spyro sunrise spring headbash the rock

That will complete this level 100%! In the middle of the world is a tall castle, tall and Victorian-like with walls, mini-mountains, and … Follow the islands back to where you entered the room and look left of the island with a Bullwhip Rhynoc to find a small ledge with a Basket (green) and a red Gem. Drop back down into the room we were just in and head outside, going straight forward this time to take out two Seashell Rhynocs (two greens) and destroy another Shell (green Gem) with a red Gem near it.

Behind Hunter will be two Baskets with a Gold and Purple Gem. Continue past the fountain for two red Gems and a Basket (green Gem) by the wall, then down the steps for a red and green Gem and another Chicken Club Rhynoc (green). Byrd, you haven't yet freed him so you can't access this part of the level just yet. Kill the stuff in here as well as getting the gems. Once he's finished his roll, Charge into him some more until he's back in the lava. Head up the steps nearby and talk to Zoe. In the main area of this place, look around until you see part of the wall that looks like it can be destroyed. On the other side of the river you can find two Red Gems, a Green Gem, and two Baskets with Red Gems. Supercharge again and head left past where the Chest was to find the cracked wall from earlier; crash through that as well for a Butterfly Jar inside and an easy Skill Point 3/20 (Supercharge the wall).

As you walk outside again, turn immediately right to find some steps with a red and green Gem. Grab the red and green Gem on either side of it, then head through. Head right to grab four red Gems and a green around the river and tree, as well as two more Baskets (two greens), then head to the left side to find an old 'friend': Moneybags! Once he's caught, you'll get Egg 23/150: Catch the thief. Inside, you'll find Egg 26/150: Hop to the Secret Cave and a Headbash Chest (red, two purples and two greens). Turn back, going under the bridge again before going right when you can to find two Vases (two greens) under another bridge, then follow the edge past them to the left for two more Vases (two greens). Right off the bat, Sparx will talk to you (if you can call it talking) and give you two options: Time Attack or Race the Butterflies. Vases are like Baskets but, being made of metal, they can’t be opened with Spyro’s Flame Attack. Hmm, well jump up following the goats and kill the Rhynocs around here. Once you're in the actual level, grab the red, green, purple and gold Gems here before heading left along the path. Stratus ahead will ask you to clear out the six spirits that are inside the towers. Backtrack through the level to find Moneybags again near the start and pay him the small fee of 300 Gems to release Sheila. Take care of the Warthog (green Gem) and Armored Rhynoc (red Gem) ahead and grab the three loose reds.

The egg is located behind the large pillar of rock in this area, just down at the bottom near the lava river coming out of it. Follow the two red Gems outside and up to another Rhynoc (purple), then head left for a green Gem and jump up to defeat two more Rhynocs (two greens). Welcome to the third and final game in this remaster, Year of the Dragon!

Once the threats are over, check in front of and behind the Portal to collect a Green and Red Gem. Underwater in the main area where you fought Bluto, there's another purple, red and green Gem and three more Bottles (three reds). Head back out to the main area and go into the middle to destroy the spawner that no longer has a forcefield around it (purple), then head through the blue doors in the bottom right corner. World Type: Now with all the Gems taken care of, we can go back and talk to Hunter. You can grab a blue Powerup Butterfly here for a rocket attack. Once they're all down again, Hunter gives you the last Egg 14/150: Lizard skating II.

Now that the first level with Sheila is complete, you can move onto other levels in the game. Once you have control of her, Marco asks you to rescue Rapunzel at the top of the tower.

Talk to Sebastian the Seal who is just in front of you. Go through the mini-level portal at the end. Charge these ones open with Square (PS) or X (XBO) to collect two Purple Gems. You'll be playing as him and you have to use his plane to shoot down the Sheep UFOs. He’ll explain to you how to use one of the other moves Spyro learned in the previous game: Swimming. That's this level 100% complete, but there is also another optional Skill Point up for grabs. Swim back down into the large area and head through the underwater mini-level portal in here. After the last one, follow the path of the Dandelions ahead, Flaming each one as you pass them. To begin, select the Time Attack. Some of these "problems" can include the game randomly playing dialogue and changing languages, getting stuck in certain homeworlds, and. ), The skybox in this world appears to be very similar to, In all versions of the game except the Greatest Hits version, this homeworld's theme music reappears in the. i don't care how messy things are!!!

Carry on through and go to the right when you get out. This is for after completion of the Sgt. You should now have completed the level 100%; if you're missing Gems, use Sparx to point you in their direction by pressing . After the initial opening cutscenes, you'll find yourself in the first Homeworld, Sunrise Spring. If you do it with this method you should easily get it done within the time given. Step back into the Whirlwind and take it over the gap to land in the building with a purple Gem. Then double jump up to the right and do Sheila's stomp move, which is identical in button pressing as Spyro's headbash, on the chest up here.

