fuji x100v recommended settings

A lot of it depends on how you have yours set up. I am sure that the answer is obvious....just missing it. But I just compared some extreme contrast files at DR100 and DR400 and see the difference now. If you’re counting nine clicks – which is three stops – the scene has too much contrast to properly expose both highlights and shadows. The highlights will probably be stacked up to the right. Thomas Wyser, October 1 in Fuji X100 / X100S / X100T / X100F / X100V / Fuji X70.

Only expose to the left when you really need to protect the highlights.

I “normally” do not do anything with the .jpg unless I send one from the camera to a friend who wants it for some reason. You could always stop down to compensate, if possible. Great explanations though. Forums > X Camera Discussions > All X100 Series (X100, S, T, F, V), X70, XF10 > Recommended forum reading for new X100 users . If you’ve set these programs to apply any “Auto Adjustments” during import, they will apply the Dynamic Range settings. ×

. Have a great trip to Africa! If one or two stops of aperture or shutter speed change matter that much to your creative intent, you can try offsetting it by adjusting your “other” variable (stopping down your aperture to regain a slower shutter speed, etc). DR400 is a little too flat for me – I prefer more contrast. Because the ISO output is lowered, you’ll need a higher ISO when using Fujifilm’s Dynamic Range. But for those who really want to take advantage of this feature, I hope this article helps. “Most” articles recommend not to use these settings because “most” articles assume that people are shooting in RAW. Some high contrast scenes are to high to capture all w/o going to HDR. You can’t apply the camera’s D-Rng setting manually. HDR – High Dynamic Range – blends multiple photos of different exposures. It’s unfortunate that their names are so similar because that adds confusion. Post-processing programs will always have more capabilities than what the camera can do, but sometimes what the camera can do is more than adequate for many photographers. Iew Premium Member. Hi Richard, thanks for the feedback. Hi John, first of all thank you for this explanation. If this is correct then one could say that using the DR funtion does not come totally for free but at the cost of a faster shutter speed, which in some cases could be an unwanted side effect, but again, I‘m not sure if my understanding is correct. I don’t intend to bother you but the subject is actually extremely interesting and I really appreciated your detailed and documented explainations and would love to have your point of view on this : In my understanding, DR modes affect the RAW because the exposure (speed/aperture, ISO excluded) should not be the same at DR100% and DR 200% : lets say I shoot 2 pictures with the following settings : Aperture fixed at f/t2, auto speed, auto ISO : -First picture shot at ISO 200, DR100%: I manage to get a correct exposure (no exposure to the right at all, just an average exposure to get good shadows and not to blown highlights), I am getting a correctly exposed RAW file. I am heading to Africa this summer for a Christian mission project as the principal photographer so i might dig deeper into your suggestions. These settings are mostly for people who don’t want to mess around with post-processing. Are you referring to the new Dynamic Range Priority setting available in the X-T3 & 30? But then you have to be careful with how your RAW converter treats the file. the one that is fine for the shadows). So when the camera is going to switch to DR200% ISO 400, my speed should also be increased (to lower my exposure, preserve my highlights and apply the ISO 400 only to the darker parts afterwards). Thanks for the reply, John.

Fujifilm Dynamic Range uses only one single photo and is a much simpler process.

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