mars in cancer man

For a Mars sign in Cancer, desire and emotions are rarely mutually exclusive. They may also be really into breasts and may choose women according to the type of boobs he likes. Cancer Mars Man. I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. Deactivate the Youzer Membership System to use the theme's login form. Establishing a family, taking care of his partner, protecting her, taking the initiative to make plans together, thus fulfilling his emotional quota, these are the methods by which the Mars in Cancer man finds happiness. In a sense, both Mars in Cancer males and Venus in Cancer females think that true love includes some kind of telepathic connection where words are not necessary. They will instinctively have a natural relationship with the water. “Fall” always means a very difficult position for the planet to be in. He’s also very adept with the new technologies. He’s uncertain of himself, lacks confidence, self-esteem, an inferiority complex, or he might just be too fearful to make a mark on the world by himself. They love emotionally bonding with their lovers. Since Mars is a planet that represents our reaction to the world as well as our fighting spirit, when Mars is in Cancer, a gentle, emotional and often insecure sign, the warrior energies of Mars get blocked by Cancer. Instead, you will probably spend a lot of time on the phone or in their/your house or wherever they feel their heart belongs to. It is very very difficult for them to control their emotions. Overall, a cautious yet persistent approach is typical of the Mars in Cancer person when pursuing any goal. When he’s good, he’s very good, in the sense that there isn’t anyone like him, so loving, affectionate and compassionate. This native will want to impress his partner, to make her love him unconditionally, without any restrains and for the rest of his life. And with this native, it is taken to an extreme. He can get very clingy and affectionate with his partner, to such a point that they will want to kiss and hug her every moment of the day. They often make great musicians, dancers. They usually love music, food, family. They will like to spend time with you, to listen to you and generally behave as best friends would. He’s basically a soldier of fortune, one constrained to take up arms, but still a soldier. Water sports give great practice by learning to surrender to the density of the water but also strictly controlling your breathing while doing heavy physical exercise. They can be very reliable and you can find yourself relying a lot on them. But he’s a Cardinal sign, which means he initiates.

He’s not direct, but rather allusive, unpredictable and undercover, so don’t throw your plans out the window just because he doesn’t demonstrate his love in an obvious way. They could be a momma’s boy or they just may have wanted a better or stronger relationship with their mother. No. These people have a powerful nurturing drive, which means they often end … They may also date women with a motherly quality or who like to mother their partners. They will often need coddling. He’s very sensitive and emotional, and this can sometimes be perceived and felt like a flaw, a really bad one if taken to the extremes. They often feel the need to be babied, taken care of, looked after.

These people can be very emotional when it comes to sex. Reserved at first, he only makes a move if he feels safe (which happens after he’s spent some time observing you). They are very sentimental, so expect to have “your” bench in the park, “your” cafe, etc. Whatever gets his attention, and whatever he focuses on for a long period of time, he will protect with his life, and he won’t let anyone else berate his choices. They can have a very bad temper. They innately understand the mental health benefits of crying and frequently do it. Because they are emotionally sensitive, they are prone to looking for usually non-existent clues about your lack of commitment to them. Man born with the Mars in Cancer are quite frankly a handful, I won’t lie. The energies of the planet don’t flow naturally and may be completely blocked. They don’t like to distance themselves from a comfortable and fixed standard. Romantically, the man born with Mars in Cancer doesn’t … Bottom line, no matter how sentimental they are and how much they love you, it’s difficult for them to express this love in a free and spontaneous way because of their deep-seated fear of rejection. Most of their energy is in arguments in the home. Both sexes are inclined to hold grudges. They often feel entitled to good treatment, whether or not they have earned it. As a matter of fact they always have to have the feeling of love and emotions tied to the sex act. He’s never going to show you who he really is, at least not from the beginning because he’s more of an introverted type of guy. With Mars in Cancer, your will to act is at the mercy of your intense moods, but when you find ways to act in sync with your emotions, you move others to tears or laughter. It says a lot about how we react to people and events but it also represents our sexual energy and how we behave when in love. Similar to a Cancer Venus in women, Cancer Mars needs a clear and direct confirmation that the girl is into them in order to make the first move. They often have some strong attachment to their mother. They can “see” this in a glance, in a pause, in a mispronounced word… It’s like they are on the lookout for clues of their unworthiness of being loved.

Mars in Cancer men like to reminiscent about all things past and they will often mention things you did together or places you went to in the past. Their ideas are to find a girl they can love and who will love them in the same way and intensity as they love her. Mars in Cancer man needs emotions in order to feel happy.

This happens because he is very spontaneous and impetuous when things are getting on his nerves. Man with Mars in Cancer can be moody, touchy, easily upset, and volatile. They want to be comfortable. They can sing, they can dance, they can even become great in these domains if they put their ambition to work. They can even become your rock to lean on. Mars in Cancer MARS IN CANCER DRIVES AND PASSIONS: The urge to put down firm roots, create a secure home base and build a close-knit family is exceptionally strong when Mars falls in Cancer. Unfortunately, the intensity of their sexual feelings, both on a physical and an emotional level, often makes it difficult for them to be conservative enough. Even when they get into a relationship, they still need the reassurance that you love them. They may need their girlfriend to take care of them like a mother would. These … This is another way you can find out if they like you on a romantic level. But, and there is always a “but” with this position, because of their insecurities and the constant fear of rejection they are able to “see” millions of “clues” that “prove” that the girl they like doesn’t like them back. What does this mean?

Instead, they think that you should intuit what is wrong with them and why they’re feeling hurt/unloved/etc. These are highly sensitive creatures. Both his willingness to do some things, ambition, perseverance, as well as his sexual thirst are affected suffering ups and downs. Don’t hurt his expectations and heart by disappointing him, by making fun of his emotional vulnerabilities.

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