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Law and order, and the power of government and its institutions represent the prevention of chaos and madness and the preservation of peace, or else they represent oppression, slavery, and the madness of dehumanisation and savage war. Greek, Greek all Greek to me completely unintelligible. However, Maia had to hide out from Hera in a cave on Mount Cyllene, as mentioned in the Virgil: "Your sire is Mercury, whom long beforeOn cold Cyllene's top fair Maia bore.Maia the fair, on fame if we rely,Was Atlas' daughter, who sustains the sky. And as they come—enlightening or blinding him—they also leave, making room for other thoughts or feelings—joy or pain, courage or cowardice, cruelty or compassion—which again are not fully his own. For it is a light expense to hold that whatever is divine has power, and that which has been law for a long time is eternal and has its origin in nature." Meet Hera, the Queen of the Greek Gods. He suddenly suspended the ceremony and with eyeballs rolling and bloodshot, and foam oozing down his cheek, took his weapons and mounted and imaginary chariot, laughing like the madman he was at the moment. Both drugs and cords (followed by exhaustion and sleep) are methods for staying the madman's transgression of accepted norms, or for calming his inner distress. ." In exchange, Hermes gave Apollo the lyre he'd invented - and thus lordship over music.

Not only are there boundaries within the human psyche but between land and sea, city and countryside, beast and human, woman and man, childhood and adulthood, sky and earth … These and many other realities have been regarded as worlds with own laws, and the boundaries protecting them as sacred. (Jean-PierreVernant: Mortals and Immortals, Ch. In more vulgar expressions of madness (other than Dionysian), a similar "cleavage of the mind" occurs, and the affected individual acknowledges: "This was not my real intention; I was out of my mind", or "I was misled by some god". i-NEE-uhs

(Attendants of Dionysus (chorus). Euripides, Bacchanals 299). Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. More From, Leto in Greek mythology, the daughter of a Titan, mother (by Zeus) of Artemis and Apollo. And when they leave him, he may exclaim in amazement "What have I done? That's why she protests before Iris, whom Hera has sent to incite her against Heracles: "This man, against whose house you are sending me, has made himself a name alike in heaven and earth; for, after taming pathless wilds and raging sea, he by his single might raised up again the honors of the gods when sinking before man's impiety …" (Lyssa to Iris.

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