how to make a slot car motor faster

It's not good getting you tires spinning twice as fast if they just skid on the track and your car doesn't move forward. While you are carefully cleaning and examining your car, take the opportunity to oil the vehicle’s chassis and motor.

Watch your pickup shoes

Keep your slot car clean and in good working order. Like replacing the rear tires of your car, swapping the pickup shoes can greatly improve your vehicle’s performance at very little cost to you. Checkout. So now you've ramped up your rpm but some of your power is wasted on friction. A twisted motor could "bottom out" on the track on low clearance cars.


Some of the fastest slot cars we could find were in the AA/FC class, which run the 55-foot scale quarter in about four-tenths at more than 130 mph, with the class record belonging to Michigan's Dave Nap with a staunch 0.391 at 140 mph. Like the tires on the cars you want a high amount of friction on the track so the combined grip of the tires and track make for a great grip, the highest friction possible and the no lost rpm's.

The quality and speed of a race is determined by a number of factors, including the track conditions, your equipment, and your personal racing style. Begin your regimen by removing the body of the car to visually inspect and wipe down all aspects of the vehicle. To bring that back up to full-scale perspective, even today's Top Fuel missiles aren't 60-footing near that!

Slot-car drag racing gives fans an approachable way to interact with the motorsport or to relive eras past and prior and sometimes to alter reality as we know it.

Your hobby store for Slot Cars, Rockets, Models, Toys, and more... Hobby Links - Bulletin Board - Store News : Categories. The more time you spend practicing with your slot cars on a track, the more familiar you will be with each chassis. Then all I had to do was drive it around once or twice!

When a car is tilting out of the slot it usually will head straight into the wall. Oil your slot car

But if the car is driven too fast, the car will suddenly tilt and the guide flag tips out of the slot.

Now comes the time to test again.

What goes 0-140 mph in less than a second?

2. All future F1 slot cars used the Falcon.


The real allure for us is the crazy amount of detail these slot racers have started building into their projects. © 2020 EzineArticlesAll Rights Reserved Worldwide, Get a Taste of EDM With Streamin Music Group (SMG), What Are The Greatest Changes In Shopping In Your Lifetime, Shoe Repairs And Several Other Things When I Was 7, Nana What Was Technology Like When You Were 7. 5. So now you have your car running pretty fast - probably as fast as you can practically make it go; now it's time to look at the track.

Chassis can use hard-tail or "slip-joint" rear suspension, while wheelie bars are class dependent.

What more could you want!

As MDRL racer Lonnie Schultz put it, "Imagine Reher-Morrison lined up against Bob Glidden in a modern Pro Stock battle.".

Chassis are typically built from spring steel, though brass construction is still regularly practiced. I have a 8 lane 60foot tri oval we run parma super16d motors how can i make them faster i donot know alot about building motors have about 30 motors any help would be welcomed.

Wheelie bars are optional, with a recent trend for no-bar cars, and suspension is optional. Rick56.

Check that the armature is also spinning well, and administer a drop on the front and rear motor end bells as necessary.


Grab to cars and get them to race around at the highest speed.

If you're old gears meant that one revolution of the motor turn the wheels twice and your new configuration means they turn four times then you've just doubled your car speed! Also make sure motor adapters have holes to allow motor bearing lubrication.

Determine that the wheel hubs are rotating freely without rubbing the chassis, and be sure to rotate the slot car’s tires on a regular basis to prevent wear and tear from too many turns.

With this slight upgrade, your car will see an increase of power, leading to an improved racing speed. In fact if you know anything more about cars than I do (and that's probably likely) then you probably have a few more suggestions that I do so please send them on but here's some that you can try.

They aren't running the slot-car chassis you've grown up with.

Submitted On May 26, 2009.

Faster down the strait but terrible in the turns due to the weight, the car could do no better than 2nd in its only outing.

While these are perfectly serviceable for slot car racing, replacing these tires with Jel-Claw ones will greatly improve your speed. Page 1 of 2 - Blueprinting slot car motors - posted in Tech How-Tos & Tutorials: Heres a second technical tour de force by Ken Irwin, of the Cambridge Model Car Club in Cape Town, South Africa. Vintage Scalextric [] - The hobby of kings, fast, fancy cars, a flashback to childhood. One of the best ways to improve your slot car racing technique is to choose one car to use and stick to that car exclusively. I tore down the motors to see what made then tick. And perhaps make a little cash on the side buying and selling them. Now before you go modifying anything make sure you aren't messing with any Vintage Scalextric cars. So do the modifications below to only one car and one side of the track and see the difference.

