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Washington Curlew Lake tops North America list for tiger muskies. Tiger Muskie are a ferocious fish that appear out of nowhere at a moments notice, they will chase a lure all the way to the tip of your rod, you can then do what is called an L turn or a figure 8 to keep his interest, then he may just disappear as fast as he appeared, or he may attack the lure at close range. Curlew Lake in Washington produced nine of the top 25 tiger muskies recorded by Muskies Inc. across North America this year (2012). This is the best way to target the good days. If you can cast a large 6"-10" articulated leach or streamer, you may be victorious on one of these monsters. Although Curlew is open year-round to fishing and provides great trout fishing, the bass fishery is pretty much a late spring and summer affair. Then in the fall we start our fall Salmon season for Kings and Coho. Fish the West  likes to put their customers on the water during the best times to catch a fish, mostly fishing behind the freshets.

The best time to target this winter run is between Feb.10th and March 15th on the East fork of the Lewis and the Washougal Rivers.

Directions: class tiger muskies are caught here. To catch these fish we mostly cast and retrieve large buck-tail spinners, swim-baits, soft-baits and plugs. We watch 90% of the fish we catch, bite the lure at a close distance. It has two major arms, Winston Cove and Tilton Cove. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The limited amount of docks and other man-made structures usually have trout anglers on them, so bass anglers have to confine most of their efforts to natural cover around the edges of the lake. Covering about 2,200 acres, the lake is home to a number of fish topping 50 inches. Under normal reservoir operating conditions, the maximum water level fluctuation is 10 feet. The current state record of 31.25 lbs. Fish the West © 2017 - Website created by: WireddesignSolutions.com. West of Mossyrock in Lewis County.

Smallmouth Bass have been planted in Mayfield Lake but have not been as successful as in neighboring Rife Lake. Species: The trout grow quickly in this food-rich lake.

All cutthroat trout in Mayfield Lake and in tributary Tilton River must be released. Ten to 14 inch trout provide much of the angling action, but potbellied lunkers in the 18-22 inch range are common enough to be a realistic possibility for anyone fishing here. Call Fishing the West today to plan a fun and memorable Salmon and Steelhead fishing trip right here in Washington. The East fork of the Lewis is also known for it's large winter run native Steelhead. Washington Curlew Lake tops North America list for tiger muskies. Turn left (north) at Silver Creek to reach Ike Kinswa State Park on the north side of the lake or cross over the lake on U.S.12 and go just about a mile to Mayfield Lake County Park. Facilities: The most important thing you need to remember about Tiger Muskie fishing is that they spend most of their time within six feet of the surface. Currently the minimum size limit for muskies is 50 inch. But rainbows still rule the roost in this lake bordered by pine-covered hills around much of its perimeter. This reservoir was formed by the construction of Mayfield Dam. Curlew Lake in Washington produced nine of the top 25 tiger muskies recorded by Muskies Inc. across North America this year (2012). This is easy fishing, just drop a worm over the side or from the bank and wait for the 10 to 14 inch fish. Fish the West will keep your line in the water and fish hard for you all day. Don’t be surprised when your fishing for rainbow’s that you hook into a small coho or chinook salmon from Riffe Lake and the Tilton River where they commonly make their way into the mix of the trout population. Largemouth Bass can also be found in Mayfield Lake in the weed beds and in the Tilton River arm. Remember, only adipose clipped rainbow trout may be retained in Mayfield Lake and the Tilton River.

came from this lake several years ago, and occasionally 25 to 30 lb. It is generally best to fish this lake in the middle of the week, not only because of crowded boat ramps and heavy boat traffic on weekends, but also because Tacoma Power may release water over the spillway on weekends to put water in the river below for recreational fishermen. Watercraft are not allowed in the restricted zone between the log barrier and the dam. Take Highway 20 or Highway 21 to Republic and continue north on Highway 21 which parallels the east side of the lake. Fishing Mayfield Lake: Tiger muskies are planted annually to help control the northern pikeminnow population and provide an additional angling opportunity. Species: Steelhead are extremely hard fighting fish, however they are one of the most challenging and fun fish to catch. Four private resorts and a state park provide a wealth of facilities for visiting anglers, including boat ramps, moorage, boat rentals, fishing docks, cabins, RV and tent sites, restrooms with showers, and small stores with groceries and tackle.

Try fishing along the high bank on the north side of the lake, west of the state park. Location: Other services are available in Republic. With smaller runs and more anglers these days, Fish the West would like you to have the best chance of success. Snacks and beverages are located at the small stores around the lake. per person on the Kalama, all other rivers & Lake Merwin.

Tiger Muskie are known to be the fish of 10,000 casts, however, because Lake Merwin Tiger Muskie are not pressured a great deal we are finding that we have several followers and catch fish on every trip so far, I … Plastic worms, crank bait and spinner baits are good choices here. Curlew has long been a favorite to Washington trout anglers, and the addition of bass has added a new dimension to the fishery without causing any noticeable problems for the trout populations. You will fish for salmon and steelhead with Mike from a drift boat, using light tackle including Shimano and Penn reels paired with Lamiglas and GLoomis rods. The best time is mid-week on cloudy days. Now that the Tiger Muskies have gotten abundant and are reproducing on the abundant squawfish, once again the state has started planting the lake with rainbows. Facilities: All 3 of these rivers a excellent Salmon and Steelhead Rivers. Fish the West includes a professional video as part of your adventure. Largemouth bass are caught in summer and fall. The Pacific Northwest is the home of the most popular Salmon and Steelhead fishing rivers on the entire west coast. Water enters Mayfield Lake from the Mossyrock Dam (backing up Riffe Lake) above, and exits through the turbines or (rarely) over the spillway of Mayfield Dam into the Cowlitz River below. Perch fishing is great most of the year with the best catches taken near the weed beds or in the Tilton River Arm.

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