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half an hours drive from the main park. Boating The dam was proposed immediately after World War II to improve town water supplies and boost agricultural production in the Macquarie Valley. making it ideal for taking the whole family or just google_ad_client = "pub-5999143218504732"; Trigger - Storage level has reached main embankment crest level. Proceeds from the Classic assist the IWRA in providing ongoing fingerling stocking and native fish release programs; rejuvenation of riverbank habitats and waterways; educational programs to promote sustainable best fishing practices with community groups and local schools; works in conjunction with government authorities and fishing club organisations to provide constructive results; promoting the region; and providing improvements to local waterways and resources.

An ever present food web of small redfin feed Burrendong’s cod, with those fish caught sporting a healthy girth and beautiful colouration. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5999143218504732";

Range - 0 megalitres to 7,000 megalitres per day, Notification - No notifications in this range, Range - More than 7,000 megalitres per day.

Vehicle access is from 7:30am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. with some good camping sites on the Macquarie & Other workers were housed in the nearby village of Mumbil and travelled to and from the dam by bus. We could clearly see fish activity and fins cutting at the surface of the water. Macquarie, Bell and Cudgegong rivers as well as numerous There are several accommodation options from cabins to powered and unpowered camping sites in the local area.

and services is Wellington and it’s less than when the wind whips through the vast valleys the waters Maximum Water Depth: 50 meters

Cudgegond River arms. With beanies on and polar fleeces zipped up to the chin, we slowly cruised towards one of our favourite rock walls in the main basin. //-->, Lake making small boating less than ideal with many a tale of The Tobin Centre at Reflections Holiday Parks Lake Burrendong offers panoramic views of the lake and basin. Several public boat ramps are available at the Reflections Holiday Parks and they cater for day visitors at a charge. Construction of an auxiliary spillway to divert floodwaters around the dam in a rare and extreme flood so as to protect the dam and ensure it remains safe in an extreme flood was completed in 2014. Work recommenced in 1958 and was completed in 1967. Most of the on-site accommodation was transportable and moved around the State as various Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission storage facilities took shape. Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Brown Trout,

water when at capacity is more than three times larger than Week after week, what is simply known to locals as “the dam” sees both visiting and resident anglers take to the water. streams and creeks flowing in from the surrounding ranges. Access allows anglers to launch a boat or fish the banks in any given arm of the lake. Trigger - Spillway flows of 20,000 megalitres per day or more. The locals call it simply “The Dam” but on occasion It’s also a function centre for conferences and weddings. Burrendong Dam is a rock-fill embankment with a clay core. Burrendong is an Aboriginal word for koala. When there is a reasonable possibility of dam failure. Burrendong Dam is 30 kilometres south-east of Wellington, midway between Orange and Dubbo in Central West NSW. From casting plastics in the thick fog for surface feeding redfin on a brisk winter’s morning, to sinking lures off steep rock walls and timber lined points in the summer for goldens, this massive impoundment continues to go from strength to strength as a freshwater fishery. Alerts will be issued in the following unlikely events: Flood notifications indicate the dam is releasing controlled or uncontrolled flows, likely to cause downstream flooding. the mates along, the main one being Burrendong Waters The For more info, check out eventThe Inland Waterways Rejuvenation Association (IWRA)  stages the Lake Burrendong Fishing Classic each Easter. In consultation with our stakeholders and the community we review and update these notifications. Casting into extremely shallow water around the lake’s margins is a very successful method for lure fishermen using suspending shads, lipless crankbaits (rattlers and silent models) and small soft plastics. Often the strike and hook-up occurs as the lure makes its way across the shadowy curtain of shallow to deep water, where ambushing goldens sit in self-appointed positions of assumed safety ready to shoot into the shallows to take advantage of a feeding opportunity. Trigger - Storage level has reached Design Flood Level. This is designed to protect the stability of the dam. can resemble the open ocean with large waves and wind swell The light was starting to burst through above us and we could finally start to define the water’s edge, rocks and structure. The spillway allows flood waters to pass through seven radial gates each 16.8 metres wide and six metres high. All access points are set in natural Australian bushland with diverse wildlife calling the foreshores home, making it this a great holiday destination if your family enjoys getting amongst the lizards, kangaroos and abundant birdlife for a day or two. To see past notifications, please visit all dam notifications. Read more on our COVID-19 response measures and guide for using facilities. The lake foreshores are home to two holiday parks, an arboretum, and … A concrete spillway is located about one kilometre north-east of the dam wall. an easy one hours drive from both Dubbo to the west and The Central Western community of NSW has gotten right behind the comp, with close to $40,000 in cash and prizes for the 2012 comp to be handed out. Box As you can imagine, such an enormous body of water means you rarely, if ever, experience any problems with the crowds often associated with coastal waterways.Public access points are divided into three sections covering every major point of the dam, including Burrendong State Park, Mookerawa Park and the Mudgee end. Slowly dragging a size two green Stumpjumper in just 15 feet of water, Neville told the crowd at the presentation that it was the fish of a lifetime. Links fuel and bait with the closest town for major supplies Notification - Residents are advised to evacuate to their designated flood assembly points. Notification - Flows of approximately [XX] at [time and date] are being passed. So Waters State Park. Burrendong State Park is the most established of the public access points, and park facilities include boat ramps, playground equipment, kiosk for eat in or take away and fuel, free gas barbecues, nine-hole golf course, volleyball courts, tennis courts and a skateboard rink. Open 24 hours a day, all year round for pedestrian access. Burrendong Water Level Guage & Graph, , Purchase Rainbow Trout, Eel-Tailed Catfish and Carp. //Index. Simply click to download the entry form below, and ... has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars which has been put towards improving recreational fishing opportunities in central western NSW. /* 728x90, created 13/02/08 */ One thing’s for sure though, if you hook a Burrrendong silver, hold on, as they pull like a bass on steroids! Construction of the dam began in 1946 but due to financial constraints was not completed until 1967.

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