how did roza shanina die

Invitations, guys: “sugar,” and “sweetheart,” and hell. He dotes on me: gets me anything I want (suit, hat, gifts). Even my girlfriends joked ironically. Roza Shanina. They crawled out of the ravine. This was strictly forbidden and, as such, it is one of only a handful in existence. For that you are to blame, Masha. Fought.

And here, imagine, instead of at the front lines – at the rear.

Suddenly I heard shooting from the basement. Roza’s older brother Fyoder, who she had lived with when she first moved to Arkhangelsk. He told me to go to sleep. Spent the night by Nikolai, visited the pilot Yasha. We held the path to Sberki, 20km to the left of Slabado and the river Shoshopo1. The unsent letter. Sasha Koreneva. On June 22nd, 1941, Nazi forces invaded the entire western border of the Soviet Union, opening an 1,800-mile-long front. I saw in a dream my brother Fyoder. In the morning the jalopy was fixed, and I was summoned by the junior platoon commander. Casualties on both sides were terrible, but always the Germans were pushed back under the weight of the Soviet army. From the shtrafbat company1 one man returned alive, unharmed; the rest were killed. On the front it was terrible, no success. The German retreat is going forward, to the left. Most men were sentenced to these units for unauthorized retreat, cowardice, or desertion. Celebration night [Great October Socialist Revolution day – November 7, Home. Now we are in the 215. I’m happy I went AWOL. And will I actually get there? Along the way, saw one wounded.

Some unknown force was drawing Roza Shanina to the front line, she wrote in her diary in January 1945. The original photograph is shown in monochrome in the Russian language article.Regards,Raja. Letter to Pyotr Molchanov: Returned from the front completely exhausted. One fella in 215, Battle of Pillkallen [now Dobrovolsk, Kaliningrad, Russia]. It was very fun to figure out what they all were! The city has taken many of ours, all of them killed. I got a letter from Blokhin, saying, I am now in charge, go. I respect him very little, but respect all the same. I fired, and successfully. Cough, but I went anyway.

Only I don’t like him. But I left him, just as a remarkable regiment commander was killed close to him. Evening of the 6th, katyusha2 boys. 4 Captain and Political Commissar Isaac Tairov, 1916 – August 19th, 1944, 5 Hmayak Babayan, August 15th, 1901 – April 21st, 1945, Hero of the Soviet Union, 6 This line is a reference to the play “Woe from Wit” by A.S. Griboyedov: Act IV, Scene 14. So take it for what it’s worth. I thought he was a good guy. I first heard of Roza in high school. Talented and utterly committed, she gave up everything she had to resist the advance of Fascism against her people. 2 Sergei had been fighting on the Sesupe river, which at that point separated the Soviet Union from Nazi-held East Prussia. Already straying on German territory. And there are many of us. We spent the night in another battery. I came home, Nikolai F sitting in the muddy street. Then I went to the Regimental Command, tired, and ate for the first time that day. At an NKVD trial on March 18th, 1944, he was found guilty of failure to carry out orders, abuse of power, and misconduct in the presence of the enemy. I can’t do bad work, it hurts my conscience, but well, this newspaper rigmarole4, the girls got jealous and spread rumors; morale is ruined. Refuses to make any other friends. I went to the battalion, which was directed to the front, and on the same day fought in the battle. I now make friends with him, but I can’t understand why. Went with the girls to Vovka. Nikolai: he is madly in love with me, that’s for sure, he wrote a letter and reaffirmed everything. Order: reestablish the position. I got used to it, and thought: this is the last time, kill the Germans, etc, because this is a serious situation. So it will be after the war. Only Vovka Letison I love like a little brother, but he hinted at something I didn’t like. Tankers arrived, Vovka Klokov. He came to apologize for what he did, but there were a lot of people around, and he said nothing, and seemed sad. She is most famous for her shooting accuracy and ability to precisely hit moving enemy targets. But when we occupied the village, where Fritz was, the horse was found again. I led them towards the village. She had won her first “Order of Glory” medal barely two weeks after her tour of duty began, for actions in the village of Kozyi Gory, and had been featured in many army and civilian newspapers.

2 in order to pay her tuition. When I have success, she is friendly. I often wonder about Anna Smirnova and Masha Tisanova, they really like me, but I don’t know yet. I share with you all that is in my soul. Going to bed. Dima wrote me 3 dull short ones; I requested he send all my photos back.

