m365 pro external battery kit

I cut a piece of insulation in the middle of each wire and placed two small heat shrink tubes on each of the wires: 3. Something went wrong.

But you must understand, that "bigger" can mean 2 things: Increasing capacity, you improve range.

I ran the scooter for some time to test if nothing heats up. Close the deck and go for a test ride. I soldered the XT60 cable to the points on the XT30 cable I cut before: Again, use as much flux and solder as needed to make quality joints. adidas Originals Disney Mickey Mouse Stan Smith Shoes Men's, adidas Alphabounce Basketball Slides Men's, Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 5.0GHz Unlocked LGA1151 300, Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS) 44mm - Factory Sealed - Factory Warranty - All Colors, Versace Eros by Gianni Versace 3.4 oz EDT Cologne for Men New In Box, iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, X, X-max, XR, 11, ALL Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Sony PlayStation PS Plus 12-Month / 1 Year Membership Subscription, Apple iPhone XR 64GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone 4G LTE iOS Smartphone, adidas Essentials 3-Stripes Wind Pants Men's, adidas Badge of Sport Long Hoodie Women's. I went ahead and used the similar setup as was shown on an image, photographed everything and decided to share it with all you, English-speaking folks. Why? Attach the connector to the battery and the controller: The scooter should be able to turn on after you attach this. Later I found a video with the good description of the process. This can be achieved in two ways: the first one is to replace the battery to a more capacious and high-voltage one, or the second way is to keep the standard battery, but install an additional external battery. admin. 15.

(Optional) Create a custom firmware using this site.

We can even use a higher voltage external battery, for example 12s.

With the external battery I just ride the whole day where I want, and never worry about charge level. My test went smooth and nothing was heating up.

Charge/discharge the batteries to the same voltage level.

It's no secret that many owners of Xiaomi M365 and PRO would like to increase the range and speed of.. ... All you need to get extra 30 km of range and increase maximum speed by 20%.The kit contains of:Mount.. 27200 RUB (~299.2 EUR) Add to Cart. I also used a wide soldering tip.

Xiaomi M365/PRO external battery installation tutorial. Connect the external battery to the extension cable and hide the wires: Be sure to check again if nothing heats up.

12. Thus, my bag is easy to install and cheap.

Finally, in my opinion, 12s4p battery is the best choice for external battery.

These wires are going to pass high currents.


Installation Tutorial: A kit version is also available, all you have to do is cutting and welding. I hope the guide turned out clear and you like it. I wanted to install an additional battery on my M365 since I bought it, but I couldn’t find any info regarding the process written in English.

The additional battery is successfully installed! Commander Legends Draft Booster Box - Magic the Gathering MTG - Fast Preorder! The first one gives the ability to climb steep hills and accelerate better.

The more powerful 300 W motor (600 W peak) resulted in a quick 5.3 second 0 to 15 mph acceleration time and a 15.6 second 200 ft, 10% grade hill climb time. Add a car fuse holder and another male XT60 connector to the extension cable: Use long pieces of heat shrink tubing to prevent it from ever slipping, as this part will be moved and rubbed against much more than the internal parts. 8.

Custom cable to connect an external battery to the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter. Bulk 1000ft Cat6 Plenum CMP 550 Mhz UTP Ethernet LAN Cable LSZH NEW Blue, Apple iPhone XR 64GB Factory Unlocked Smartphone 4G LTE iOS Smartphone - Grade A, Intel Core i9-10850K Desktop Processor - 10 cores & 20 threads - Up to 5.20 GHz, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core, 24-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with LED Cooler, Egyptian Comfort 1800 Count 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set Deep Pocket Bed Sheets, Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable 1 Ft USB Authentic OEM Apple Charger, adidas Own The Run 3-Stripes Fast Tights Women's, adidas Essentials 3-Stripes Woven Windbreaker Men's, Austria Gold 100 Coronas (.9802 oz) - BU - Random Date, Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System, Certified Refurbished, Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker, Certified Refurbished. If it did, I’d re-solder the joint that causes it. It's no secret that many owners of Xiaomi M365 and PRO would like to increase the range and speed of their scooter. This can be achieved in two ways: the first one is to replace the battery to a more capacious and high-voltage one, or the second way is to keep the standard battery, but install an additional external battery. Well, the answer can be found in the first video at the beginning of this article =). This is a whole new level in usability. I used a 25A fuse, as was shown in the other guides.

I configured mine like this, to get more power in normal mode, and to get a stock-like mode in the Eco mode. The 8Ah battery fits very tight in it. Run the scooter for a while to somewhat discharge the batteries and plug in the charger. 10. The original battery's voltage is 36V, or, in other words, 10s. I spent the whole day riding the scooter, to compare the single internal battery and internal battery coupled with additional external one. I started by soldering two short wires to an XT30 male connector: Use a lot of flux and make sure there is no cold soldering. Obviously, you want everything at once. If you add two pieces of rubber under the mounts — it will hold really nice and tight.

