good witch season 5 cast

Love is in the air when season five begins with Cassie (Catherine Bell) and Sam’s (James Denton) much-anticipated wedding, bringing their two families together under one roof to face new challenges as a blended family. Find out more about the Hallmark Channel Original Series "Good Witch," starring Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison, & James Denton.,,,,,,,, Cassie (Catherine Bell) hosts a royal guest at Grey House in 'The Prince.'

As of October 2019, Season 5 can be streamed exclusively on. Company Credits No specific date was listed. Stephanie also turns on the charm when she finds herself torn between two suitors. Sam gets a visit from an old friend in need of his medical expertise but soon discovers that his cure may lie in Cassie’s intuition. Stephanie and Adam balance a busy workload and their relationship. If found, it could have momentous implications for the future of this not-so-quiet little town. Though skeptical of … Stephanie (Kylee Evans) invests in a food truck to expand her business and, in the process, finds herself in a love triangle with the charming, new hospital chaplain (Scott Cavalheiro) and Cassie's adventurous foster brother (Gianpaolo Venuta).

Sarah Power (VF : Ivana Coppola) : Abigail Pershing (depuis la saison 2, récurrente saison 1) Kat Barrell : Joy Harper (depuis la saison 6) Marc Bendavid (VF : Thomas Roditi) : Donovan Davenport (depuis la saison 5) Scott Cavalheiro (VF : Thibaut Lacourt) : Adam Hawkins (depuis la saison 5) Meanwhile, with Martha (Catherine Disher) unseated as mayor due to a property line snafu, she's drawn to a new career that's right up her alley: hosting a local TV talk show. Cassie's precious family heirloom, a red ruby known as The Heart of Middleton, goes missing from the History of Halloween in Middleton museum exhibit just in time for the anniversary festival. Left to watch Grey House, Sam (James Denton) and Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) try to channel Cassie when helping father-son guests to communicate better. Abigail continues to spar with her until a crisis makes her reassess her relationship with Donovan. Central.) Abigail struggles to respond when Donovan shares his feelings for her, unsure if a curse may be to blame. While honeymooning, Cassie and Sam try to help a new friend they made reconcile with her brother.

Cassie uses her enchanting powers — and some special tea — to help Abigail open up to Donovan.

Cassie encourages Sam to keep his eyes open for mysteries to unlock, just as Martha unearths a long-lost town charter with a hidden treasure map. ... Mayor Martha Tinsdale / ... 66 episodes, 2015-2020. Cassie and Sam's wedding is just days away in the season five premiere of "Good Witch," and the town of Middleton prepares for this highly anticipated event in "The Forever Tree: Part 1."

Meanwhile, Martha prepares for the first episode of her television show, and Stephanie considers her romantic options. The release date for the show was conflicting, as. Meanwhile, Nick ghost hunts at Grey House with an old friend but suspects his friend is in search of more than paranormal activity.

Abigail (Sarah Power), Middleton's new mayor, plays political hardball with her charismatic Blairsville counterpart (Marc Bendavid).

