quantum tarot card meanings

Coupling the Tarot archetypes with ideas from quantum physics and the theory of relativity, the genius of Quantum Tarot is in the subtlety of the pairings. *Available in English only. Tarot Cards & Reviews Free Tarot Readings Tarot Forum Tarot Card Meanings Quantum Tarot: Version 2.0 The Quantum Tarot combines modern theories of physics and quantum mechanics with tarot, through vivid space images from NASA and the Hubble telescope.

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*Sophisticated journal Next Deck >. Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. © 2012-2019 The Fools Dog. Contact us. *Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution card images Copyright © 1996 - 2020 Aeclectic Tarot. The Court Cards comprise familiar mythic archetypes drawn from observation of the planets and constellations in the night sky.

The Major Arcana matches each card with an appropriate aspect of theoretical physics. No prior scientific background is needed to read with this gorgeous deck, and there are many visual references to the RWS Tarot in the cards. Copyright © 1996 - 2020 Aeclectic Tarot.

Next Deck >, Home > Decks > Quantum Tarot: Version 2.0. Quantum Tarot is inspired by science, but empowered by Tarot’s deep mystic truths. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. For mystics enchanted with mathematics as a universal language, this deck is a brilliant work. *Allow reversed cards or not Just a taste of the beautiful and unique artwork of this deck.

*21 spreads built in *Animated shuffle & cut The Minor Arcana examines the phenomena the theories describe, such as supernovas, black holes, neutron stars, antimatter. *Intuitive, elegant interface is easy for beginners and experts Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. Click a card to see its meaning. Quantum Tarot Review by Bonnie Cehovet. *Customize with your own card meanings & reading cloths *Includes unabridged compact book *Option to use Major Arcana only The “Quantum Tarot” is quite a unique Tarot deck, in that it combines the 78 card structure of the Tarot with the revolutionary theories of 20th century physics, including Quantum mechanics, Einstein’s theories of relativity, and the superstring theory. *Share reading via email, and on iOS via Facebook or Twitter Quantum Tarot text and images are copyright © 2016 by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler. Quantum Tarot manifests the metaphysical truth As Above, So Below, taking readers to a realm in which time and space, magic and mathematics, science and mysticism dance together. *Design your own layout with Free Form No prior scientific background is needed to read with this gorgeous deck, and there are many visual references to the RWS Tarot in the cards.

quantum physics, synchronicity, and the tarot Just about anyone who has ever done a tarot reading and marveled at its accuracy has wondered, “How does it work?” The answer to this question depends greatly on our personal beliefs about spirituality, philosophy, and the way the world works, and there are many possible theories. *Zoom in to enlarge card details Quantum Tarot is inspired by science, but empowered by Tarot’s deep mystic truths. *Full support for all devices on both iOS (8.0 or newer) and Android (4.0.3 or newer) *Many adjustable settings *Optional voice prompts Quantum Mechanical Tarot uses the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, which is the most popular deck out there. Quantum Tarot for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. All rights reserved.

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