mobile auto paint chip repair

If you are interested in learning more about our commercial system options, please download and fill out the PDF to the right. Learn more.

A: We don’t recommend you use sandpaper in this instance.

You'll also receive a Dr ColorChip™ company manual that covers all these issues and more, including supply ordering procedures and how to maintain your paint system properly. It only takes 7 to 10 good accounts to fill a 40-hour work week, and it's easy to pick up smaller dealerships to fill any voids in your schedule.

Chipmaster cares about your business and its growth, because we know that your success is our success! If there is an opportunity for you in your selected market, we will contact you to further discuss it.

A: If repairing a chip leaves blobs on your car, paint thinner is the best way to get them off. Detail experts should be able to tell you which route is the best. Color N Drive Automotive Touch Up Paint.

Be sure to check your junk mail or spam folder, particularly if you have a BTinternet / yahoo / hotmail account. - Rick, NJ, "I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical as to whether your product would work as well as the claims, but I was pleasantly surprised. The kit makes chips and scratches disappear and also protects those areas from rust and corrosion. Use car paint chip repair kits on painted surfaces only. Order Status, Copyright 2020

These applicators let you precisely direct where your touch-up paint goes.

Are you creative, handy & like working with cars? Our techs / licensees make the majority of their money servicing the used car dealerships in their own communities. We are closed bank holidays.

Min-vans, SUV's and light duty trucks are all the preferred vehicles to work from, but most family sedans or hatchbacks with some space in the trunk will serve the purpose just fine. - George Michaels, Virginia Beach, VA, "Dr. ColorChip has allowed us to provide our customers with a much improved "touchup" product/process.

Repairing paint chips, however, shouldn’t mean you need to suit up. Deeper scratches require touch-up paint for complete correction but may require sanding as well depending on how deep they go.

We advise you not to wash your vehicle with a pressure washer for a fortnight afterwards to allow the solvents to cure properly. It's up to each licensee to determine how much income they will actually produce, but this model gives a pretty good ballpark estimation based on the number of cars and price per car. Having a step-by-step process to follow preferably with pictures will ease many of your worries if you have never repaired paint chips before.

The product is also safe to use on most parts of your vehicle including the roof, doors, hood, side mirror, and bumpers.

1369 N. Killian Dr Our TouchUp RX Paint Chip Repair Technicians can quickly and economically repair damage from a few chips to extensive road rash. We use the process on everything from General Motors GM Sponsored Sales vehicles to those of our major national consignors (HSBC, Americredit, Citifinancial Auto, among others).

As you fill in the paint chips on your vehicle, make sure you have adequate lighting. Chipmaster has over 50 years combined automotive experience between our professional staff.

This small touch-up pen is packed with far more features than its size and price suggest.

Once you find the right paint for your car, Carfidant will make your fix invisible. There are tradeoffs, however. Clean the paint chip with soap and water and then dry it with a soft cotton cloth. At The Scratch Master we can repair them all and save you time and money. Learning to use the paint system to create dramatic repairs takes only a day or two. At the same time, Paint2Fix really makes it easy for almost anyone to repair the paint chips on their vehicle.

Make sure you’re buying the one with the color that matches your vehicle’s color code. This article was published in the December 2007 issue of the Chicago Porsche Car Club of America newsletter, The Scene.

Now and then, we will produce a dozen or so new colors at once and offer them at reduced pricing.

This scratch and chip repair kit is designed for cars with a unique color, where you have to blend a few colors to get a precise match for your vehicle. I repair minor damages on any part of the car and paint it like new. We realize that the last thing you'd want to deal with is someone else purchasing a paint system in your market, which is why we offer protected territories. The leader in automotive chip repair.

Includes four attachments: pen tip, coarse tip, sanding stone, and clear coat applicator, Nearly a complete chip repair kit in a single pen, Includes all necessary consumables except cleaning solution, Only small amounts of clear coat and paint. Other ‘Exterior Accessories’ Reviews You Might Like: Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox.

We do not use any buy of the shelf car scratch repair kits or car scratch repair pens and we would not recommend using these as they tend to cost more in the long run and never fully rectify the original scratch in the first place.

The core products are Langka-brand prepaint treatment, paint sealant, and Blob Eliminator, which is basically paint thinner with a better user interface. Reviews & Testimonials If you can’t find your paint code in any of the usual places, look up your car’s info online. Once a hail storm hits, it's nearly impossible to avoid it. If not physically included, step-by-step instructions should at least be readily available online.

And whether or not you are able to blend the paint completely, the panel will at least be sealed against rust. Common tools in full chip repair kits are applicators, buffer sponges, cloths, prepaint, paint sealant, excess paint remover, cleaning solution, wax, and paste.

For repairing damage to your wheels, seek out a specifically designed wheel repair kit that matches the wheels on your vehicle.

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