swinging forward or backward

in order to go around something, to cause (a hanging object) to sway backward and forward; specif., to cause (a person The wrestler then falls backwards to the mat, thus forcing the opponent to fall forwards and impact the exposed knees. This variation, innovated by Kenta Kobashi as the Wrist-Clutch Burning Hammer, involves grabbing and pulling by the opponent's wrist, then lifting them up into the air, before falling to their back, driving the opponent to the ground on the back of their head/neck.This was popularized by Shingo Takagi as The Last Falconry,now used as The Last of the Dragon.

The wrestler then pushes the opponent forward and quickly pulls them backward, with the attacker landing on their back whilst the opponent falls face first. The wrestler stands next to the opponent with both facing the same direction, and the wrestler hooks their closest arm underneath and behind the opponent's closest armpit.

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Johnny Gargano uses a variation called Lawn Dart, where he throws the opponent face first onto the second turnbuckle.

A backbreaker refers to professional wrestling moves in which a wrestler drops an opponent so that the opponent's back impacts or is bent backwards against a part of the wrestler's body, usually the knee.[1]. Similar to a hangman, where the wrestler catches the opponent in a side headlock, running towards any set of ropes.

The wrestler performs a headscissors takedown to a seated or kneeling opponent, driving them head first into the mat. The wrestler lifts the opponent on their shoulders in an electric chair sitting position and then falls backwards driving the opponent back-first into the mat.

A side to side arm swing enhances sideways momentum. A move in which the wrestler goes behind an opponent, then puts their head under the opponent's shoulder. A cross legged version is used by CIMA, who calls it the Perfect Driver. A wrist-clutch variation of this driver exists which sees the wrestler lift the opponent on to their shoulders, and while the opponent is on their shoulders, he/she uses the hand hooking the opponent's leg to reach upwards and clutch the wrist of the arm opposite the hooked leg.

Heath uses a jumping variation of the move.

The wrestler then falls backwards while throwing the opponent the same way, dropping them down to the mat on their chest. This variation of the snapmare sees the application of the facelock with the takeover to the opponent, but rather than the wrestler remaining stationary, he rolls with the opponent's momentum. Also known as an inverted stunner, the wrestler stands facing the opponent, places their shoulder under the jaw of the opponent and holds the opponent in place before falling into a sitting or kneeling position, driving the jaw of the opponent into their shoulder. This similarity with backbreakers is reflected in almost every gutbuster variation, which if inverted would become backbreakers and vice versa.

Shawn Spears used this move, calling it Perfect 10. Popularized by Brian Cage as Weapon X. Or is it? Sign up below to receive our newest workout routines, recipes, news stories, and offers from our partners, Muscleandfitness.com is part of A360 Media LLC Fitness & Health Network. The video was first shared by a user named Eric from Alaska on video-sharing website TikTok.

One Twitter user said, “For people wondering how some see a way and the others see another way. When he's not on the tennis court, you'll find him practising his golf swing.

The wrestler then falls forward in an almost identical way, slamming the opponent face-first into the mat.

The move was innovated by Johnny Ace calling it The Ace Crusher II and later popularized by Billy Gunn, who called it the Famouser (which was also used by Dolph Ziggler) or Fame-Ass-Er, the latter name used when he wrestled as "Mr. Although it can be used on a stationary opponent, it is usually performed against a charging opponent, using the opponent's own momentum to make the throw more powerful. Similar to the wheelbarrow facebuster but instead of dropping their opponent face first, they drop their opponent so that the opponent lands on their upper back and neck between the legs of the wrestler, facing towards them, usually resulting in a pin. The wrestler grabs their opponent's arm, then turns to face the other direction and pulls the opponent over their shoulder. Your information has been successfully processed! This arm drag sees the wrestler being held in a wheelbarrow hold by the opponent, and then going for an over the shoulder arm drag as they free their legs off of the opponent's waist. One occasional use of the Irish whip is to try to "hit for the cycle" by whipping one's opponent into each corner in turn. A stunner is a three-quarter facelock jawbreaker. The move can also see other variations of a powerslam used, particularly into a sidewalk slam position.

Bray Wyatt uses this maneuver as his finisher, which he calls Sister Abigail. They swung the door wide open and opened fire. Pendular---- Swinging/ swaying arms forward, backward or sideward. 1.

Balls", "/23 Twilling's WWE Over the Limit PPV report: John Cena vs. Batista in an I Quit match for the WWE Championship, Jack Swagger vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge vs. Randy Orton", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Professional_wrestling_throws&oldid=987062766, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 17:51. The opponent lies on their side on the shoulders of the wrestler, facing either the opposite or the same direction as the wrestler, with the wrestler holding the opponent by the lower leg and either the head or lower arm.

There was one person on Twitter who said that “those who think he [the man] is facing the building are also extremely bad drivers”.

A shoulderbreaker is any move in which the wrestler slams their opponent's shoulder against any part of the wrestler's body, usually the shin or knee. A neckbreaker variation also exists where the wrestler lifts the opponent on their shoulders in a fireman's carry, then lifts their opponent over and grabs the head before slamming them down in a neckbreaker slam.

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