1. Connect the extension cable to the Y connector: Use a multimeter to test if you have voltage on the outer end of the cable.

Make an extension cable with a male XT60 on one end and pass it through the scooter frame: Mine turned out to be around 70 cm, which is more than enough.I forgot to make a photo before inserting the cable, sorry :). The scooter controller can withstand voltage up to 44V, so the battery configuration may be increased up to 12s, giving 20% more speed. Shrink the tubes we attached before to finish this Y connector: 7. View cart for details. 13.

I set my soldering iron to 400°C for the whole process, I think it’s a good temperature to solder wires this thick.

I also invite you to join my telegram group related to Xiaomi M365, PRO and 1S electric scooters: Xiaomi M365/PRO/1S custom electronics by Denis Yurev, Xiaomi M365/PRO external battery installation tutorial, https://m365.embedden.com/36v_13800mah_battery, https://m365.embedden.com/44_4v_10350mah_battery, https://m365.embedden.com/range_boost_kit, https://m365.embedden.com/range_speed_boost_kit, Положение об обработке персональных данных, Adapter to match external and internal battery("Rita"). If you don’t have a multimeter — then fully charge the stock battery and the external battery separately, with the original M365 charger. It’s also a much better alternative than drilling into the scooter frame to mount the bag. 10s means that the battery contains 10 serially connected parallels, each of 3,6V. My bag holds up to 50 18650 cells, so it’s possible to make a 10s5p battery, which will only give a range increase, or 12s4p, which will provide an increase in both range and speed. The Eco mode should give an ability to drive like a stock, but with double the range.

After connecting an extra battery, run scooter for while and check that nothing is heating up. As for the battery capacity - you can make it of any value you want, if only it fits in a bag. There are still no factory-made bags with a rigid mount on the scooter frame.

And this circuit also must connect to controller's data line to provide information about additional battery state: I developed this smart circuit, here it is: I named it "Rita".

Therefore, the main idea is to get any cheap standard bag, and equip it with a self-made plastic 3d-printed mount.

External battery for Xiaomi M365/PRO/1S. Raising voltage, you improve maximum speed. Adapter to match external and internal batteries.

"Bigger" battery - more energy and more range. {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"https://ir.ebaystatic.com/cr/v/c1/thirtysevens.jpg","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. Check everything once more.

Make an extension cable for the external battery.

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But this text contains only 30% of information, so I highly recommend to watch the videos.

Mount the battery housing with the battery: In my case, it’s a phone bag that I bought a while ago, and it just happens that both guides I mentioned before recommend to use one like this. The first thing you should know is that only 3 elements are needed to equip the scooter with an extra battery: Of course, this is the most important element.

And now I am really happy with this external battery. The new information display addresses gripes that owners had about the original version. But you must be careful with voltage, because it is limited by the scooter's controller. If you connect two batteries with different voltage — one will start charging the other one very fast and nothing good is going to happen. 16. 14.

You make all modifications at your own risk ! Well, 12s has one disadvantage - it can not be charged with original charger, and you need to buy a higher-voltage one, or modify the original charger. I just used the original three straps to attach it as I didn’t want to drill into the scooter frame. Badly soldered joints can heat up and desolder or cause fire. XIAOMI M365/PRO.

In following two videos I will show you how to install an external battery to the scooter, and this battery can be easily connected or disconnected at any moment, without voltages aligning.

9. Add a connector to the original battery, without soldering on it.

EDIT: I made a 3D model for mounting the battery bag in a much sturdier way.I completely cut off all the straps on the bag and mounted it using this model and a piece of MDF board on the inside of the bag. Ok, finally, we reviewed all the devices needed to install an extra battery. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Solder an XT60 connector to the external battery: 13. We need to use a special adapter because of fundamental problem - the voltage of a battery depends on it's charge level: And if we connect these batteries in parallel, the current starts to flow from more charged one to less charged one, like water in communicating vessels: Finally, the voltages will be self-aligned: But the current between the batteries can reach significant values during the charge flow process, and charge current like this are not allowed for batteries: Therefore, we must block the current between the batteries, and the first idea is to use 2 diodes for this purpose: But this simple solution is not acceptable to the electric scooter, because it's controller not only drain current from the batteries, but also recovery energy back when the brake is pushed. Diodes block the energy recovery current, therefore voltage at the controller instantly rises up, and the controller burns out. I made a female XT60 connector with short wires: 5. Also the cable might have been damaged while you were inserting it, check for that too. So, we need a smarter circuit that could distinguish energy recovery current and current between batteries. Therefore, usually people install an additional battery with both increased capacity and raised voltage. Before I installed it, I had to constantly worry if I had enough battery charge, plan a route on the map and think about where to recharge on the way.

I soldered a female XT30 on the other side and used two of four heat shrink tubes to seal the connections: 4.

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