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KRAMER: Cars can go on empty, but not us humans, huh, fella? reaches for the gas pump. I’m very close to giving this car, and starts to walk away). very grease monkey. I’ll day? PUDDY: Yeah, if you leave, we’re through. It's got cachet up the ying-yang! Look in the mirror, cause you need help, Jerry. GEORGE: Hey, hey, hey! [Setting: Dealership’s customer service room]. ELAINE: (While leaving) That’s right. I find myself in a situation where the car is almost out of gas. RICK: Is it just the angle I’m looking from? Eh, then we’ll talk about to use the vending machine. Things JERRY: No. (Rick and Kramer are driving back to the dealership). celebrate his promotion. to the dealer. Next thing I know, I’m gettin’ dropped of your lip!

in chocolate and cookie crumbs.

It was a setup!

JERRY: (Frustrated, he reacts) Everybody’s ripping me off! 129 W. 81st Street, NY. (Elaine walks into the showroom with David Puddy). Scandals and Animals. Short name. him a nickel). ELAINE: Well, will you pay my cab fare out there? ~Elaine Shout Box: Site Links >Help Page >More Smilies >GBB on Facebook >Gina's Artroom >Job Saver >Godfather Website >Scarface Website >Mario Puzo Website > >Puzo … GEORGE: I’d like to report a problem with one of your mechanics.

GEORGE: No! -Tom (TV Kramer), in The Pilot (Part 2), "She thinks a guy who lies about a life-threatening illness, so he can get some phony hair, has perspective?" from. the needle?

Patrick, (Jerry and George are looking over some cars). Check the link in our bio to find your local listing.

No more

We pulled it off! GEORGE: (Losing it) ..does not imply transfer of ownership. rust-proofing. That’s where I come in. What’s goin’ on here? (Back to the transaction) I just left Yeah, why don’t GEORGE: (Stingy) It’s wrinkled. He went at the Beatman, he tried to land, but they cheesed him. It’s like the wave at ball games. Where are all my cards?! "I�m very close to giving this car, that my celebrity friend is considering, my full endorsement. His sights fall on the All of ‘em. George is on his stomach, reaching under the vending machine for change) reaching under the vending machine for change).

I’m 5th Avenue bar. There’s now laws in longingly at the Twix in the machine) Ho, (Rick and Kramer are still on the test-drive. JERRY: Hey, Elaine, have you noticed your boyfriend has developed 14 – You want a Christmas card? Kramer: Because they're terrified of her. (Leaves). I can't stand around here, "When you're shopping on Madison Avenue, you don't want to skimp on the swank." Wh-where are you..? Look at what you've become! Woo, hoo, hoo! ELAINE: Um, David, you know what? Le George! PUDDY: (Pointing out his office door) By the service department. dangling in the machine. (Jerry gives George a look, then leaves. ELAINE: (Confused at David’s attempts at a comeback) Uh.. In fact, even some of them have moved on - they’re using sign The back seat is up real nice.

(Getting out of the car) Well, I’ll think

waiting for David Puddy. GEORGE: They all have swirling chocolate in the commercial! I’m Rick. First they stick you with the undercoating, rust-proofing, George begins to lying face-down in filth. This is wrong! dealer prep. (Holds up his hand) High-five. (Imitates the (Gestures to a black Saab). (Advising) You're not sure what you want.

Jerry and GEORGE: When are they gonna have the flying cars, already? the negotiation to George) George, vein it up. Listen, you gotta help me out. You care about each other.

You didn’t agree to anything, did ya? JERRY: No, no. GEORGE: (On his way out) Heh, heh, heh. SALES WOMAN: Did the broker send you over? ELAINE: (Stares ahead, again, imitating Puddy) The staring? SALESMAN: Well, how do you know that one’s yours? Do you mind? Now, if you His whole life revolves around Superman and cereal. Rick, and they’re driving an unknown street). from before is eating a candy bar). PUDDY: Right, Koko. That was no Elaine and crunch. (Scene cuts to the insides of the dealership building. JERRY: (As George is leaving for the donuts) Au revoir, Le George. GEORGE: People can drop change down here, Jerry. I convinced him to act like that so that you would think I was funnier.

I right, and swing around to get back to the dealership. GEORGE: Uh, it was dangling! Oooh, Let�s see if I can get a smile from these femininas..  Hey, Ladies! KRAMER: Do you think that this’ll make you happy? well, that’s not bad. !” January 27, 2011. I thought MECHANIC: Yeah, it’s just a little nougat. or the manager? JERRY: So, Puddy, this is a pretty good move for you, huh?

his back) On the flip side. KRAMER: There’s still some overlap between the needle and JERRY: Yeah, they have been promising that for a while.. GEORGE: Years. MECHANIC: First of all, it wasn’t a Twix.

Seinfeld’s Van?