Some guys have even recreated their own Drag Week machines, with small-scale likes of Jeff Lutz's Bel Air, Larry Larson's S-10, Bryant Goldstone's Javelin, Joe Barry's 210, Eric Yost's Camaro, and Shane McClelland's Crusty Nova duking it out any night of the week. That's our baseline! If you switch back and forth between several cars, you will invariably forget the idiosyncrasies of your favorites, and you will not perform as well during races.

This happens very suddenly and makes it very difficult to race the car without de-slotting.

Most slot cars begin with copper pickup shoes, but for slightly more money, you can replace those standard shoes with gold-plated ones that will help get more power to the car’s motor.

Learn how to make your slot cars faster and run better on various tracks with this gear ratio chart. 1. 4., Arts and Entertainment Just as we tried to reduce the friction where we didn't want it we want to try and add it where we do want it - the wheels. So, I found a motor that had a very long axle, that I could use for the slot car without having to build a gear/pulley system. The only thing you want the motor to be doing is to be turning the wheels against the road (the bit where you want friction) but it also turns the axles and gears against their bearings, and you don't want to waste power here. Let's start with the car because that's where you can get the biggest benefits. Do not forget to practice! Or better yet, do both! Then there's the competitive edge: All of your popular racing formats are present, from heads-up racing to bracket, with the larger events garnering hundreds of entrants. Basic Author

When thinking of how to improve performance in a Scalextric car it's the same as what you would do to improve your own car, better motor, tires, roads etc. Lead wheel weights serve duty here to tweak the handling.

HOT ROD Anything: 140-MPH, Slot-Car Drag Racing. But you can pull them out and install a different set. Have We Become Too Concerned With The Safety Of Children? Article Source: Make this oiling process part of your cleaning routine, but only apply the oil when needed. 6. By cleaning the car and replacing any damaged parts on a regular basis, your car will last longer and perform better. The brushed motors used in slot-car racing might use some traditional tech compared to modern brushless motors, but with hi-po units screaming at 30,000 rpm, no one is complaining—yet.

However, there are several tips and economical solutions that will help you get your slot car racing. That slot in most homes is a natural place for dust and debris to collect and the car has to push through it to make its way around the track and it loses speed doing that. Improving the Performance of Your Scalextrics Cars,,­the-­Performance-­of-­Your-­Scalextrics-­Cars&id=2393794.

Of Course the fast your motor goes the fast your car! The next thing you can do is improve the gears.

5. Focus your racing on one or two cars Many are homebuilt and hand-soldered out of brass, stainless steel, and spring steel wire and tubing, but there's also a wealth of off-the-shelf options to choose from both in kit and fully assembled forms. You may want to get to know two cars very well, that way you have a back-up in case of a breakdown or a poor performance one day. They grip the road better and make sure your rpms are turned into kpms aka speed. 1 Article, By You want to get to know and understand the handling of that particular car so that you know intuitively how it will handle the track, the turns, and your commands. If you don't notice a huge difference (then you have probably done something wrong ;) )I'll eat my pants.


Sometimes the jargon crosses over into full-scale territory, where "running 11s" means running 1.1XX, but as you watch the racers prep and line up their rail-powered drag cars, the rush starts to feel the same.

Scalextric has a new sports track out designed to do that but there is some DIY you can do on your own track. So these improvements to Scalextric sets will probably work with most slot cars but just so you are aware they are focused and design for Scalextric.

So grab some track and build a simple course the cars can't fly off at high speed.

You can also add lubricant the existing bearings and gears to reduce the friction.

One simple thing you can do is make sure your track is clean and clear of dust.

J Allinson  |   So you can take out your old motor and put a new one in.

With this slight upgrade, your car will see an increase of power, leading to an improved racing speed.

And so will your Scalextric car runs faster with different gears. Be sure to carefully examine the chassis of the car for any weaknesses, and check that the pickup shoes are clean.

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