At the top is the Portal to Mushroom Speedway, but you’ll need to collect 20 Eggs in order to activate it. Jump up to where Bobby has gone now. This is important as Butterflies restore a hit of health when Sparx eats them. If that is the case, you will encounter a litany of, If you’re playing on PS4 or XBO, freeing Sheila will have gotten you the. You will have over the 14 Eggs needed to open the portal to his world, so follow him in to Seashell Shore. There is a bug in the game which can prevent you from getting the egg after leaving the level without winning. She'll inform you of how to kill the large Rhynocs.

Select 'Quit' and Sparx will reward you with Egg 31/150: Time attack. 12. Eventually the health bar will decrease to zero and you'll win. Follow this path round and kill the Rhynocs on the roof, then glide over a bit further and carry on along here till you are near a platform with an egg on.

This should complete the level for you. There is always an endless cerulean sky stretching overhead, crested by only a few indigo-tinted clouds.

Head back out into the last area again and go through the green door this time, it's over on the left. In the hallway at the top, you'll find a purple, red and two greens, a Butterfly Jar, a Basket (gold) and another Tree 6/8. Get close to him and jump over all three before quickly Charging him again to knock him back. You will need to exact revenge on each and every one of the fifteen lizards apparently without wiping out. Gold is full, Blue is two hits left, and Green is one hit left. Head back up and continue into the level, gliding over the gap to defeat a Rhynoc (purple Gem), then turn right and destroy the Vase (purple) before jumping up to the platform with another Rhynoc (purple), a red and green Gem and Egg 15/150: Run along the wall. Head to the supercharge ramp and chase after the thief. Don't go into the portal just yet, instead carry on through the level collecting more gems, then go talk to Moneybags who's standing next to a cage with a kangaroo in. Then return to the main pathway and go through to the end and up into another cave past the one you just went it.

Fodder: And on to Cloud Spires.

Grab another green Gem here, then head up the steps for another green to end up outside. As you go up, grab the green Powerup Butterfly and the purple Gem in the corner before turning right to lay waste to the enemies with your sweep attack. Jump into the water here. Everyone's favorite little dragon Spyro is back and this time he's really got his work cut out for him. The very first Egg in the game can be found near where you start the beginning of the game.

In Active Mode the camera will always try to face the same direction Spyro is. After getting the first dragon egg, head on over to Zoe near the large portal to Sunny Villa. That’s not all, though! You'll have to wait until this disappears before Charging him again, but there's a slim window between the fire disappearing and Buzz beginning a charge, so you now need to time it just right to Charge into him right as you see the fire fading to get a successful hit. On the other side are two Baskets (two purples) on your left and a green and purple Gem on your right. Gems:

Destroy the four Vases (four purples) here before moving on. He'll taunt the enemies down below whilst you stomp their mushroom houses to prevent them from respawning. Finally, on this side where Zoe and Hunter is, you can find a red and two green Gems as well as two Vases by the wall (two golds, 269/400). Here you're going to want to take care of the Rhynocs and then jump into the whirlwind. Head straight up onto the track, but before going after the Thief, Supercharge straight off the track into the Sealed Chest to break it open (gold, two purples and two greens, 291/400). A major addition to the series is the ability to play as four new playable characters that you can unlock and use in special areas throughout. Walk up to the signpost for a note from Zoe: she’s got a special task for Sparx in the Crawdad Farm, but you’ll need to defeat this world’s boss before you can give it a go. Go through the mini-level portal over on the right. Follow the left-hand wall and jump up to the ledge on the left: the Egg will be there amongst a few Baskets. (If you still haven't gotten the Head in the Clouds achievement, you can use Superfly here to land on the ledge above the doorway by the Superfly gate, then wait for your Superfly to run out before gliding down to the ground whilst holding back on the to easily get the achievement.). Jump up and grab the six red Gems around the pool before heading through the purple portal here. Take out the two of each here (four reds), then sweep along the floor for three reds, three greens, four Bottles (purple and three greens) and a giant Shell that can also be broken (green Gem). Before jumping up the ledge behind Pete, head to the wall to the right and double-jump up to find an opening with your first Headbash Chest 1/6. Glide down the steps and attempt to land on a platform there. No Sparx at all means you’re one hit away from dying, and Sparx can’t pick up Gems for you until you kill a Fodder creature. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - Winter Tundra, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Midday Gardens, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Evening Lake, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Midnight Mountain, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Sunrise Spring, © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Head over to the right and talk to old Moneybags.

From the same spot as Egg #2, drop down into the cave and use the Superfly Powerup to fly down it and reach a small exit up the wall on the far end. It will open now if you picked up the key earlier. This Egg can be found by talking to Hunter to the right of Moneybags early in the level. Head through the other opening and grab a green and red before surfacing into a room with five more greens (56/400). The speed you're going at can make catching this one difficult, but the track is short so it won't take long to learn the turns you need to take. By the second one, you can find three more Baskets (three purples, 139/400).

In this new area, Smelt the Seal tells you that Bluto has challenged the Seals to a battle and you'll have to use their speed boat to defeat him. Anyway, that's the whole of Sunrise Spring completed! This won't complete the level just yet, so head back out of there and go back through the level all the way to where there was a life you couldn't quite reach as it was too high up.

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