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Firefighter Candidate Testing Center (FCTC) 425-Question Custom-Designed Practice Test Immediate Digital Download Available! One day you notice Tom, another firefighter, is in the locker room alone. google_ad_slot = "0366813084"; It is designed for you to pass, and if you happen to fail, just try again. A part of the reason is because a lot of times these, unlike the who, what, and why questions don’t relate exactly to you, your knowledge, skills and abilities. The point about questions is a ripper. While you are fucking around and watching top gun they are watching you on the cameras. Firefighter Entry-level Written Exam Preparation, EB Jacobs Fire Service Aptitude Battery (FSAB), Fire Team Ergometrics/National Testing Network, IO Solutions/National Firefighter Selection Inventory (NFSI), IO Solutions/CWH Selection Solutions for Firefighters (SSFF), IO Solutions/Firefighter Selection Tool (FST), IO Solutions/Next Generation Firefighter Aptitude Test (NGFF), Public Safety Testing/Firefighter Selection Tool, Stanard & Associates National Firefighter Selection Test (NFST), Custom-Designed Fire Exam Prep by Municipality/State, Firefighter Psychological Test Preparation, Firefighter Psychological & Interview Test Prep, Capt. No one can match the custom-designed detail we put into our exam prep. Didactic, confluence synthesis and endeavour may sound good on an essay but hot damn interviewer wasn't impressed.

I'll keep this updated with other user's contributions. I know a few who started in their early 30's. Bob’s Oral Interview and Prep Package #1, Capt. If you're nervous don't be afraid to tell them. Recall and Comprehend Technical Information from Written Materials - You will receive 4 in-depth practice examinations of over 140 questions for this portion of your exam! Consider each question carefully and answer honestly. Medical can be very specific on dick length too. Applicants are failing this type of examination across the country at a rate of 60-70%! I'm assuming you're a bloke so wear at the least a tie. I want to do my best to be prepared by then. The ultimate source of study material for preparation to become a successful Firefighter candidate! All in all a long but very thorough assessment. This website is run by Chief Officers and Firefighters that have done everything to make sure your purchase and privacy are secure.

Box 265, Corinth, NY 12822(440) 572-3919 | (800) 989-FIRE (3473)[email protected] During this stage, there may also be a psychological evaluation. The math section of the test includes basic math functions and graph and chart analysis. ", "Does your mum love you? The bulletin will include specific dates for filing in January and testing in March 2013. I went in for Pilot, for my Defence Interview, I had an Army Captain too. HERO Elite Cycle April-June 2020. This section contains over 125 practice examination questions!The Background Information Survey exam measures your views on work-related situations and behaviors, including attributes such as conscientiousness, handling work pressure, getting along with others, integrity/trustworthiness and other areas. -Weapons: Know the rifle, know the boats, know the vehicles. © Practice4Me 2018-2020, All rights reserved. Some of property has gone missing from the station house. To become a firefighter in LA, you must take the Firefighter Candidate Assessment (FCA). Wear a jacket/blazer and keep it on. This website is run by Chief Officers and Firefighters who respect your privacy. Not everyone makes it through the hiring process and assessments, but with proper preparation, you are much more likely to succeed. Go over your medical form. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. (some handy links at the bottom. Being over prepared can't hurt :) What're you going for? Guess what? Most fire departments administer firefighter aptitude tests that contain the following sections: Tip for people to get their medical done quickly: I had a blood tests for uni an some of the tests covered the blood tests the ADF needs (HIV, Hep B & C). It is a computer-based exam with both video and audio components. for preparation to become a successful They tell you they passed you, then give you tips on how not to be a fuck up in another interview. Made some friends, its a good opportunity to meet like-minded people. It’s especially helpful if your volunteer work includes responsibility, public service, leadership, or other tasks relevant to fire service. Again, he wasn't happy I didn't give him a straight answer. Super Duper terrifying. Medical was a breeze as I was a fit healthy barely 18 year old and Psych testing was no drama as I'm not nuts. I had to take one for two departments. “I’ve wanted to join since I was 14. Perhaps the worst part of it all is the 10-minute wait. The results will help Robert Half match particular candidates with particular jobs that require certain skills. And that's all they can ask for. When you walk in and show them your ID they note down the time you checked in. Situational Questions for Firefighters (How)The dreaded situational questions! The exam includes five portions, and you have a total of four hours to complete it. Understanding the basic steps will help you prepare for any firefighter job you wish to apply for. Test … I knew my stuff, studied hard. I'd recommend full suit for Assessment day though, looks snappy. Know the leaders. No, all departments are different in what they are looking for. Look your best. This highly intensive preparatory package includes over 425 in-depth multiple choice practice examination questions and test-taking strategies specifically developed for the following testing subjects for your Firefighter Candidate Testing Center Examination – THIS IS NOT GENERIC TESTING!

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