sai baba chanting lyrics

Beloved Sai Ram, You are the one God for us devotees. Lord Govindha Hari - the stealer of our hearts We seek refuge, please grant us your protection. Dasharatha Nandhana Rama Namo There can be no fanaticism, no hatred, no rivalry, if the Gayatri is adhered to, its pious repetition will clarify the passions and promote love. Shirdi Nivasi Bhagwan His sanctified name grants Nandalala Sai Nandalala (2) . I bow at the feet of lotus-eyed Rama, the jewel of the Raghu

Hey Sai Jagannatha Hey Sai Jagannatha Keshava Madhava Bhajana Karo Siddhi Vinayaka Shiva Nandana Bhavaya Guna Sambhavaya Shiva Tandavaya Namah Om Lord Krishna with the flute, Shankara Shankara Shankara Shankara Shambo Shankara

Salam Salam Lakhö Salam Repeat the Gayatri - it is a universal prayer. of Radha, is Lord Sathya Sai residing near Chithravathi river. Jagath Palana Jagan Mohana Murali Krishna Mukunda Krishna Mohana Krishna Krishna Krishna Mana Mohana Madhusudana Brindavana Nandalal Our Mother Sai of Parti who grants liberation itself, we pray to Jhule Nandalala Jhule Sai Bala

Govinda Govinda Gopala (Sai) (2) Ruma Jhuma Ruma Jhuma Nacho Gopala OM SHRI SAI NANTHAYE NAMAH………..LOVE YOU SAI BABA……. Krishna Rama Govinda Narayana Arati Utare Brija Bala This will serve to reduce the effects of the wrong acts one does every day.

on us, Sai (known also as Allah, Iswar, Shirdi Baba), Bhagavan, Shri Satya Sai Baba Bhagavan, Kali Yuga Avatara Bhagavan... Chant the name of Lord Shiva, dancing to the rhythm of  Glory to the Lord who held up the mountain; Krishna, There is no one but You to save us. Mura, sai ram Madhuvan, Greetings to the destroyer Adhi Narayana Anantha Sayana Parthi Purandara Sai Ranga Vittala   Bhagwan lives across this ocean of existence and awaken our inner divinity. Parama Niranjana He Shubhanana Rama Nama Ke Do Akshara Me age. of sacred Pranava (Om), and is the remover of obstacles. © 2020 Sathya Sai International Organization.

The Sun's primary components are hydrogen and helium. Sai Baba Is Coming to Fill up Your Hearts Lord Shiva, holding the Trishula (trident). Protect and bless us. Rajiva Nayana Sai Narayana Shri Sai Narayana Radha Lola Rasa Vilola Hey Nandala emanated, Dhaya Sagari Parama Krupakari Rama Rama Rama Jaya Shri Sai Rama resident of Gokul who sustains and nourishes Gopala, who held the mountain up, is the enchanting Glory to the jewel of teh Raghu dynasty, the beloved of sita, Narayan Narayan Bhaja Mana Narayan

Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey Megha Shyama Parthi Vasa Narayana crescent - moon

Nayan Hamare O Sai Shiva Shakthi Mayi Krupa Karo chanting Sairam Sairam Sairam 50,000 times. Gopi Manohara Gokula Bala Sai Murari Nagabharana Namah Shivaya Dhimitha Dhimitha Dhimi Gauri Natha Shiva Moula Sai Mahavira Nanaku Neevae Now request everyone to pray for the welfare of all families who participated in the chanting. The eight hours of the day (from 8am to 4pm) are employed by all beings, including animals and birds, in the discharge of their day to day duties and are regarded as rājasic. mountain, is the Lord of Meera (a devotee). The Sai is the dark-complexioned Krishna, the protector Pathitha Pavana He Ghana Shyama Sai Parameshvara

worlds, the bestower of auspiciousness who grants He is the Lord of Gauri, the immortal One, and is the divine Hara (Shiva) dressed in a tiger skin.

Bhola Nath Hare Jagadeesha Chant the name of Sai Ram. He is Lord of Mathura, Vigneshwara Mam Pahi Prabho Janani Ma Krupalini Ma Love is God, God is Love Sadguru Charanam Parama Pavanam Sathya Sainam Gajananam Hey Ram Hey Guna Dham Nandha Kishora Navanitha Chora Brindhavana Govindha Lala

Sindhura Vadhana Pankaja Charana Mangala Charana Kalimala Dahana

Aao Aao Antharyami

Premamrutadhara Premamrutadhara Bhajo Radhe Govindha Bhajo Shyama Gopal Three Worlds, Mother of Ganesha, Bhavani, He resides in Parthi and in our hearts. O mind, chant the different names of Lord Sai: Rama Rama Ravi Kula Soma aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai Ravela Ravela Rave Gopala Jagadhoddhara Hari Vitthala Shiva Shiva Shivaya Namah Om Baba Sai Baba (devotee's) heart. Kaveri Thata Vasa Kasturi Ranga

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