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— In addition to Ana always playing the plaintiff, these Judgy Judy sketches also always end with Judge Judy “surprisingly” siding with the defendant.

— Some pretty good laughs from Steve’s “improv” just being quotes from his movies. volatile (host) interviews jobseekers (CHK) & (Natasha Henstridge). The only part of this episode which confuses me is all the cameos. — Overall, a simple, short sketch, but Steve absolutely made this whole thing. to (host)’s dismay, Didi Conn’s [real] Grease role snubbed, — As usual, several funny dense lines from the hosts played by Will and Cheri. Origin On April 2st, 2011, the Internet humor website Something Awful posted a Photoshop Friday [1] contest titled "Celebrity Match Game", which featured a photo of Steve Buscemi combined with the pop star Justin Bieber . Funny that you mention “Titey”; around this time somewhere in Italy, an Animated interpretation of “Titanic” (Where–SPOILER ALERT–Everybody survives) is released. Even though Steve Buscemi may not find the “Steve Buscemi Eyes” meme all that funny, the rest of the internet disagrees with him. Never knew she had such a good singing voice. Natasha Henstridge just walks in and no one even seems to notice or care. (JMB) & (host) show their crappy & creepy constructions, — Jim’s doing an accurate imitation of how hosts of do-it-yourself shows typically speak. musical guest performs “How’s It Going To Be”, JUDGE JUDY Not to mention another one where it was actually a group of gangster sharks (who also rap) that bit the ship, a woman’s tears combined with moonbeams caused dolphins to talk, and an octopus lifted the ship back up after it sank. Long live Wiley Lunt! — Unfortunately, this ends up being Jim’s final appearance in a Goth Talk sketch (we’re nearing the end of his SNL tenure). — The Mad Hatter putting his fist in his mouth and having a fit is slaying me. — Speaking of Colin’s habit of muttering ad-libs after the jokes, when the audience is laughing at his Etch-A-Sketch joke, Colin quickly mutters a barely audible “Tina Fey”. And before I saw the “Madonna” label, I instantly recognized that as a picture of Dave Foley from “Kids in the Hall”. the Kenworth RX-40TD is profiled, — Some good laughs from the uselessness and awkwardness of Steve’s character, just silently and uncomfortably gesturing during Will’s profile of the truck. It’s so stupid but it always makes me laugh. The cold open is one of those ideas which probably seemed brilliant on paper, but falls flat onscreen. — Random premise, but I like how this is pre-taped and how they’re using special screen filter effects for each interview, giving this a realistic documentary look. musical guest performs “How’s It Going To Be”, (ANG) & hip-hop dance instructor (host) litigate. Doug Sibor contributes to Complex Sports and Pop Culture, resides in Boston MA, and can often be found shuttling between Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium and TD Garden.

— I absolutely love Steve as the affable-but-creepy janitor.

He’s worked in so many other Lorne produced projects, it’s kinda surprising he hasn’t been on there more.

— After the “YOU STUPID BITCH!” part, I do like Steve storming off while saying “I think I’ll blow my brains out.” There’s no excuse for SNL waiting 13 years after this episode to have him host again. — I like Steve’s growing frustration throughout the interview. the Prom of Doom is held in the high school boiler room. — The Mad Hatter putting his fist in his mouth and having a fit is slaying me. Our Friends: Funny Pictures, Leenks | 2009 - 2020 | You scrolled all the way down! It’s almost like James Cameron’s movie…Except for the talking mice and Rapping dog………..Yes, you read that correctly……….Rapping………….Dog……Good Luck! — Smigel is always great at mimicking the styles of certain animation genres when spoofing them, and tonight’s cartoon is a dead-on and very funny parody of typical animated Disney movies from this era. — I like how even more absurd the sex party gets with Goat Boy now randomly being thrown in. my friends were around if you were wondering why i was here. Never knew she had such a good singing voice. He has three brothers—Jon, Ken, — I love the tense and off-beat conversation between Chris and an irritable Steve. viewers choice is Lewis Lapham [real] or farcical Bill Clinton (DAH) skit, — A good laugh from the bit with Tim smugly calling himself “the star of Saturday Night Live”, though it got no reaction from the audience.

