esfp personality essay

The ESFP Personality Type ESFPs are vivacious entertainers who charm and engage those around them.

On top of that, I found that ministry plans made at home didn’t always fit well once you started working in another culture. Entertainer Weaknesses Sensitive – Entertainers (especially Turbulent ones) are strongly emotional, and very vulnerable to criticism – they can feel like they’ve been backed into a corner, sometimes reacting badly. I have discovered many careers that match up with my ISFJ personality, such as doctor, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is popular a personality test, renowned for its detailed, and often very accurate results. The ESFP personality type is one of 16 identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a popular psychometric instrument used to determine how people prefer to gather information and make decisions. As extroverts, ESFPs enjoy spending time with other people and have excellent interpersonal skills. They are good at understanding how other people are feeling and are able to respond to other people's emotions in productive ways. In fact, ESFPs can get so caught up in their excitement of the moment that they feel the need to express it, for instance by dancing or singing. Entertainers are welcome wherever there’s a need for laughter, playfulness, and a volunteer to try something new and fun – and there’s no greater joy for Entertainer personalities than to bring everyone else along for the ride.

What’s my Jungian 16-type Personality (Robbins, 2009). Continue reading. The first letter in my psychological profile is an E. The E is reflective of my extraversion, Personality Types: An Overview.

For instance, when communicating with friends, they will look for a similar past experience ... Continue reading this essay DMCA

At the same time, ESFPs dislike routines. However, they prefer to participate for fun rather than try to improve their performance and like to be asked to participate – even if they aren't interested. I do things that involve direct communications with customers and audiences.

In Br J Gen Pract. On the other hand, I find myself being entrusted with heavy responsibilities in my Congregation.

I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure.

Each letter in the personality type code - E, S, F, and P - describes a preference for a way of thinking or behaving. They are generally focused on the present and will often be the first person to try the newest ride at an amusement park or try out a new adventure sport. Entertainers usually love a little drama and passion, but not so much when they are the focus of the criticisms it can bring. Some of these are more dominant than others and the hierarchical order of these functions influences how people perceive and relate to the world. These series of questions are designed to judge our personalities and help us to determine which career pathways, My Big Five Personality test resulted as low in openness to experience which my score for openness was low at 60%. Find out More About the Personality Type. I am the type of a person who likes to hear every detail, look at the situation and try to figure out all the possible solutions, and work with the most appropriate one. It is helping me in my current apostolate because I need to reach out to customers who buy my products and I have to keep engaging new ones if my business is to grow. I recently took a personality test from the “Jung Typology Test”.

This paper analyzes each trait in relation to my personality type. 1  People with ESFP personality types are often described as spontaneous, resourceful, and outgoing. People with this personality type are often the first to help someone talk out a challenging problem, happily providing emotional support and practical advice. The campaigner represents a true free spirit.

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