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OK, who wants to go next? RANA BOONE: That is your future from this moment forward unless you decide to get here every day and get your education and get your diploma. I can't put you on a football team representing this school. He could definitely go to college and play football. Sometimes it feel like everybody against me here sometimes. She's already a little bit older than she should be to be in the grade she's in. I'm surprised I lasted this long. So I decided I want my diploma still. That school is a private school. What's something right now that you're not doing that you should be doing? You know, it's the baggage these kids bring to school every day. But I try not to let that get in the way of my school because I don't like walking around with a mad face, you know, just angry at the world because— because my parents making me mad. To take advantage of the moment, Elizabeth spends millions on advertising, recruiting the same agency as Apple and even an Oscar-winning director. BRANDI BREVARD: OK. And I'm disrespectful to you?

It was pretty bleak. It would be so much less expensive if we were less shortsighted and started saying, "What can we do with our public schools to truly make that investment now and really make more of our children successful?". So I was going to call her today. He's got too much other conflicts going on, so— we'll see. Our kids come, they go, they come back.

No. ROB GASPARELLO: I want you in school playing because this could be your ticket. INTERVIEWER: It's not necessarily bad for Sharpstown High School. LAWERANCE: I know it wasn't the best aspect to come in at 1:00. ROB GASPARELLO: What was her advice to you? I'm printing her withdrawal form. ROB GASPARELLO: If we were to send Marcus to CEP or somewhere else right now, we're, like, basically saying, "You're not going to make it.". Money.

Where are you? I got personal home problems.

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That's my job. It's whether or not we have the courage to do what we know. BRANDI BREVARD: Marcus in March was doing really well. But now I'm happy to have her back. BRANDI BREVARD: All right, we need to get you to Spanish.

I mean, really a lot of drama. I know I have to go to school and graduate. MARCO: I dropped out for a whole semester. And she's going to graduate this year. BRANDI BREVARD: He's on a list that's put out that says, OK, these are the seniors in grad lab that at this point are not getting credit for their classes, so they won't walk and they won't graduate. That was my whole goal since I've been down here.

And that's got to be understood, that you've got to reciprocate. What we are seeing is more of our kids over the last two years have stayed here.

Be honest. Like, that's kind of late. The story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos is an unbelievable tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong. BRANDI BREVARD: Go see if Marcus is ready. Apple Podcasts: | Google Podcasts:, The Dropout is produced by Rebecca Jarvis, Victoria Thompson, and Taylor Dunn and is a product of ABC News Nightline & ABC Radio.

I was playing with this girl [unintelligible] Calm down, said, "Don't grab me. But yeah, I think we're definitely held to a higher standard. But when he get— when he's not drunk, coolest person in the world. RANA BOONE: OK. That's why you need to come to school because we've been going over this. LAWERANCE: My personal life is crazy. ROB GASPARELLO: Brandi thinks outside the box.

Our attendance is really low, and so we're trying to do whatever it takes to get them to know that it's important to be here for homeroom, first period, second period, every period.

MARCO: That day, I just lost it because of my family problems, you know, what I was going through. It's kind of the hardest one on me because I feel like this one should make it. Everybody should have a warm-up. BRANDI BREVARD: Nakia, at the end of clubs, reluctantly told me that she's worried that she may be pregnant again. There's a lot of students that, you know, I either text or call them to make sure they're up and get to school because a lot of them don't have transportation or even an adult in their life that could help them with those kind of things that they're not prepared to deal with. Sometimes it's isolation.

BRANDI BREVARD: I thought— I mean, he— when I talked to him this morning, he was— it was very sincere. But real patients are now getting Theranos tests, and for some the results are shocking. A Star is Born Feb. 6, 2019 00:41:38 SHARE SAVE ... Search past episodes of The Dropout. You're done. [on the phone] Where are you?

Like, I know this in my heart. OK, so are you going to go take this test?

But we all feel like we're meeting a wall with you.

I said "What's going on? COZETTE CHURCH: Marco's mother is actually in the process of being deported. But it's, like, everybody around you, they know, too. This is dumb. You know, kids should have that until they're 17 or 18, so—. SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR: On Sunday, you need to be there at 3:00 o'clock. Then he tried to choke me out for no reason. I might as well take it. We're seeing good data, Sharpstown High School. How you going to do well? SPARKLE: That is not only my job. DEANZA SHARPE-SOLOMON: It's not really bad, but it's what you need to take care of.

