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Like most of the Sohmas, throughout his school years, he begins to get picked on for the color of his hair but he would chase them around, threatening to kill them and beat them half to death, which was around the time his temper began. Each square carries a letter. ", much to Shigure's amusement. In the 2001 anime, his school uniform is black instead of dark blue like in the manga and 2019 anime. Stupid Cat (by Yuki)Carrots (by Arisa)Kyon (by Arisa)Kyon-kyon (by Hiroshi & Yusuke)Kyonkichi (by Ayame)Jari-gaki (by Kyoko)Prince Kyon (by Hiroshi & Yusuke)

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Isuzu Sohma | [3] Kyo's clothes are always open-collared or loose because he hates having the tightness around his neck (like cats hate wearing collars). During Kyo's middle school years, he was described as a problem child. How could you give me the words I've been wanting?" Kyo in middle school, expressing that Kazuma is not his father. When he went to find it, he saw that it was already in Yuki's hand. Stupid cat, Kyon, Kyon-Kyon, Kyonkichi, Kyo-chan : Character Role : Main Character (love interest) Debut: Chapter 2: What I Like: He’s has so much character to him. As Kyoko continued talking fondly about Tohru, Kyo began wanting to see Tohru for himself as well. Now knowing each others' feelings, Kyo and Kazuma firmly reconcile their relationship as Kyo vows to become stronger so he one day can call Kazuma his father.[3]. She also reveals that she found herself disgusting for being repulsed by Kyo's true form and wanted to forget all about the incident, which is why she convinced herself that she loved him in order to ease her own guilt. He eventually wanted to see Tohru for himself, and when he did, he disliked how lonely she looked.

On the days he was able to play outside at the Sohma grounds, he would always be alone. Kyo has known Tohru's mother, Kyoko Honda, since childhood. Kyo is actually quite air-headed. [43] At un unspecified point, Hajime began wearing his father's Juzu bead bracelet. It is mentioned that once Kyo's curse broke, he began socializing with and spending more time with his friends. Main Heroes Even though he never talked to Tohru, he had been shown pictures of her which is why he began thinking that she was cute. He is the fourth of the cursed Sohmas to have his curse broken. 2001 True Form After Kazuma Sohma removes his beads, Tohru Honda chases after him. He seems to get frightened by loud noises too, becoming startled like a cat.

He hates the smell of leeks and the taste of onions, and while he can tolerate miso soup, he can't stand miso dengaku. In the end, Yuki and Kyo called a truce. However, Tohru assures Kyo that whatever Kyoko said, her words were not born of hate. Kyo and Tohru, however, develop a deeper bond, as they spend fun time together and Kyo tells her the truth about his rosary.

He will prioritize their emotional well-being over his own as seen with his interactions with Kagura, Kazuma, and Tohru. Kazuma Sohma and Kyo Sohma are adoptive father and son. My first thought was that our cat Reco (Who disappeared three months ago) had returned. He reaches out to her and urges her to speak out about what she truly wants. While the Sohmas think Kyo's other form represents the Cat's anger, in truth the Cat was never resentful. Even though Kyo would minimally talk during their conversations, he enjoyed and appreciated Kyoko's friendship. ", This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. What makes us so different. Kazuma however believes that it would be beneficial for Kyo to continue living at Shigure's house because of Tohru's positive influence. Nonetheless, Kyo trusts his son, as he confided in him about the truth of the Sohma family and its former curse, as well as his own history as the Cat, which Hajime appreciates.  | Last modifications, Copyright © 2012 sensagent Corporation: Online Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Dictionary definitions and more. It is also known that Shigure looks down on Kyo even though he is generally friendly towards him; he mentions that having Kyo as a scapegoat makes the Zodiacs feel better about themselves. Nonetheless, he also remembers that his mother was shunned in the same way he was, and abused by his father like he was. In contrast to his mother and biological father, Kyo was well taken care of by Kazuma and was shown the "outside world". Fan Art - OC. Kyo has a very tense and cold relationship with Akito. Kazuma is Kyo's adoptive father who took him in after his mother committed suicide and his biological father rejected him. ○   Anagrams His martial arts master, Kazuma is one of the people he respects the most. Despite his occasional annoyance towards Hiroshi and Yusuke and detesting the nickname "Kyon-kyon" they gave him, Kyo genuinely seems to appreciate their friendship and presence, and they are one of the few people that Kyo spends the most time at in school. Because both of them care so deeply about Tohru, and despite continuing to argue and fight over everything, they begin to soften their attitudes toward each other and are able to cooperate when Tohru is in trouble. [1], After summer vacation, Kagura visits him, and Kyo takes the opportunity to tell her that he has something important to say to her.

While Kyo is always there to lend Tohru a listening ear, he becomes very comfortable around Tohru as well and trusts her completely; being able to confide anything to her and barely flinching when she touches his Juzu bead bracelet. According to Natsuki Takaya, when she was developing the series, he is 15 years of age, Kyo was one of the first three characters she developed and was "based on a real person who really transformed into a cat and had to wear a bracelet or would turn into a monster...without any hesitation.

Due to this, his mood changes drastically during rain, becoming restless, tired, moody, and more than easily agitated but at the same time no mood to argue or fight. He also mentions that he is regretful for being so violent with Akito - a woman, since he previously believed Akito to be male. [20], The year starts with Kyo competing against Yuki during an endurance run, though they are interrupted by Hatsuharu Sohma. However, towards the end when Akito changes for the better due to Tohru's influence, she decides to destroy the Cat's room and informs Kyo that he is free to live in any way he likes. At the same time, he makes it perfectly clear that he will never fall in love with her. And when she discovered his true form and ran away from him, Kyo was hurt by this and began distancing himself from her, which left their relationship strained.

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