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Upon course completion, a final assignment will be made available in the Members area.

Estey Hall, 2nd Floor Shaw Academy is a secure investment for your future, providing consistent results if you are willing to work at it. 911 All Emergencies

links in the Members Area for your course. internationally recognised certification that will aid your career progression. an option to purchase a hardcopy diploma for €49.95. However, if you can’t attend webinar, of course watching the recordings is the next best thing. F: 919-546-8553 You will then access your Member’s Area and can view recordings. of our excellent teaching staff. [email protected]

If you forget your password, don’t worry.

of the time. If you do have any outstanding questions after the webinar has finished you can simply email them to [email protected] They are comprised of both a theory and practical element. P: 800-214-6683 or 919-546-8275 These emails will contain links to join the webinar or you can access the webinars via the, Counseling Center Mobile Unit #2 for as long as you are on a free trial with Shaw Academy or are a Shaw Academy member.

All lessons are recorded and will be available to view in your Members area 24 hours after the lesson. Shaw Mobile: 8AM-11PM Mon-Sun: 8AM-11PM Mon-Sun: Social: 7AM-9PM Mon-Sun *Social hours include Billing, Sales and Tech Support: We are currently experiencing longer than normal wait times at our call centres, for the best way to contact Shaw, Connect on … as long as you have an internet connection. 6 email P: 919-546-8414

[email protected], Office of Strategic Planning, Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Social Work, Sociology and Justice Studies, School of Business & Professional Studies, Experiential Learning and Career Development, Experiential Learning and Career Development. Delivering great education, affordably & accessibly to everyone. Contact & review Shaw Academy - rated #9 in Education

We strongly recommend that you try to attend webinars as student feedback is that they are fun, engaging and more enjoyable than watching recordings. From here you will be brought to the registration page and you will simply need to follow all steps of the process. last (ex. P: 919-546-8260            F: 919-546-8681 Your username is always your email address and you can create a password of your choice. email address) and password.

standards are met.

Spaulding Gymnasium CREDIT CARD: If you paid for Shaw Academy using a credit card then you will need to contact your bank. Our Advanced courses run for 12 weeks and will, Department of Education and Child Development  As we have students from all over the globe, we send you email reminders in your local time to avoid confusion. Tyler Hall

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