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Ever since then, those two cards have been indicators to me, that the reading is about money. First, look for the people in both cards. Flow is all about finding common symbols, people or themes within the cards and observing how these change or evolve from one card to the next.

Working with Tarot card combinations requires you to first select a pair or group of Tarot cards, then develop the meaning and interpretation for those Tarot cards when combined. If both Tarot cards feature people, look at how they interact with each other for a new layer of insight. Three of Pentacles + Eight of Pentacles = a focus on work, money and/or material things. Plan Your Spiritual Awakening With The 2021 Biddy Tarot Planner.

The energy is responding to you in the moment. Immediately, I can see that these two cards are saying ‘stop, rest, wait’.

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Work through the other techniques for the same pair and see how your interpretations change or build up on one another. Reversed Six of Pentacles: No financial recovery in sight. The key to becoming really good at anything is to practice.

Download your FREE guide to the Tarot card combinations here: 10 Killer Techniques to Interpret Tarot Card Combinations 1.

All you need to do is select your spread cards and you will get result of … Or place one above the other? Big financial challenge. As a sort of throw-away remark, I told my client not to forget to buy a lottery ticket. In this FREE guide, I will to save you time, energy and tears by giving you my very best techniques for interpreting Tarot card pairs. Start with the following questions to help you to develop your Tarot card combination meanings: Let’s see an example in action. Hello I asked my cards, “What is my financial situation/outlook for the next month. Use any technique above (or a combination of techniques) and come up with a Tarot card combination meaning and write it down. Can you imagine what they are thinking about each other? I can’t interpret your cards for you without knowing the question, your circumstances and the deck used.

Magician Position Two: Money advice 2?

If this were a relationship match it could pair pretty well! Tarot Card Combinations – how to work out what particular combinations mean. While the energy of reflection in the Seven of Cups may appear to compete with the adventurous go-getter energy of the Fool, notice how both figures are looking up. It helps the reader create a true ‘story’ from the cards and encourages a more integrated view of Tarot card reading. I hear ya. You can also use these methods for both upright and reversed Tarot card combinations. If each Tarot card shares a different element, combine the meanings of the elements. Read the cards as you normally would. The first is that there are 6,006 possibilities of tarot card combinations for just two cards (456,456 three-card combos), and secondly, that any combination of cards, has meanings that are entirely subjective. A tarot reading is like a snapshot in time.

There are several versions of Rider-Waite Tarot to choose from. Personal meanings are those that are generated from your past experiences, your subconscious mind and your intuition.

Upright: finances improving.

Change the order of the cards and you get a different story. If one card is mostly positive and one card is mostly negative, the energy of both is weakened or, more accurately, balanced out. A Deck of Rider Waite Tarot Cards – Course is taught based on the Rider Waite Deck. Reversed Three of Wands: Something goes wrong with an investment. Advice to remain steady and stable. I’d be really interested in hearing how you manage tarot combinations. In this instance, a Two can indicate being at a crossroads and determining what path to take forward, while a Nine can represent that you’re almost at your destination/goal. Got questions?

The most successful ventures are well planned, and the Seven of Cups holds the Fool back until the appropriate time, while the Fool makes sure we don’t get weighed down with options and stagnate. Want to learn the tarot card meanings? Reversed Two of Pentacles: However much they try, there’s more going out than coming in. Six of Cups: Good things will come via an old friend or connection. Not only will you be able to interpret what each card means in a reading, you'll be able to draw relationships between each card. Death: The end of something – might be a career or marriage. I’d probably do this in the first instance, to be honest. Finding common symbols within a Tarot card combination can alert you to important themes associated with those symbols. They are on the same playing field as King and Queen. Keywords If you’re a Tarot beginner, start here! without examining their positions, etc. Question: What spiritual guidance can the tarot offer me?

This website uses cookies. Also 6 of pentacles has fallen out not once but TWICE in shuffling now surely this has to mean something could you help please Joanne, Hi Joanne, welcome to the addictive world of tarot . What is the significance of the direction they face?

The Queen of Cups + Page of Wands = a teenage son ignoring his mum! In the Ten, the children are happily dancing next to their parents. The repeated appearance of the Six of Pentacles is quite significant and may mean that someone requires suport in some way or another. Position One: What am I doing wrong, financially? Tarot Combinations that Might Show Deception in Relationships, The Not-So-Hidden Secret of the Celtic Cross, Guest Post: 10 Tarot Decks You May be Unaware Of. This is to do with a long-term outlook and suggests putting money into a pension fund or savings scheme. These techniques will not only help you master Tarot card combinations, they will lay the foundation for highly accurate and insightful Tarot readings by giving you the skills to find meaningful connections in your readings. And if they are people, who are they? Six of Cups and Ace of Pentacles: parent and grandparents contributing to a child’s savings plan. Note- My teenage son told me the very next day that he had a dream that I won a major division 1 lottery. Look for the following tarot combos to show that circumstances are looking good, money-wise: Look for any combination of the following: There are several court cards that can be connected to money, especially in combination with any of the cards previously mentioned. The first is that there are 6,006 possibilities of tarot card combinations for just two cards (456,456 three-card combos), and secondly, that any combination of cards, has meanings that are entirely subjective. If the Tarot cards are not close in number, then it may indicate movement from one phase to another, either in terms of progress (an increase in number) or regression (a decrease in number). Read the cards as you normally would. Could there be some sort of conversation between them?

Remember that one or two cards in a reading may not indicate a financial downfall, or indeed a windfall. If both Tarot cards are Court cards, then it’s likely that this combination represents two people who are in relationship with one another. You can also mix and match the keywords and phrases that you typically associate with each card until you find a combined meaning that truly resonates. That is, is it a combination of two Pages, or a Page and a King.

Put these together and voila, you have a meaning for the Tarot card pair. The High Priestess + Hermit = a period of deep introspection and soul-searching to connect with a Higher Power. Instead, it’s essential that you learn how to interpret Tarot card combinations, not what all 3,000 combinations mean.

How To Spot An Aquarius Man In Love: 5 Signs, Twin Flame Tarot Spread – Relationship Reading, A Guide to Understanding a Single Capricorn Woman. Tarot Combinations and the Arrows style of reading tarot.

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