names of god in zambian languages

English, the former colonial language, serves as a common language among educated Zambians. The greatness of this Being has been described by, many scholars, religious people and many religious.

London: Geoffery Champman, 1978. They, are part and parcel of Africans. They can also be seen as, manifestations of the characteristics or attributes of. Ibadan: Onibonoje, 1979. to learn about the existence of the Supreme Being, but God’s existence is known by all including, The Origin of Belief in God in Africa:  There are, divergent views of scholars as per the origin of. J. Soc. Lunda and its dialects are spoken and understood by perhaps 4.6% of Zambians (1986 estimate), and the language is used mainly in the Northwestern province of Zambia. A language is a living thing and continues living as long as there are people to speak it. Let us start with the agents (tools) of colonialism. soon we will be using Chinese in every thing , Just look at the Chinese signs all over Lusaka and the rest of the country. They rather see Him as the eternal, and immortal One who lives forever to satisfy the, human soul. Their imagination led them to this, conclusion that there must be a Supreme Being, whose power not only created this vast and complex, universe but also sustains it. He uses the various. London: SPCK, 1975. J. Soc. religion can be found in the songs, proverbs, sayings.

These names were not created by Africans after the, colonial era but shows how real God is to Africans. A collection of useful phrases in Lozi, a Bantu language spoken mainly in southwestern Zambia, and also in Zimbabwe, Bostwana, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Namibia. Karonga wa mabanja, Cimbatakwinya, Kamphanda, Kamanyimanyi, Wamalumya, URHOBO-ISOKO (Nigeria): Oghene, Oghenukpabe, XAM (South Africa):  Kaang, Kaggen, Huwu or Huwe, XHOSA (South Africa):  uThixo, uDali (Maker, Creator ), uMenzi, uHlanga, Qamata, YORUBA (Nigeria): Olodumare, Olorun, Olofin-Orun, ZINZA (Tanzania): Isewahanga, Kazoba, Rugaba. Come, let Us go down and confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech,’” (Gen. 11:6-7). Moreover, it would even, be a mistake to interpret ‘of the sky’ and ‘in the sky’, too literally… They may address the moon, but it is, God to whom they speak through it, for the moon is. The name of God spoken in various Nigerian languages shows that Nigeria as a country has many ethnic groups, cultures and traditions. Green Library. And even your most eloquent orators, will just be second.

It’s just a means of communication btwn humans and a carrier of all the knowledge and cultural practices of a community that speaks it. In Kenya there’s Swahili as a local lingua franca. You cannot emphasize, God’s remoteness to Africans to the exclusion of His, Awolalu and Dopamu argue that to the Africans “the, transcendence and immanence of God are two divine.

Regional Languages of Zambia. SOJOURNER TRUTH: THE FIRST BLACK WOMAN TO WIN A CA... AFRICAN DESCENDANTS IN PERU (AFRO-PERUVIANS). Among, the Akon and Ga people of Ghana, God is known by Am. No language is immune from change. This. First, name change. of man is to become a spirit when he dies. These limitations and powerlessness, rather led them to speculate that there must be a, Supreme Being who is superior to these other, powers that can be drawn to help them through, appeasement and or sacrifice. [1] Jews were active and prominent in Zambian politics before Zambia [became independent in 1964. Some of these spirits cause havoc on, humans and so man uses many methods or tools to, wade them off. Sci., 2010, 1(2): 209-218, Majority of people in Africa believe that spirits dwell in, the woods, bush, forest, and rivers. Imprint Lusaka : Julubbi Enterprises Limited, 2006. [1][3] Livingstone already had a permanent Jewish congregation of 38 members by 1905, with the first Jewish wedding in Zambia taking place in 1910. double; or that the guardian-spirit is a separate entity. BEMBA (Zambia): Lesa, Mulungu, Mwandanshi, Tengenene, Katebebe, Kaleka-Misuma, Kapekape, Kalamfya-Milalo, Kanshiwabikwa, Kashawaliko, Mulopwe, Mwine-twalo, Nalusandulula, Naluntuntwe, Nalwebela, Nafukatila, Kalenga, Nakabumba, Ndubulwila It should be observed that the, process of this formulation took a long period before. Systematic Theology, Vol. [8], An urban variety of Nyanja is the lingua franca of the capital Lusaka and is widely spoken as a second language throughout Zambia. The Bible uses many names of God. trustworthy in a way that they are not (Brown 2). another. Tillich, Paul. Those who conquered Africa, did it in four ways: We still read them, about them, for them and with them.

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