Jim Halsey has always been a personal favorite of both my wife and me. I’m very curious to hear about it. Why didn’t you go to Pepperdine?” That is. — The whole part with Steve talking about the last time he had sex is priceless. I’m very curious to hear about it. !” Such a perfectly Tracy Morgan-esque line. — Funny progression to the Clinton sketch with it turning into a wild, silly sex party.

It’s so stupid but it always makes me laugh. — Steve, after mentioning he’s not familiar with the college UCLA: “I heard of Pepperdine. Modern day Buscemi really should take over for Walken (who I assume has retired from hosting SNL by this point) as SNL’s resident “creepy old dude” host. No? (ANG), (CHO), (MOS) remember their queer beaus. (ANG), (CHO), (MOS) remember their queer beaus, — Random premise, but I like how this is pre-taped and how they’re using special screen filter effects for each interview, giving this a realistic documentary look. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2be5ebb375b53c9a28780962a99f9ec" );document.getElementById("f84e0366c8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Required fields are marked *.

I also liked the actual funny ad-lib Colin made afterwards about the lameness of that joke. later has an improv-type monologue which I enjoyed a little more. why put Trump in there….horrible human being! So in a way, it all makes sense. STARS: ***½. I also love the way the show utilized him, giving him plenty of roles that showcased his knack for playing oddball characters. (I’m surprised Whoopi never hosted the show). Steve Buscemeyes is a photoshop meme featuring images of people, typically celebrities, with American actor Steve Buscemi's characteristic eyes substituted for their own.

I also like Steve telling another audience member “We’re trying to do improv, not stupid-ass-suggestion-prov.” STARS: *****, STUFF WE MADE It’s fun seeing unrelated SNL recurring characters/impressions collide.

— Hilarious sudden turn with Steve randomly giving Chris the job after all, when Chris has an angry outburst regarding wanting to leave. — Tracy-as-Reggie-White’s commentary about minorities that he hates is cracking me up, in a silly way.

— Colin’s opening straight-to-camera rant about Paula Jones was fairly forgettable. I’m not sure if they were trying to draw attention away from all the drama over Norm’s exit, but…odd way to go. I didn’t even realize until the end that the celebrity voices in TV Funhouse were the real celebrities – Whoopi Goldberg didn’t sound like her for some reason. “Titey” by RBS- Disney’s cheerful spin on Titanic uses celebrity voices. — I like Steve’s growing frustration throughout the interview.

For recurring material I think he’s best in the Good Morning Latte sketch, which is just about perfect other than the shoehorned catchphrase. Deeds (2002) Steve Buscemi as Crazy Eyes. — Steve: “(angrily) I TELL YOU I HAVEN’T HAD SEX IN 9 YEARS AND YOU TELL ME YOU’RE ALLERGIC TO CATS?!

8 Replies to “April 4, 1998 – Steve Buscemi / Third Eye Blind (S23 E17)” Mario Lanza says: December 21, 2019 at 10:53 pm Long live Wiley Lunt! viewers choice is Lewis Lapham [real] or farcical Bill Clinton (DAH) skit. Then again, creepy is totally Buscemi’s game. The oddball sketches are just wonderful, especially the craftsman show with Jim Breuer (who plays against type here and does well). This is another cold opening this season that shows how much fun this SNL era has with the Lewinsky scandal. — The whole part with Steve talking about the last time he had sex is priceless. At least Norm and Steve did share a scene together later on: On the subject of Jim Breuer saying LFNY, he also played two of the accusers in the Larry King cold open a couple episodes earlier, so he also got to say it then. From then on the night improves, thanks to Steve Buscemi injecting so much life into both exhausted recurring bits (Judge Judy, Goth Talk), and the new, clever material which he truly shone in.

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