It was the enemy manpower. In another action, Roza hunted an enemy sniper who was camouflaged in a tree. And afterwards captured 3 … these fascists are strong. Yesterday praised the guys in the II division, today I say: bastards, messing with someone else’s mind. I always remember this girlfriend from grades 5-7 well. At night went to the 277th ID. 7 A German-speaking reader wrote in about this exchange. Good people have said that leaving from the rear to go to the front is not a crime. Before she died, she told a nurse that her only regret was that she had not done more in the war effort. Kurt Knispel. He is in love with me, but he’s not very tall, and I don’t like even a little shorter than me, and so I suffer for it. I began my journey in July. 5 Basan Badminovich Gorodovikov, Hero of the Soviet Union.

1 The village of Starkai, Lithuania – near Slabadai and on the bank of the Sesupe river. After all, I made friends with him so mechanically, not as I would wish. Yes, I received a Certificate of Merit from the Komsomol. What a meeting! There she lived with her brother Fyoder, before eventually winning entry into the city secondary school. His body slid silently from the tree and thudded to the ground. He sleeps standing. Regards, James. In one action, their position was stormed by the enemy, and they fought hand to hand with bayonets and even shovels, killing many of the enemy and capturing the survivors. The Battle for Business Was Fierce Mercedes-Benz engines were important to the German war effort. Because after Blokhin I didn’t think of anyone, and I could not, and would not be alone, I want a friend, what else? Met Kazarin. Who am I? On the tracks, in the train, I was thanking the people who came to see my medals. When the Nazis began bombing Arkhangelsk, the only port through which the Soviets could receive supplies from the West, she volunteered for air raid duty on the roof of the kindergarten. Sasha Koreneva3 was killed in the fight and two were wounded: Valya Lazarenko and Anna Kuznetsova. She worked during the day and studied at night, and the days were full and happy. Every day for years she had walked eight miles to and from her school in the little village closest to her home; she knew she could do it. Maybe she wrote it in frustration, realized she overreacted, and never sent it. There, Roza lived with with her aunt Agnes and worked after school in the kolkhoz pigsty. Tairov4 said: “After 10 minutes, we will counterattack the enemy.” And there it is. Kaleria was the brave one.

It takes a steady hand and a resolute will to kill at range, and these elite soldiers were indeed resolute.

Invited to the tanks, was introduced to the tank unit. Not our division. Tairov said: “When the attack begins, remember where you are, and what lies ahead, and how very much you have gone through.” Tairov and Solomatin quarreled. I only occasionally respond to his letters, and he just wants a photo. November 3rd, 1944.

I’m a sniper. Maybe you are seriously now in love with a soldier you met by accident on the road, but how can Claudia Ivanovna forget her beloved husband? I went to the battalion, which was directed to the front, and on the same day fought in the battle.

When her parents refused, she ran away. After the 338, I began my journey in July. Very good comrades, and thought that they maybe went somewhere else. Went with the 1136, The Germans split into 2 groups and ran off in opposite directions. I do not understand anything, even life, it’s all so intertwined. Virtually every Soviet child joined the Young Pioneers around age 10, and most would then graduate to the Komsomol at around 15. Letter to Pyotr Molchanov: Do not go on the “hunt” now. Spent the morning of the 7th on the front.

Gave me a light, asked if I am the sniper. Sasha I confessed to love first in a letter, and he replied that he could not say for sure if he felt the same – shame. I was at the front. The girls were all cowards and fled. People, it seems, are not the same there. 3 The Political Commissar had been something like a co-commander of each unit, making sure that soldiers embraced proper Communist ideology. Walking. And I know that our training company will not go on the offensive, and will stay behind. Oh, I cried. Odd to see such foolishness on the advance (Olga), even though they are only 25 kilometers from the front. Roza’s brother Mikhail died during the Siege of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) in December, 1941. There are things about them which are exciting an... Soviet soldiers celebrating the relief of Leningrad, 18 January 1943. We held the path to Sberki, 20km to the left of Slabado and the river Shoshopo, Lithuania in 1941; Slabadai is where Roza’s unit was fighting. Mikhail died during the Siege of Leningrad in 1941, while Fyodor was killed the same year during the Battle of Crimea." I went with him to the attack, running across the rye, Blokhin, At 3 in the morning we went on the attack, fire all around, and I was at the front of combat formations. Yes, my portrait was in the “Humor” magazine on November 7th.

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