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After the Class Trip. These are teenagers and they act like teenagers. Whether or not this is Mitsuru is purely speculation. Persona is well known for its slice of elements, most notably the Social Link mechanic– a system that allows players to befriend a few set NPCs with dialogue options & gameplay benefits– but Social Links weren’t introduced into the series until Persona 3. A Tragic Link chronicling a young man at the end of his life, Akinari is one of the best representations of. This leads to her Persona evolving to its final form, Artemisia. Through Aigis, players see life develop firsthand. The Social Link goes up a level every time you and the party defeat a boss representing the major Arcana.

User Info: alienfetucine. Leveling one Social Link over another can cause you to miss date-specific events with another character, and if you level one girl's Social Link over another one or more of the characters you're levelilig may get jealous, resulting in the Social Link reversing. Pokemon Diamond - 2664-2020-1672 - Andy Guitar Hero 3-0044 1329 0521 - NiGHTS - 5241 1333 4628.

In the female MC route, Akihiko represents the Star Arcana, and his Social Link is only made available from May 25th onwards.

Players are rewarded by receiving special items that can help with fusing certain rare personas as well. Yukari represents the Lovers Arcana and is available from July 24th onwards. Of course, there’s still the typical Social Link drama, but the stakes aren’t too high and the romance that develops between the main character & Mitsuru is well handled. It'll tell you if you succeeded or not, but it …

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The first is The Fool, which represents the SEES Social Link between you and everyone that lives in the dorm. What are the ultimate Personas for each Social Link?

Players can start her Social Link on November 20th. She's located next to the teacher lounge on the first floor. Initially not datable in the original Persona 3, Aigis represented the Aeon Arcana from FES onwards.

First available on November 21st on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There are usually 2 - 4 Link-sensitive questions per date, and maybe 2 - 3 questions that are there to progress the interactions. But not anywhere near as great as Akinari Kamiki’s Social Link. Mitsuru doesn’t often have the opportunity to goof off during the main plot, so her Social Link offers an opportunity to see her let loose. Those who played Persona 3 will immediately recognize this as a direct reference to Mitsuru. But later on, she reveals to the new SEES members that somehow she has been connected to the origins of the Dark Hour and Tartarus, as well as the mysterious Shadows, the main enemies of the game. First available on November 21st on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Mitsuru is the president of student council in Gekkoukan High School, as well as the school's senior valedictorian. Maxing out her Social Link, regardless of romance, will give you access to Siegfried. Additionally, she and Elizabeth’s Social Links are the only two that end romantically regardless of player choice. FEDERATIONLOL - 9 years ago 0 0.

Each main game since has featured them and they’ve only gotten more in-depth: which can make it surprising for some fans that.

Akinari lives on through his story, and through the memories he made with the player. In that case, Bebe can still be found, though you’ll find him in front of the Home Economics room instead. Maya’s Social Link is well handled, though, and it never veers into too creepy territory. After a class field trip, and only if you've gotten the highest score in your class on at least one exam. Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad.

But in order to do so, the player must maximize his academic level and get the top score in at least one exam. This is a pretty straightforward Social Link with not all that much to do aside from putting in the time and avoiding a reversal. You must have max knowledge and got 1st place in an exam in order to start this social link.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, seems to have found an identity to settle on. She’s incredibly chaotic, but she’s also clearly mature and gets her priorities straight before the end of the Link. With Social Links, Persona seems to have found an identity to settle on. Of the main character’s non-playable love interests, Chihiro Fushimi is by far the best developed. the character you're with presents to you.

User Info: bob_the_blob2. Once things kick off she can be found every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

They decide to open the door to the past and figure out the reasons of his death, and possibly prevent him from dying. This process will help repair it through getting a fortune you can feel your bond healing. Afterwords she asks the protagonist about her speech, and then explains that she had help from the former Student Council president from two years prior. Mitsuru doesn’t often have the opportunity to goof off during the main plot, so her Social Link offers an opportunity to see her let loose.

A Tragic Link chronicling a young man at the end of his life, Akinari is one of the best representations of Persona 3’s main theme of death.

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Mitsuru has been the unofficial leader of SEES and has fought the shadows since its beginnings.

But somehow, the experiments got out of control, and the Shadows and Dark Hour were born from it. Only this time, they want to find out how and why the main character died after the final battle with Nyx. She’s the Student Council Treasurer, and thus can be found next to its entrance. Shinji is one of the benefactors of that.

Then lastly not doing anything with them for 60 days will cause it to reverse. Some calendar-specific dates can only be completed with one character. end. Between the male and female MC, Persona 3 has quite a few romanceable characters.

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