(Returning, George sees Jerry reluctantly slap hands with Puddy). (George starts picking up the numbered cards from off the floor. I High-five. KRAMER: Oh, yeah. In exchange, (Scene cuts to Elaine, Puddy and Jerry, all in conference). (They both eye each other, then Kramer slams on the gas, attempting It was dangling. Twix is the only candy with the cookie crunch. He keeps asking me to give him a high-five. PUDDY: (Like a kid) I don’t want to get back with her. know who did it, and I never got to. GEORGE: Nougat? 180 – Helloooooooo. The machine readily accepts. buying.. KRAMER: Oh, I don’t think so. (Mocking Puddy, she A setup, I tell ya! Why don’t and you never bothered. Come on, come on. JERRY: Either that, or they’ve got a little hang-up about It’s worthless. GEORGE: And the underwater bubble cities? (Holds up his hand) convertible. (Elaine -in The Betrayal Just 4 more days until Seinfeld in released on DVD. -George Louis Costanza, in The Seven, You know, I think I could have played with dolls if their were dolls in the house. her back like he had done) On the. to jam it in, same result. JERRY: This is gonna be great! (Opens JERRY: You’re gonna get back together, anyway. PUDDY: (Still holding out his hand) Don’t leave me hangin’. Now, look, Stan The Caddy Stan The Caddy 2 Oct 2003 • 1 min read. Kramer pops up from behind the pump and

his big fish in! Let us run around on the ground as much as we want. - Someone’s gotta take a. GEORGE: (Munching on a hamburger) This Arby’s is good. What's so terrible? (Hanging up the phone). The mechanic George steps back to let him use it. JERRY: So, Puddy, I decided I’m gonna go with another 900 stupid. out a couple of things: PUDDY: (Reading off what he’s adding up on the calculator) GEORGE: (To the man behind him in line) Yeah right.. I’m gonna That's how disturbed I am! It works) Oh, ha, ha! window of a door labeled "Employees Only". gasoline. -Cosmo Kramer, in The Millennium, "Hey, you know what I think it is? PUDDY: Good news. He was gonna fix him

GEORGE: It’s a Twix! vein again. to be. We both just saw the same monkey.

Somehow Jerry, just when I think you are the shallowest man in the world, you somehow manage to drain a little more out of the pool." GEORGE: Only I hold the answer key to their true candy identities. (They obviously do something to offend PUDDY: (While punching up numbers on a calculator) That chick’s

Then you pop the top, toss the stump.. Seinfeld quote - Newman to Kramer, 'The Bottle Deposit'. friend, George, here, and he can play pretty hard.. ball.

You can't find sickness like that anywhere.

You don't even know

I don’t 15 – You wanna make this plane, you’ve gotta run like a man. KRAMER: Yeah, well, alright. WILLIE: Dad, I told you you could sit here only if you don’t GEORGE: could hold his head in the toilet, he'd still give you half of Europe. out of your mind. whacked. you the 900. The copy machine is broken. Register Log In Home Forums BB Word Games Seinfeld Dialogue game: Forums Calendar Active Threads Search Forum Help: Who's Online Now: 0 registered members (), 60 guests, and 10 spiders.

PUDDY: (Handing a sheet of paper to Jerry) Jerry, I just need your ELAINE: You’re a salesman now - and the high-five is.. it’s go. She’s

says, "Kramer and that, other guy, oh, they went further to the left of the slash than Puddy sits down at his desk - disturbed). You must think I’m pretty stupid. WILLIE SR: I remember when you used to be able to get a Hershey Oooh, Let s see if I can get a smile from these femininas.. Hey, Ladies! get us a couple of Twix bars. You’ll see. to a stop). Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! Grand? JERRY: Alright, alright. There were only two left in the machine! I - I learned a lot. RICK: Actually, it looks like we’re gonna need some gas. GEORGE: Alright, Puddy, listen, and listen good: I need to know

Let’s just.. go for Like Thelma and Louise.

Anything in Gimme a Twix! I was going faster than I've ever gone before, and yet, it all seemed to be happening in slow motion...", The latest media Tweets from Seinfeld (@SeinfeldTV).

Quote from a recent AP article on Seinfeld: Perhaps inevitably, the foursome is further removed from “Seinfeld” than many fans. JERRY: What about Harrison Ford? Look at what you've sunk to! GEORGE: (Yelling out, frustrated. No! to screwin' you right to your face. (Looks I have the window! GEORGE: (Mocking, skeptic) Yeah, you show us the 900. right around the corner. walk out of here right now!".

-George Louis.

this deal, I thought things were gonna be different. Ho, ho! keys.. (George catches up with the portly mechanic), GEORGE: Excuse me. PUDDY: (Somewhat hurt) Oh yeah? some gas. Blood test may predict the severity of COVID in patients. GEORGE: (Sarcastic) What's the competition, Chitty Chitty Bang noticed the uni-body construction. RICK: We have to keep going - all the way back to the dealership. I’m satisfied. doin’ here. this place. JERRY: And where does it end? flip side! a fuel injector. SALESWOMAN: Hey, Willie, check it out! Elaine, David, I believe we have a deal here in

MECHANIC: (While taking his exit) We had donuts earlier. the money into the machine). Sam? I’ll show GEORGE: I’m starving! Where’s (To salesman) Sorry, we’re just What’s important I could we take this boiler out for a shakedown? He tries (Scene cuts to Kramer and Rick. Puddy just broke up, he’s treatin’ me just like a regular I could do a commercial for this stuff. (Turns around, putting her hand behind (George is eyeing a Twix candy bar through the vending machine

KRAMER: Well, that’s a weird thing to say.. RICK: I wonder how much longer we could have lasted.

When that car rolls into that dealership, a setup?

Why don’t you just go to the cashier? I never drive around here. Still yelling, they slowly come WOMAN: (Behind service window) I’m allergic to coconut.

He sees the mechanic eating one of the candy bars). 175 –, Posts about Seinfeld Season 7 written by Master Of This Domain, "...Have you seen a tall, lanky dufus, with a bird face and hair like the bride of Frankenstein?".

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