progressive radio commercial 2019

Instead, independent researchers, their citizen supporters and anti-GMO activists are venomously attacked by every means available. I love these commercials!! now have a P.O. You will be able to edit the text before publishing. [12], Jon Entine is a perfect choice to head up the GLP’s well-funded propaganda operations that specializes in distributing disinformation. Sit back, relax and get ready for some of the best YouTube has to offer. Subsequently, the study was republished by another journal and now remains on the scientific record. You have entered an incorrect email address! About Progressive. October 15, 2015., [9] Antoniou M, Fagan M, Robinson C. “GMO Myths and Truths” 2015 second edition. A weekly dose of the best bits of James O'Brien's LBC show, featuring the best of his thought-provoking monologues and fascinating calls. Review our. Love this commercial and want to hear it again! There are credible reports of irregularities in vote counting in four or five of the "swing states", designed to "swing" those states to Biden. Volume 7, No. @[email protected] Rick Smith, Bob Ney: I don't see the Supreme Court getting involved unless say, PA has a county with a 500 vote difference & it becomes a Gore/Bush deal. However in our opinion, GLP is perhaps one of the most spurious, financially compromised and scientifically illiterate organizations, founded and funded for the sole purpose of disseminating false pro-GMO propaganda that distorts peer reviewed literature in order to prop up public support for GMOs and genetic engineering in general. Get contact details that poster left for the company. Even when their own research is proven faulty and corrupt, no explanations are given. [24] James Ridgeway. This podcast is hosted by Mike Figueredo, a Ph.D student of public policy and political activist. The Organic and Non-GMO Report, 2009., [13], [14] Laura Krantz. Entrepreneur, best-selling author, nonprofit founder, philanthropist, and former Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, finally gets his chance to speak in this weekly podcast, Yang Speaks.

I agree it’s a great commercial! 4, 2000., [3], [4] “Seralini wins again in court against his attackers” GM Watch, Sepetmber 26, 2016., [5] Gale R, Null G. “Monsanto Knew All Along. Just add https:// before the links below.

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