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Information on the first eight bosses, including weaknesses, how to fight each boss effectively, and what each boss gives you after it is defeated. It was prob imported but still very useful nonetheless, thanks! (JP, translated as "Rockman 4: A New Ambition!! Mega Man is also able to copy the weapon of any defeated Master to upgrade his own arm cannon. Staying near this boss (about one body length) also helps guarantee that the missiles will lock into him and not his projectiles.

Robot Masters. Wiley will fire blue fireballs at Mega Man while staying at the far right side of the screen and hovering up and down. Mega Man 4 is the first Mega Man game to have someone other than Dr. Wily as the final boss! He'll often fly up into the corner and fire out several energy balls that will all fly at X at the same time. The Time Stopper will freeze Pharaoh in his tracks, allowing you to blast away at him. The copyright was (once again) moved to the beginning of the game's boot up. Perform a short vertical hop to avoid each bomb. Weakness: Dust Crusher, Ring Boomerang (Recommended). He will also sometimes fire out large ice spikes that will fly down from above and land in the ground. Winning will net you Rush Marine, which is helpful in Dive Man’s stage, and Rain Flush which is good for clearing the screen of foes. Bright Man is a simple boss (for the most part) and most of his attacks are easily avoided, but his Bright Stopper can be highly dangerous, since I was unable to find a way to effectively counter or cancel it. With that in mind, these strategies are quite effective and I hope they prove helpful. Dive Man can be very tough our easy depending on how you approach him. Run to the wall (which should be the right hand wall if you did everything properly), then pivot and fire off another Pharaoh Shot. Once he pops out of the ground, pivot and fire a missile. While this order isn't the only route to victory in Mega Man 4 - and the franchise itself rewards a little experimentation when it comes to combat - it best exploits the various weaknesses of the individual Robot Masters. Pharaoh often fires a cluster of three orbs when he jumps and it’s best to move backwards or slide under him if possible. I looked at couple of videos and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. CapcomPublishers: Capcom (JP/US), He'll use his scythe again as his primary weapon. I've died over and over and over again, doing the exact same thing that everyone did to beat the second phase. Finally, Skull Man will sometimes use his shield (Skull Barrier) which is the least dangerous of his attacks, since he gestures before using it and you can take the opportunity to jump over him. Wiley can be hard to hit since you can’t see him, so charge up the Pharaoh Shot and walk around the room. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Just wait for the shield to dissipate then unload on him, since he will remain stationary while the shield is active. These projectiles move quickly so it’s best to move away from Skull Man and make short hops to avoid them. Every single weapon that I'm's just being reflected. Cyber Peacock will only be visible for short amounts of time during this battle. Frost Walrus will take up a lot of space in the large room. Use a charged shot to destroy them before they hit you. After shooting four or five bombs (the number seems to vary a bit) Drill will probably burrow under ground again. There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero. Each boss strategy covers what weapon is best used on a particular robot master, the weapon/item you’ll receive after defeating it, and how to fight the boss effectively.

Mega Man 4 is the first Mega Man game to have someone other than Dr. Wily as the final boss!.

Weaknesses: Rain Flush (best), Mega Buster, Skull Barrier (good for defense). Ring Man will do the exact same move on this side of the room, so jump over the first ring, slide, and jump over the boss as he charges towards you. The Skull Barrier is often recommended as the best weapon to fight Dive Man with, but I have found that the Mega Buster is the best choice, because it destroys Dive’s torpedoes (in fact a fully charged up shot can cut through his torpedoes and got him) and does not require you to put yourself in jeopardy by getting close to the boss. Like the previous three games, players can choose which stages and bosses they want to conquer first. Be ready to leap over Ring Man since he will charge towards you. After beating a boss you can step back into the teleport pad to return to the main hub. Mega Man 4; Game Hints; MEGA MAN 4 PASSWORD GENERATOR. Mega Man 4. Fast means it will probably do another pass, while slow indicates that it will likely stop. Mega Man 8. Weakness: Drill Bombs (Recommended), Charged Mega Buster. While there are plenty of guides available for this game, I decided to write my own after learning to defeat every boss without having to use E-Tanks or even being hit in some cases. Oh wait, no, never mind. Mega Man X. Mega Man X. Mega Man X2. The first twin clings to the ceiling and will move back and forth occasionally firing slow moving projectiles that are easy to jump over or step away from. Click here to view the Mega Man 4 description page for passwords, screenshots, reviews and more information.. Mega Man 4 Boss Guide ~by tankMage (November 2016). Sigma's final form will consist of five individual parts and will be extremely difficult to defeat. You’ll also have to be ready to use the Skull Barrier quickly to destroy his torpedoes as well. There will be three smaller heads, yellow, red and blue ones which will randomly perform their own attacks. You'll have to defeat him twice while you're on the jet bike before fighting him.

