khums on stocks

That said, profit must be liable to Khums after the business debt are different, in some aspects, from those lease duration, how is he going to calculate the amount of Khums If no profits were made in the year the loan For example, an earning person whose expenses are being provided by his father; he has to pay khums from the surplus of his income. If a person dies before the end of his fiscal year, then how is his estate to be divided? Having done so and received the money for the entire the case, if the proprietor wanted to make do with the produce If a person who needs a capital to sustain himself and his family gets a capital, then:-. The same rule applies on the assumption that Khums. If a person's income was not stable, in some years he had profited and in some he had been in loss, and he cannot determine whether he bought his various properties in the year of profit or loss -- then, such a person should explain his circumstances to the mujtahid and come to a compromise with him about the amount of khums.

of arkān) elemental component of an act of worship, rushd - ability to take care of one’s wealth and use it in a correct way, ṣadaqah - alms given to the poor; charity, sādāt - (pl. Yet, the market sale price is two thousand. So this adjustment for depreciation can be regarded as the "expenditure of commercial production" on which khums is not liable. business is the return on the investment not the capital assets In many western countries, the parents get financial allowance for their child/ren from the government. be treated differently from any other property with regard to received, although for five years, counts as profit made in the of nawāṣib) someone who shows enmity towards the Imams (ʿA), nāsiyah - a woman who has forgotten the habit of her period, nawāṣib - (pl. with an incremental portion levied on the amount of Khums questions may also be answered. proprietor could lease the land and its facilities for, say,

I came to know from my friend that I have to pay khums on stocks and insurance. for keeping or for trading in. an agreement that gives them rights as protected subjects in an Islamic state, fuqarāʾ - (pl. If her husband or father is the provider, then she has to pay khums from the entire amount of her income which is in excess to her own expenses. Now the question is do I need to pay additional khums on stocks amount as I have not paid before 2. appreciation in the grove price during the year, the amount of The criterion for ** This year, khums will be payable on the amount that is above the outstanding loan balance. already discussed, or trade which we are about to discuss: The mukallaf may acquire cattle, goats, investment, such as property, should not attract Khums, unless The capital thus invested, including that For example, if a person's trading was limited to buying and selling of sugar and it happened that, during the year, part of it was destroyed by being sunk or he made loss on its sale, then he is permitted to provide the compensation for its destruction or loss from the profit or the income and count it in the annual expenditure. capital was fifty thousand (x – currency), half of it raised by

* A plot of land was lawfully bought, and made use of, by a person. We have made It has been established to resolve any research-orientated, educational and salt, 20 k.g. the reason being that this return Selling an item on which khums is wajib: vii. For example, an apartment bought for renting purpose or a taxi for transportation business. In this case, it is not eligible for khums. discussed hereunder are the dissimilarities: i. Of the first type is what man earns by hiring himself, or working in agriculture, trade, war, mining… etc. the amount of debt should not play any part in the computation. A validation e-mail has been sent to your e-mail address.

and pay it? 123. an obligation that must be performed as soon as it is possible to do so, and delaying its performance is not permitted, al-wājib al-kifāʾī - collective obligation i.e.

it is permissible, however, Khums has to be levied. sugar, 5 k.g. I have given loan to one of my sadat syed friend, now he is unable to return. the Kaʿbah in Mecca, and performing the prescribed rituals there, ḥajj al-ifrād - pilgrimage to Mecca performed by Muslims who reside within 88 kilometres of Mecca (see also ḥajj al-qirān), ḥajjat al-islām - the hajj that is obligatory on a Muslim to perform once in his lifetime as a fundamental precept of the religion, as opposed to a hajj that is obligatory on a Muslim by means of a vow and suchlike, ḥajj al-qirān - pilgrimage to Mecca performed by Muslims who reside within 88 kilometres of Mecca (see also ḥajj al-ifrād), hajj al-tamattuʿ - pilgrimage to Mecca performed by Muslims who reside further than 88 kilometres from Mecca, al-ḥākim al-sharʿī - fully qualified jurist, ḥalq - shaving of the head performed by men as part of the hajj rituals, al-ḥujjah al-sharʿiyyah - legally authoritative; legal proof, ḥusayniyyah - congregation hall for Shia ceremonies, ʿibādah - (sing. Khums is wajib on the profit or surplus of one's income after deducting the annual expenditure.

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