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Sho does not possess a Persona, though he is still capable of matching a Persona user using nothing but his own (practically superhuman) physical abilities of the Sun Arcana. Holder, 1913. In the anime, Ayane fulfills this role for Yu Narukami. [173] She is playable in the console version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax via DLC. [30], Takahisa Maeyama portrays Yosuke in the stage play. [207] Although initially reluctant, Yu's friends vow to rescue Marie, as she is as much of a friend to them as she is to Yu. He is a delinquent who has a reputation as being a bully, and is the center of numerous rumors regarding a confrontation with a local biker gang. [1] He was the god of wisdom, writing, hieroglyphs, science, magic, art, judgment, and the dead. [215], In the video games, she initially was released solely as a boss character in the arcade versions of P4U. Both Eri and Yuuta care about each other very much but are held back by their own insecurities regarding the relationship. [117] Namatame is later revealed to be responsible for sending people to the TV world, using his family's delivery truck to be unnoticed by the victims and hiding a plasma TV inside for transporting them after knocking them out. Her attitude changes when she discovers that one of her patients from the hospital she previously worked at has died. [27], In the sequel Persona 4 Arena and it's followup, Ultimax, Teddie is impersonated by General Teddie as the organizer of "P-1 Grand Prix" in the TV world, a tournament between Persona-users, while the real one is trapped inside the TV world and seeks to find his friends during the first tournament. However, the Greek form "Thoth" is more common. Thoth's papyrus plays a central part in the book Scroll of Saqqara. The second drama CD released through the Blu-ray box sets titled "Perfect Delivery" features Aika being assisted by Yu on her daily rounds. He served as scribe of the gods,[20] credited with the invention of writing and Egyptian hieroglyphs. After the two initial murders, he tricked Namatame into kidnapping people under the idea that he was keeping them from danger, which is reinforced as every person Namatame "rescues" is then saved by the protagonist's group.

Adachi makes a non-playable appearance in arcade version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and becomes playable in the console version with a DLC. Usually, he is depicted in his human form with the head of an ibis. Curator of the Cinema, Nagi is a woman that protects Hikari from all harm by keeping her in the Cinema, and Hikari thinks she is the only person who can trust due to her kind and caring personality. The gratitude that the child manifests for his gesture leads him to sell his puppets in his mother's fabric store. Therefore, none of them acted in a stereotypical fashion with director Katsura Hashino stating that this was since "the worldview was already pretty far from the ordinary. Sho's past causes him to view bonds and such as meaningless, viewing friendship and such as nothing but licking each other's wounds. Dojima represents the protagonist's Social Link to The Hierophant,[151] and this is symbolized in the anime adaptation by Yu Narukami's usage of the Persona Kohryu (コウリュウ, Kōryū). The Greeks related Thoth to their god Hermes due to his similar attributes and functions. At this stage, Rei is abducted and the school's clock tower undergoes a Tartarus-esque transformation, and although Zen at first decides to save her on his own, SEES and the Investigation Team resolve to stay and help him out. Ayane Matsunaga (松永 綾音, Matsunaga Ayane) is one of Yu's classmates who is a member of the school's music club. [53] A younger Yukiko makes an appearance in Persona 3 Portable at the Amagi Inn, when the game's playable characters take a field trip to Inaba.[54]. There, the Investigation Team confronts him, when he claims he is instead saving people. He and Daisuke both serve as the player's Social Link to Strength;[183][184] in the anime, Kou Ichijo serves as this link and is represented by Yu Narukami's usage of the Persona Rakshasa (ラクシャーサ, Rakushāsa). … [27] She is also shown to have a not-so-subtle crush on the protagonist, who she simply refers to as Senpai throughout the game, and flirts with him consistently, regardless of social standing. [226][227] However, flaws have been found within the execution of certain lines with IGN noting few moments in which some actors did not fit into their respective characters. Thoth was originally a Moon god. Mitsuo Kubo (久保 美津夫, Kubo Mitsuo) is a juvenile from Inaba who becomes the second suspect the group believes to be behind the murder case after Kinshiro Morooka's death. [5] His character design stayed relatively similar to the initial conception, with his tone and expressions changing the most. [18] In the form of A'ah-Djehuty he took a more human-looking form. Margaret represents the player's Social Link to The Empress, which is symbolized in the anime adaptation by Yu Narukami's usage of the Persona Isis (イシス, Ishisu). [93], Early designs of Teddie were to feature him as a more serious-looking character. A running gag is that she will deliver anywhere and at any time, regardless of the customer's circumstances. Before the performance, the original trombone player returns and Ayane relinquishes the part back to the original player. [204], When Yu confronts Izanami (the gas station attendant), given that the player had saved Marie in time, Izanami will briefly mention Marie, calling her pathetic for holding onto the bamboo comb (combs are seen as a symbol of separation). [206] In an old cabin near Inaba, Margaret (on a promise to Yu) pulls the entire group through an old TV set, which serves as the only portal to the Hollow Forest, Marie's TV World dungeon. [70] Following this, Himiko evolves into Kanzeon (カンゼオン), a white humanoid with a more complex satellite dish than Himiko. [36], Following the encounter with her Shadow, Chie receives the Persona Tomoe Gozen (トモエ, Tomoe), a muscular female figure wearing a yellow outfit and armed with a naginata, that she uses in combat while she performs kicks. In the anime, he appears during the summer festival as the main pyrotechnician who helps encourage Nanako in her quest to find Yu. [14] [65] Shortly after arriving to Inaba, Rise is kidnapped and taken to the TV world, where her other self is manifested.