When the chance discovery of the town's original charter reveals a centuries-old map, the hunt for a fabled, long-lost treasure ensues. Catherine Disher. Cassie and Sam's wedding is just days away in the season five premiere of "Good Witch," and the town of Middleton prepares for this highly anticipated event in "The Forever Tree: Part 1." Meanwhile, Stephanie’s budding relationship with Adam is challenged when his ex-fiancé visits and Nick tries to support his friend who suffered an injury. Abigail (Sarah Power) steps up into her mayor ... Cassie and Sam celebrate their honeymoon at a country winery, where they help their hosts deal with a dilemma. As Middleton's resident enchantress Cassie (Catherine Bell) works on last-minute wedding preparations, Sam (James Denton) looks for the tree that her ancestor was married under as a wedding surprise. Cassie and Sam realize that they still have some things to learn about one another. However, the wedding brings up complex emotions for Grace, who becomes nostalgic for her late father, while Cassie worries her foster brother will let her down and miss the nuptials. | (1 episode, 2015), first assistant sound editor (1 episode, 2016), special effects coordinator (49 episodes, 2015-2019), special effects technician (8 episodes, 2015), special effects coordinator (2 episodes, 2016-2017), fabricator (uncredited) (1 episode, 2016), VFX Project Manager / vfx project manager (13 episodes, 2017-2019), modeler & texture: Technicolor / compositor: Technicolor (5 episodes, 2017-2019), digital compositor: Technicolor (3 episodes, 2017-2018), visual effects supervisor (1 episode, 2018), visual effects producer (1 episode, 2019), compositor: Technicolor VFX (1 episode, 2019), visual effects coordinator (1 episode, 2019), stunt coordinator (13 episodes, 2019-2020), assistant stunt coordinator (3 episodes, 2019), stunt coordinator (2 episodes, 2015-2016), stunt double: Bailee Madison (2 episodes, 2016), stunt double: Catherine Bell (1 episode, 2016), additional stunt coordinator (1 episode, 2017), Stunt Double: Bailee Madison (1 episode, 2019), camera operator / camera "b" operator / camera operator: b camera (38 episodes, 2015-2019), Second Assistant "A" Camera / First Assistant "A" Camera (35 episodes, 2016-2019), best boy electric / electric / electrician (31 episodes, 2016-2019), still photographer (19 episodes, 2015-2016), second assistant camera: "b" camera / second assistant "b" camera (15 episodes, 2016-2018), camera operator: a camera (11 episodes, 2016-2017), second assistant camera (11 episodes, 2016-2017), camera operator "a" camera / a camera operator (11 episodes, 2017-2018), lighting technician / best boy electric / gaffer: second unit / rigging gaffer (10 episodes, 2015-2016), electric / electrician (9 episodes, 2017-2018), steadicam operator: daily (4 episodes, 2016), camera "a" operator / camera operator (2 episodes, 2015-2016), Camera Trainee (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2017), casting associate (44 episodes, 2015-2019), set supervisor / truck supervisor (20 episodes, 2018-2019), background coordinator (19 episodes, 2015-2016), costumer supervisor (9 episodes, 2015-2016), stylist / stylist to C. Bell (8 episodes, 2015-2016), Costume Set Supervisor (7 episodes, 2019-2020), costume supervisor (3 episodes, 2016-2017), costume assistant / costumer (2 episodes, 2017-2018), first assistant editor / first assistant picture editor (45 episodes, 2015-2019), post-production coordinator (30 episodes, 2015-2017), colourist: on set / on set colourist / on set dit / digital intermediate technician / dit (6 episodes, 2015-2019), location manager (11 episodes, 2016-2017), assistant location manager (11 episodes, 2017-2018), location manager (11 episodes, 2017-2018), composer: additional music / music supervisor / additional music by (54 episodes, 2015-2020), music coordinator / music supervisor (15 episodes, 2016-2018), script supervisor / continuity (48 episodes, 2015-2019), script coordinator (31 episodes, 2016-2018), additional script supervisor (1 episode, 2015), automotive detailer (uncredited) (1 episode, 2016), production legal / Production legal / production consultant (32 episodes, 2015-2019), first assistant accountant (22 episodes, 2015-2019), assistant to executive producer (22 episodes, 2015-2017), assistant production coordinator (22 episodes, 2018-2020), production coordinator (15 episodes, 2015-2018), production assistant / 2nd assistant production coordinator / production secretary (15 episodes, 2015-2018), second assistant accountant / 2nd assistant accountant (15 episodes, 2018-2020), production assistant (11 episodes, 2015-2016), production secretary (11 episodes, 2015-2016), production assistant (11 episodes, 2016-2017), production secretary (11 episodes, 2016-2017), Showrunner Assistant / Writer's Assistant / Writers Assistant / showrunner assistant / showrunners assistant / writer's assistant / writers assistant (11 episodes, 2018-2019), creative consultant (11 episodes, 2018-2019), production coordinator (10 episodes, 2016-2017), third assistant accountant (9 episodes, 2016-2017), assistant production coordinator (8 episodes, 2015), production accountant (4 episodes, 2015-2019), Development Executive: Whizbang Films (3 episodes, 2015), production coordinator (3 episodes, 2018-2019), animal wrangler / anminal wrangler (2 episodes, 2016-2019), 1st assistant production coordinator (2 episodes, 2017-2018), production assistant: daily (1 episode, 2017), boat coordinator / watercraft provided by (1 episode, 2018), Grace Russell sewing double (1 episode, 2018), boat captain and water safety supervisor (1 episode, 2018), marine boat coordinator (1 episode, 2018), collection provided by: Mrs. Hansen's (1 episode, 2019).

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