how to trim border collie feathers

Your border collie will need regular brushing to stay clean because all that dirt and debris that builds up on her coat will make the fur matted or unsightly. A border collie that has a rough coat will frequently get mats or tangles behind the ears, behind the elbows and under the tail. Really needed tips.

A slicker brush works well for the winter months, when your border collie is not heavily shedding.

When dealing with the hair between the pads, go slowly and only take tiny snips to avoid accidentally hurting him. If you're keeping your Lassie wannabe in a show standard cut, his paws and pads are pretty much the only thing that need regular scissor action. You can start off with the spray before you get to any of the other cleaning steps to ensure that the rest of the cleaning process goes much smoother. Border collies are not shorthair dogs, so you have to put in extra work when you are washing and shampooing them.

Made famous through the Lassie series of movies and TV shows, this fluffy-coated beauty requires much less trimming than you'd expect. It is important to work shampoo thoroughly into a border collie's undercoat to remove dirt and debris. You can bathe a smooth-coat border collie quarterly or as needed, as a border collie with such a coat requires less coat maintenance.

Border collies are super popular, but not everyone knows how to groom them properly. With his rugged good looks and devotion to his family, the rough-coated collie strikes a pose as the quintessential family dog. Your dog is getting too hot if she always has her tongue hanging out and is needing her water refilled several times throughout the day. Trim the feet, feathers on the legs and excess fur on the hocks if desired. For the summer months, try brushing with a shedding blade first, which will remove loose and excess hair.

Then brush with the slicker brush. You can use your hands to work in the shampoo and make sure the shampoo is covering your dog’s entire body. Sometimes the hair on his hocks especially becomes a bit of a tangled mess, needing a clip from a groomer to smooth them out and neaten them up, for show dogs and pets alike. A well-groomed dog is going to be happier and healthier, because grooming gets rid of excess fur, clears away dirt and debris that could contain bacteria, and helps your pet to smell and look nicer. If you really want your dog to look and smell clean, then you need to get the shampoo in as deep as you can.

Border collies tend to shed a lot, especially the longer haired types.

Kimberly DeCosta is an accomplished equestrian and entrepreneur. Rough-coated border collies have a thick undercoat protected by long hair at the surface. The collie breed standard calls for feathering to remain untouched to the bottom of the pasterns on the forelegs, and for the hind legs to be smooth below the hocks. A slicker brush is useful on a smooth border collie because it allows you to groom harder-to-reach areas, such as behind the ears and elbows. There will be times that your border collie has seriously matted fur.

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