by Elite Daily's editorial team. Popular TikToker @moothless starts her video with wet hair and a big handful of African Pride Olive Miracle Leave-in Conditioner ($12, Amazon), before promptly encouraging viewers to channel the energy of rapper, Yo Gotti, when applying the leave-in conditioner by "[raking] that sh*t through your hair."

Previously, some had turned to socks, creating tight ringlets through a viral challenge that's also relatively simply to replicate. Using the leave-in conditioner of your choice — @moothless uses African Pride — you rake the product thoroughly through your curls. "I love seeing the sock curl trend on TikTok as an easy and accessible way for young girls to … This is the perfect time to try something new because you might have some extra time to get it right. “Loosely unravel so you don’t create any frizz,” says Marjan. Much like the sock tutorial that was going around TikTok, an old pair of tights can create a pretty bend in your hair.—and it’s easier than using all these short socks. This isn't the only curly hair tutorial that's caught the attention of TikTok users.

Those with "pin straight" hair have seen seriously incredible results, and of course, those with curls have also expressed their appreciation for the tutorial. Other fans tried the stockings trick and it worked just as well for them. While at home physical distancing and not seeing anyone outside Zoom, you’re probably giving your beauty routine a bit of a rest.

Once that's happened, she angles the diffuser on her roots and gently massages her scalp before instructing viewers to "do that thing you've seen in every video with curls."

See for yourself: how to do the viral TikTok curl diffusing hair tutorial, African Pride Olive Miracle Leave-in Conditioner, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment. She grabs the ends of her strands and scrunches the gel in an upward motion toward her roots, so it "holds your curls" and your fingers won't disrupt their natural wave. It can be "a paddle brush, a Denman brush, an 'I don't give a 'f*ck" brush'" — this step is just meant to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair. Curly-haired TikTok users unite.

Did you know you can curl your hair with stockings? The latest trend on the video sharing platform is all about celebrating big, beautiful natural curls — and teaches you how to get them. Now’s the time to let your skin breathe and your hair texture relax. Perhaps it's because of the extra steps they require or their intimidating, pointy appearance, but hair diffusers have been a slept-on beauty tool for far too long. After applying product, you should section off your hair, and further brush the product through each section of your curls. Here's how to do the viral TikTok curl diffusing hair tutorial to create flouncy curls that'll stay in place, even when you're practicing the most cardio-intensive TikTok dance challenges. She used each leg of the tights to create a french braid on both sides. She scoops out a handful of Eco Style Professional Olive Styling Gel ($3, Target) and cautions viewers not to use the rake method from the previous steps. She places the diffuser at the bottom of her hair and moves the blow dryer "up, up, up" her strands, effectively diffusing her curls to create bouncy, voluminous ringlets. Go to sleep and wake up and undo the braids.

According to this TikTok tutorial, you can get beachy waves without heat, which is much safer on your strands.

However, thanks to TikTokker @moothless and her curl diffusing tutorial, diffusers have finally been given the clout they deserve. Try your hand at the diffuser tutorial method, below. After the clumping is complete, @moothless preps her blow dryer by attaching her diffuser and setting it to high heat and high fan. Once the oil's in, @moothless sections out her hair and gently brushes it out. For the drying process, you'll need a diffuser and a dryer with heat on high, and the fan on high. After she's finished brushing, @moothless moves onto a key player: hair gel. Tons of other TikTok users tried the tutorial for themselves, and the results are nothing short of fantastic. Marjan, whose hair tutorials you've likely seen on TikTok, is a huge proponent of sock curling. Here's how to do the viral TikTok curl diffusing hair tutorial to create flouncy curls that'll stay in place, even when you're practicing the most cardio-intensive TikTok dance challenges. (You can try a normal 3-strand braid if you’re not sure how to french braid.). After applying the leave-in conditioner all over her head, she flips her hair upside down and applies Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment ($6, Garnier Fructis) in a similar process. Then apply gel, but do not rake the gel through, as you simply want to clump the product in your curls. As she gently dries her hair, she suggests not to touch your hair with the tool at first, but simply dry around your head to "let the gel set." @moothless notes that you do not touch your hair at all during the drying process.

Based on the beauty guidance of @moothless, the entire process begins with damp curls. Instead, she introduces the masterful technique known as the "CLUMP!" Hairstylist Justine Marjan tried the tutorial this week and WOW did it work. According to this TikTok. From there, you should apply the dryer upwards, and then once dried, get a pick, poof, and ta-da, perfect curls.

The video, which has racked up over 2 million likes on the app, details an easy way to achieve huge, defined, glorious curls with just a few products, a blow dryer, and a hair diffuser.

This isn't the only curly hair tutorial that's caught the attention of TikTok users. Since @moothless shared a TikTok curl diffusing tutorial in February, others have joined in, filling TikTok feeds everywhere with videos of bouncy, natural curls that are relatively easy to achieve. Using @moothless's instruction, others have been sharing their experience with the tutorial.

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