ni no kuni familiar tier list

If you’ve noticed I placed an * beside 3 of the alternates, that’s because for the early part of the game I’ve used the Alternates instead of the future end gamers. Post-Game: I used the Demolicerus thing since I got it through the ticket and before fighting the S-Rank Solosseum I caught another Tier 1 of them. Mortuie – Cake While dealing with Familiars can be complicated in the beginning it does get better and always remain fun and entertaining. Vermes – Sundaes, If you’d like a comprehensive list of the Familiars within those Genus’s you can check them out here; Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was a late release for the PS3 in 2013. This is especially true considering it launched for Japanese players in … ( Log Out /  There will be an obvious difference between the same two familiars. You can find a nifty spreadsheet right here; (a huge thank you to however the kind soul is that created this).

Tier 3 is the final evolution in which the stats gained per level are superior then its Tier 2 counterpart.

Boost the stats you want till you’ve reached your bonus limit, then to push your familiar to the next heart level feed them treats they love (Pro Tip: Each battle you encounter reduced your Familiars fullness by 1, so when full, just go do a few battles). Here’s the list I came up with based on reading various sites, forum posts, top 10’s, v-logs, blogs, commentaries, and testimonials; Oliver: Whippersnapper (Tank) – Sillymander (Fighter)* – Oroboros (Caster/Healer) It’s been mostly agreed upon by the community at large that Dinoceros (and it’s subsequent Metamorphoses) is the most powerful physical attacker in game. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

It’s definitely not the strongest aspect of this game and the AI which controls your non-selected characters is honestly horrendous. Last but not least I want to quickly touch upon the battle system this game uses. This may have you back track a bit into the Golden Grove, Ding Dong Dell and its surrounding Deep Dark Woods and area. There are more than 300 familiars in Ni no Kuni, but because of the time and expense required to level them up and boost their abilities with treats, most players will want to stick with a small pool of their favorites. Since you can only have 3 Familiars per person the key to success ultimately boils down to 2 things; Favored Genus’s and classification of Roles. N4G is a community of ​​​gamers​​​ posting and discussing the latest game news.

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Create a free website or blog at ( Log Out /  TANK (High Defense) are meant to absorb damage (physical or magical), but preferably both. While just playing through the game serenade as many familiars as possible is key. To my surprise I have not been able to find a place which consolidates tips and info on the selection, use, handling, and care of Familiars. Then place the familiars you need the evolved forms of in your party and grind experience until you can Metamorphosis them. I would recomend capturing while playing and then start this trophy during the post-game. He takes low damage and it allows Swaine and Esther to deal some good damage. After 99 hours playtime, I finally completed my task to see all 300 familiars and want to share them with you. In my case, Bonehead and Kipper truly benefit greatly from holding off and give them much needed boosts to their otherwise staggered stat gains.

As with any game it does have its flaws, but in my opinion those are easily overlooked by its far greater assets. While it may be tempting to choose which ones you want to fight based off looks alone, it's certainly not the best way to win every battle. Ice Cream – Increases Evasion, Here’s the list on Genus and their preferred treat; Aquatica – Pies

Swaine: Monolith (Tank) – Bonehead (Fighter) – Wisp (Caster)* – Kipper (Healer) HEALER (High Magical Attack) are meant to provide you critical HP replenishment .

His post also states how the leveled up mites turn out to be duds and have the 4th weakest overall stats in the game.

Edit: This can be tested by anyone who owns the game. Aves – Ice Cream Flan – Increases Defense Some Familiars should definitely be leveled to max-lvl before Metamorphosing them.

All stats are random, so those results are not absolute. Tier 2 is an upgraded evolution in which the stats gained per level are greater then Tier 1. Leaving the AI to handle your affairs will only lead you to death specially in areas which the enemies are that much more powerful then you are. Tier 3 is the final evolution in which the stats gained per level are superior then its Tier 2 counterpart. Bestiae – Ice Cream Crackpot is one of my favorites. Arcana – Cake Capture 2 of the same familiars and raise to them to level 15-20. Marcassin: Potty (Tank) – Lightshade (Fighter) – Turbandit (Caster) – Relixx (Healer), Alternates: Purrloiner (Fighter)*, Naja (Fighter)*, Worker Bumbler (Fighter), Shonkey-Honker (Caster)*, Dinoceros (Fighter). Anthony Accinelli of RealSG writes, "There are an absolute ton of Familiars to be found in Ni No Kuni. Tier 2 is an upgraded evolution in which the stats gained per level are greater then Tier 1.

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