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In October he made a last, hopeless attempt to recover Naples virtually unaided and was taken prisoner and shot. The eldest son, Napoléon-Achille (1801–47), went to the United States in 1821, took U.S. citizenship, and died in Florida. (Despre plante furajere) Conservat printr un proces de fermentare.


There’s an unverified story that Napoleon’s army commander Joachim Murat was of Armenian origin.

Corrections? Murat was born on 25 March 1767 in La Bastide-Fortunière[1] (renamed Labastide-Murat after its renowned citizen), in Guyenne (present-day Lot department of France) to Pierre Murat-Jordy (d. 27 July 1799), an affluent yeoman[2] innkeeper, postmaster[3] and Roman Catholic churchwarden, and his wife Jeanne Loubières (1722 – 11 March 1806), daughter of Pierre Loubières and of his wife Jeanne Viellescazes. [10] For this success, Murat was made chef de brigade (colonel) and thereafter remained one of Napoleon's best officers. On the 5 December 1812 Joachim s second son Lucien was created Prince of Pontecorvo (an enclave at the Kingdom of Naples) in… …   Wikipedia, Prince Napoleon Lucien Charles Murat — Lucien Charles Joseph Napoléon, 3rd Prince Murat, 2nd Prince of Pontecorvo (May 16, 1803, Milan April 10, 1878, Paris) was a French politician. Joachim Napoléon Murat, 5e prince Murat, né à Boissy Saint Léger, le 28 février 1856 et décédé le 2 novembre 1932 à Chambly. As governor of Paris in 1804, he was included among the first generals promoted to the rank of marshal after Napoleon’s coronation as emperor on December 2.

Napoleon I …   Wikipedia, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. 1634) and his wife Catherine Badourès (d. 1697), and maternal grandson of Bertrand Herbeil and his wife Anne Roques. He was subsequently reinstated in his former regiment. Joachim Murat, Italian Gioacchino Murat, (born March 25, 1767, La Bastide-Fortunière, France—died October 13, 1815, Pizzo, Calabria), French cavalry leader who was one of Napoleon’s most celebrated marshals and who, as king of Naples (1808–15), lent stimulus to …

Oktober 1815 in Pizzo, Kalabrien) war ein französischer Kavallerieoffizier, der im… …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Joachim Murat (1944) — Pour les articles homonymes, voir Murat. (Despre unele legume) Fermentat, acrit (într o soluţie de oţet sau în saramură).

Murat proved to be equally useful in the Russian campaign of 1812, where he distinguished himself as the best cavalry commander of the Grande Armee at battles such as Smolensk and Borodino, and expertly helped in commanding the retreat. He had other four siblings.cite web|url=|title=PRINCE MURAT IS DEAD|publisher=New York Times|format=pdf|date=1901-10-24|accessdate=2008-05-05] He moved to France with is family in 1848, after the fall of Louis-Philippe of France, where his father was appointed Minister, Senator and Imperial Prince.In 1834 he married at the Tuileries Palace "Malcy Louise Caroline Berthier de Wagram" (Paris,June 22,1832 - Paris, May 17, 1884), daughter of "Napoléon Berthier de Wagram", 2nd Duc de Wagram (September 10, 1810 - February 10, 1887, son of Marshal Berthier) and wife "Zénaïde Françoise Clary" (Paris, November 25, 1812 - Paris, April 27, 1884, niece of Désirée Clary and Julie Clary), and had issue (two daughters and one son, the 5th Prince Murat), and secondly in Paris, November 7, 1894 "Lady Lydia Hervey" (Kemptown, Sussex, August 15, 1841 - Château Chaâlis, September 25, 1901), without issue. ... Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Armenian Bosnian Catalan Chinese Czech Danish Dutch Esperanto Finnish ... Joachim Murat king of Naples, born near Cahors, the son of an innkeeper; entered the army, attracted the notice of Bonaparte, and became his aide de camp; distinguished himself in many engagements, received Bonaparte s sister to wife, and was loaded with… Joachim Joseph Napoléon Murat, 4ème …   Wikipédia en Français, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. 1767-1815, French marshal, during the Napoleonic Wars; king of Naples (1808--15) Murat (also Murad), a river in eastern Turkey; a principal headstream of the Euphrates. He was noted as a daring, brave, and charismatic cavalry officer as well as a flamboyant dresser, for which he was known as "the Dandy King". In 1805 he played a conspicuous role in the Austerlitz campaign, helping to pin the Austrian Army in Ulm, where it was forced to surrender, and defeating Austrian and Russian cavalry on the field of Austerlitz. He was also the 1st Prince Murat, Grand Duke of Berg from 1806 to 1808, and King of Naples from 1808 to 1815. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Herkunft und Bedeutung des Namens 2 Joachimsthal, Silber, Taler, Dollar, Uran 3 Namenstage …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Joachim II.

In 1852 Joachim entered the army, becoming an officer the following year and rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1863. In 1796, with the situation in the capital and government apparently stabilised and the war going poorly (See also: French Revolutionary Wars), Bonaparte lobbied to join the armies attempting to secure the revolution against the invading monarchist forces. He moved to France with is family in 1848, after the fall of Louis-Philippe of France, where his father was appointed Minister, Senator and Imperial Prince. Patriarch Joachim of Moscow (1620–1690), the eleventh Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. OK.

Thus, Murat's skills in no small part helped establish Bonaparte's legendary fame and enhance his popularity with the French people.

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