She had a short encounter with a mysterious culprit named Sho Minazuki (or rather, his half, Minazuki), until Labrys' team arrive on time saving Naoto, then split up to find their missing friends and saving the world from a dangerous outcome planned by Sho and General Teddie. [210] In Ultimax, Kaguya Hime has now become Marie's Persona.

[163] Following Izanami's defeat in the game's ending, Igor leaves Yu to see the original form from the TV world, satisfied with his journey's conclusion. The desire to protect people eventually inspires her to seek a career as a police officer. [61][223] Naoto Shirogane's storyline also received mixed responses, with some fans taking issue with how the parts of Naoto's narrative that reflect the experiences of transgender people were dismissed and contradicted by canonical insistence that Naoto is a cisgender girl. While in this state, the Shadows entertained the audience watching the program; when the player encounters the real person with their respective Shadow Self, they behave more coherently. Shigenori Soejima acted as the art director for the game and was responsible for the character design. Other forms of the name ḏḥwty using older transcriptions include Jehuti, Jehuty, Tahuti, Tehuti, Zehuti, Techu, or Tetu. Afterwards, Yu and Ai can pose as a couple, or remain friends until Ai falls for Yu. When that eventually fails, he manipulates Sho Minazuki into collecting Persona fragments, appealing to the boy's memories of abuse under Shuji Ikutsuki and desire to destroy the world, and uses the Minazuki half as his direct vessel. [16], Thoth has been depicted in many ways depending on the era and on the aspect the artist wished to convey. [27] He was thus said to be the secretary and counselor of the sun god Ra, and with Ma'at (truth/order) stood next to Ra on the nightly voyage across the sky. As the group searches for him, Teddie remembers that he was actually a Shadow, one who wanted humans to like him and, as a result, erased his memory and took the form of a cartoonish bear.
Her family owns a famous ryokan in the city, and Yukiko is always busy preparing herself to take over the business. When kidnapping Nanako Dojima, Namatame is tracked down by Ryotaro Dojima and forced to escape with Nanako to the TV world. [31], Naoto Shirogane (白鐘 直斗, Shirogane Naoto) is a young detective who moves to Inaba in order to aid the police in investigating the serial-murder case. His Persona is Magatsu Izanagi (マガツイザナギ, lit.

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