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Parking on narrow streets in our neighborhoods surrounding the University of Mississippi has long been a challenge. I don’t think that Republicans or Democrats pick up trash, pave roads or build community centers any differently. “I don’t want people to wake up one day and realize they don’t recognize their town anymore. A number of them demanded to know why the state wasn’t taking stronger measures to protect public health.

In Mississippi, Tannehill, for instance, says very small communities without their own grocery stores might need to allow some restaurants to stay open to serve a few small groups at a time.

As the two parties' geographic bases of support have separated so profoundly, conflicts have grown more common in states where the big cities now tilt toward Democrats but the Republican dominance in small towns and rural communities (combined with continued competitiveness in suburban areas) still gives them the overall edge.

Like its Facebook page: If You Love Oxford and Ole Miss…. Likewise, Robyn Tannehill, ... conflicts have grown more common in states where the big cities now tilt toward Democrats but the Republican dominance in small towns and … “Thank you for giving our leaders wisdom. If elected Mayor, I will create ways to keep the citizens of Oxford informed and will welcome open and honest discussions. In resisting statewide action, Republican governors such as Abbott in Texas, DeSantis in Florida, Brian Kemp in Georgia and Parson in Missouri stressed above all the need for local flexibility in responding to the crisis.

Mayor’s races have already been decided in Gulfport, where Republican Billy Hewes is unopposed for a second term; and Oxford, where Democrat Robyn Tannehill is the only person running for the open seat. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images.

“You see? There’s no denying that Oxford has grown since Tannehill arrived, but she has continued to ensure that Oxford doesn’t lose its charm in the process. This time the smart-mouthed Yankee writer is not implying that all Mississippians are stupid, but, like a sniper, he’s targeted the one guy who has earned the bullet.

Democrat are also a shrinking minority … After offering a few reassuring passages of scripture (“In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer”), he bowed his head. Alert Mississippians have already read here and elsewhere about the tardy and inconsistent statements and orders of Mississippi Goobernor Tate Reeves related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be done!

“But it will be quite apparent if we underreacted or did too little.”, On March 22nd, as the number of confirmed cases spiked by sixty-seven over the previous day, Reeves, who had been compelled to cut his trip short and fly home, held a Sunday-morning prayer session. So, this is a rematch of the same 2 candidates again.

Video by Carleigh Holt and Kiefer Donian, IMC students. While echoing that logic, other GOP governors resisting calls for action from large cities also cited more ideological arguments.

COMMENTS: This is one of the 4 Orange Co Districts that flipped to BLUE in 2018, and we need it back “RED”. Read More… Video by Lydia Smith and Yasmine Brown, IMC students, Halloween Trash and Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies, Easy DIY Bloody Brain and Halloween Cupcakes, The Velvet Ditch: Why Graduates Are Choosing to Stay in Oxford, OSD’s Central Office Has Moved to Former OE Building, Two Lafayette Supervisors Switch to Republican Party, Antonow, Worley Clear Winners After Absentee Count, Election 2020: Absentee Ballots to Decide Most Local Races, Rebels Enter Bye Week, Kiffin Grateful for Demarcus Thomas’ Recovery, Ole Miss Volleyball Trip to Baton Rouge Postponed, An Interview with the No. Dr. Sanjay Gupta warns of 'exponential growth' of Covid-19 in US, Florida Gov. "I feel like I've been pulling the county to come along and so that's been the frustration for me.". One of the hardest-fought races for mayor is in Jackson, where Mayor Tony Yarber, who won a special election in 2014, faces nine challengers in the Democratic primary.

In almost every state now, including pillars of the Republican coalition such as Texas and Georgia, Democrats have established a dominant position in the largest metropolitan areas. Without movement, towns die as we have seen in small towns across our state. I have worked with our Parking Department and a group of citizens to implement a Permitted Parking District adjacent to campus. With 6,500 absentee ballot and approximately 400 affidavit votes, Lafayette County saw about a 75 percent voter turnout. The coronavirus is now pushing at that jagged divide, especially because it is now concentrated primarily in the largest population centers. I have worked for and with the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Foundation. I love a problem that we can work together on and find a solution that works for everyone.”.

I have listened to the concerns of the citizens of Oxford for the last four years, and have truly enjoyed those meetings, telephone calls, and emails. On Monday morning, DeSantis, after resisting a statewide shutdown for days.

I have attended the Economic Development Institute at the University of Southern Mississippi. (Besides that, Moser’s no Yankee; he’s from North Carolina.) After much prayer and consultation with my family, community leaders and friends, I announce my candidacy for Mayor of the fastest growing community in the State of Mississippi. That put these Republican governors in contrast not only with the many Democratic governors who issued sweeping statewide restrictions, but the few GOP governors -- including in Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio and West Virginia -- who did so as well.

As Tannehill told me this week, “To pass an E.O. “So we needed to act in our cities, and we did.

Robyn Tannehill . “I hope I get the chance to see my vision for Oxford’s future through while respecting everything that gives Oxford its charm.

____ A look at other mayoral primaries: Dear Heavenly Father, please be with President Trump, Vice-President Pence, the leadership team in Washington as they try to deal with this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic across the globe.”, The next day, on a live stream, Reeves answered selected questions from citizens. “I’m not going to sit on the sidelines; I’m going to make a difference. As we have held community meetings and visited with citizens through our Vision 2037 process, it has been reinforced that one of the things citizens treasure about Oxford is our creative makeup.

The general election is June 6, and new terms begin July 1.

Whatever is important to you at any given moment of your life, Oxford can truly meet that expectation.”. I don’t believe that partisan politics has a place in municipal government,” Tannehill said.

We rate this claim True. I have worked to strengthen our neighborhoods, provide excellent services to our citizens, support small business, and enhance the quality of life for everyone who calls Oxford home. She says the governor's initial refusal to act made it more difficult to overcome resistance to stay-at-home orders from powerful local business interests. Four years ago, Republican Justin Eichorn won the Senate seat …

Video by Yasmine Brown and Lydia Mayer, IMC students, This program is working well to allow for full-time residents to find parking on their street as needed and preventing their streets from becoming parking lots. While her campaign has only just begun, Tannehill is in the early stages of creating a “tagline” but has a clear focus that her candidacy will center around.

Tannehill is the first person to announce their candidacy for mayor, and while she is unsure of how many people will run, she is sure of one thing.

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