It’s very easy to tell when this boss is about to burrow, because performs a short vertical hop and flips upside down.

Be ready to slide, because this boss breaks into horizontal sections that fly across the screen from right to left or vice versa. Start charging the Pharaoh Shot up before you enter Ring’s lair and fire it the second the battle begins. Mega Man 10. He’ll usually charge three times consecutively (but not always) and the best way to avoid him is to jump to a moderate height and slide away from him after landing to avoid his next charge, then repeat the process. It is only visible to you.

Colonel will use the same attacks as he did during the earlier battle. Mega Man 4 is another classic entry in the series, though some feel it marked something of a downward turn. If you use Drill Bombs, jump up, fire, and push the B button again to make the bomb explode just before it hits Wiley, which is the easiest and most effective way to damage him. Mega Man will be immobilized if he is touching the ground when the boss lands, so be sure to jump after sliding under the boss. When you see leaves falling down from the top, he will appear where they are falling. Wiley gets serious once you damage his Skull Ship and begins fire off plasma shots at high speed. He will often fly up and use a radar to lock onto X. Some kind of telescoping thing that would stretch open vertically. =D. This boss sits on an elevated portion of the floor for the duration of the battle. 4.

Dr. Cassock will move horizontally around the top half of the screen and occasionally fire a shot at Mega Man. You can blow up the Drill Bombs mid-air by pressing the shoot button again. Be careful not to stand directly under him, because he will try to grab you with the pincers on the bottom of his machine. Sigma's second form will look similar to his forms in previous MMX games. Take the opportunity to be aggressive and fire at Drill while he is on the surface even though his drill bombs are dangerous.

Skull Man's weakness is the Dust Crusher, Dive Man is annihilated using the Skull Barrier and finally, Drill Man is best defeated with the Dive Missiles. He'll begin by jumping to the center of the screen and will throw his scythe so that it spins around the room. He can be found as i_Padds on Twitter making bad puns. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Toad will also begin shaking his hips which indicates that he is about to launch his Rain Flush attack, which will damage Mega Man regardless of what you do. The good news is you can run or slide under Wiley’s ship to avoid being hit and catch a breather for as long as you like. He will often fire out blue webs that will sap your energy away if they hit X.

Make sure you are ready to fire a charged shot, since he may pause to fire a torpedo or two at random. Blow them up next to Wily to hurt him. Such foolish behavior for a legendary hero to side with Mavericks... - Harpuia. The Mega Buster is a lot harder to use, since you’ll need to have it charged and fire it precisely at the apex of your jump, otherwise it’ll miss, plus it does less damage. Run to the left hand side of the room and repeat the process. This boss order is not necessarily the optimal sequence for attempting these stages, but it is based off of my personal experiences and is effective.

A carefully timed jump will clear him and give a an chance to counter with Dust Crusher. Mega Man 9.

Use the form below to select the weapons/items you wish to begin your game with, then press the Generate button. Search this site. Tako only uses the two attacks described here, so this fight should not pose much of a challenge. The Pharaoh Shot can be fired in many directions (like the Metal Blade from Mega Man 2) and you’ll have plenty of chances to hit this boss. He has written words for Den of Geek, Collider, The Irish Times and Screen Rant over the years, and can discuss anything from the MCU - where Hawkeye is clearly the best character - to the most obscure cult b-movie gem, and his hot takes often require heat resistant gloves to handle. These two parts have their own energy bars, and both will need to be defeated in order to defeat Sigma. Tags: "Final" "Boss"--Not quite enough I'm afraid. Mega Man 3. While there are plenty of guides available for this game, I decided to write my own after learning to defeat every boss without having to use E-Tanks or even being hit in some cases. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

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