loaded coyote reddit

But the slimeball slip will let you kick the deck out with ease. Great!

The coyote is drifty, comfortable, really fast, an awesome ride in general. Both look great for short boards. I don't see the need to buy this if you already have one, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the longboarding community, Ask your questions in the Daily General Thread, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 2 months ago. Would you reco Coyote over it? It does look much better than the dingy but still not something that interests me much. The deck concave is nice for locking in feet and pulling the deck around for calculated tic-tacks .

I have had a tan tien, an Icarus and now I am keeping this one for good.

I also don’t know if there is a difference in weight of the wheel among its duro (like the blues being lighter than the purple), If it does its insignificant but I would like to know anyway hahah Thanks for the comment, It helps a lot having more feedback about setups, more importantly wheels. Skate and Enjoy!! Yo. Just picked up a loaded coyote as my cruiser to-and-from the skate park. If they where $50 I might consider but $80 is a lot to drop on a mini cruiser deck. Slimeballs have the right size (56mm) so you can treat the deck like a regular skateboard and pop for ollies.

am wondering if I should get the recommended setup with fat free blue or purple orangatangs. Finally getting to the coyote. I’m not demanding of cruisers so long as they can ollie, roll smoothly, and strap to a backpack. Sorry for the late question. The kicktail is very functional and it makes popping up to curbs easy. Sweet board though, nice work! Do you think a Coyote would help me do these more easily than on a Dinghy/Arbir Pilsner? Four friends who become multi-millionaires when they sell their video game company for a clean £246 million and overnight, the four friends are transformed from "people who play games" to "serious players in the game..." - … Thanks for writing this up, man. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My understanding of cruisers makes them really long with a tail, or are these boards shorter than what I imagine? The Fat frees are the best ones I rode so far (among kegel and stimulus). Have you tried Tugboat? I’m not trying to do a ton of tricks—I’d just get a regular skateboard for that and I still want a more comfy commuter—but I would like to do ollies (for hopping curbs especially) and manuals specifically. This deck hits the perfect size of your traditional skate deck in length and has juuuust a bit of with (8.5”). -it turns amazingly well, No wheel bite for now -the 77as are amazing. It does look much better than the dingy but still not something that interests me much.

A LY tugboat deck costs about 60 and this deck costs 80.

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3 months ago. For awhile I just tossed low durometer Ricta Clouds on my other skateboard and rode it like a cruiser.

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