So this school and this district do not have to allow you to be on this campus. Web Site Copyright ©1995-2020 WGBH Educational Foundation. Keeping in mind that while he's dealing with that, he's also looking at, "Oh, my gosh, am I going to graduate on time?" SPARKLE: I love school. BRANDI BREVARD: So do I need to take him to his room to take his SAT? But have you changed the way you think about what's important and priorities— no, you haven't. I have kids that are going to college this year that aren't nearly as talented as him. Just because I'm in the Army, doesn't mean I'm going to change, so"— I guess it's my year now. YOSEF WORKENH, Business Manager: We'll do whatever it takes for you to come to school.

Before I came, I was, like, "High school's not for me. Dropout Piece is—like Lozano—dedicated and insane, beatific and self-absorbed. Detention! What poverty does is, our kids come and go. There were probably 30 to 35 girls on our campus. And you know, I hate to say it, but I felt like I really wasn't needed. ROB GASPARELLO: Marcus says the right things. ROB GASPARELLO: This isn't the streets!

After claiming your Listen Notes podcast pages, you will be able to: Aitäh, et aitad hoida podcastide andmebaasi ajakohasena. RANA BOONE: And this class is to teach them financial literacy and college application/skill-building.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR, CNN … I feel like it's gotten to a point where with Sparkle and Lawerance both— I think I've started to feel like they may not make it.

I'm trying to go to class, but you know—. But I mean, by the looks of it, he probably didn't because— since he came back here. We have 70,000 children that can't read on grade level. NARRATOR: A thousand years ago, our moon was home to a great civilization ruled by Queen Serenity. Every class, I slept, and I still managed to make at least a C or B. Say it again. TERRY GRIER: We started making some changes and holding people accountable. That's why I'm, like, saying I'm not ready for another one. She a good mom. [on the phone] So he's going to court in the morning, criminal court four. I feel like that's why I'm doing this, to make a difference. What was she doing? After dropping out of the University of Maryland to pursue a poker career, Merson beat a drug addiction and is playing for $8.5 million this week in the World Series of Poker’s Final Table. That's the goal. At this point, he's— I'm worried that he's avoiding us. ROB GASPARELLO: Marco's no angel. But it's hard, though.

She used to tell me, "You're going to go back to school one day, right?" Are there any other hair places around here?

It's all about money. So I don't let nobody in. I mean, that's just me. That's what she do.

She's a very good high school teacher working with kids that no one else wanted to work with and making a difference for them. BRANDI BREVARD: You can't— you look at me. Like, supposedly, I was gone. Plus former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara shares his analysis on Elizabeth's potential legal fate...and then there's Balto.

This is a serious ceremony to acknowledge you for your success. LAWERANCE: [to film crew] Can you please leave? Seventy percent of the time, more of the issues that we deal with on a daily basis have to do with things outside of academic instruction. But it's going to help me. If I do right, I can get everything I got to do together. JAMES TAYLOR, Leaver Clerk: we have to have something to prove where they are. You know, the famous phrase I hear from folks over and over is, "Oh, my goodness, God bless you all. MARCO: I work, and I wasn't able to eat because I don't have money.

It's a bad one. Today is day 109. I got to be here. You know that's going to end up costing you. But gosh, that's pretty tough stuff. I didn't go to school at all, like, ever. Rebecca Jarvis is the ABC News Chief Business, Technology & Economics Correspondent. I asked my brother, my older brother, because he's a dropout, and I asked him, "Are you going to come see me?" DALLAS BLACKLOCK: He looked up at me in handcuffs, and he said, "Coach, so football is over?" And how did so many smart people get it so wrong along the way? LAWERANCE: I've been hiding it. I get in trouble for the little, pettiest things. They withdrew one day. So they're either in a math— an extra math computer lab course or they have a two-on-one tutoring course. This morning, I texted her and she told me, "How much would a cap and gown be?" So for me, clearly, I'm thinking of a kid my first year of teaching who was a nightmare. So it just keeps piling up. Otsi kanali The Dropout viimaseid osasid. And I'm very happy for him. He just said, you know, "Ms. Church, you know, I want to graduate this year."

MARCO, 18 Years Old, 12th Grade: I'm starving. THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. And there was nothing— and that's the sad thing is they feel that when they turn 18, we can't touch them. Elizabeth becomes a celebrity as Theranos breaks out of stealth mode and onto the main stage. BRANDI BREVARD: Don't take today and make it the way your life is permanently. Just seeing my mom cry just made me want to not go to school anymore and just help her pay her bills and help my little sister stay in school.

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