dnd 5e rapier vs shortsword

You can't dual wield rapiers without the dual wielder feat. JavaScript is disabled. If you just found a +2 Dagger that perpetually appears to be dripping in oil, wouldn't you take it over your mundane rapier?

A 3# short sword has to represent a wide bladed weapon that is incredibly heavy!

In what way? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I also have the savage attacker feat so I can reroll damage dice once per turn and pick the higher number. A Rapier isn't like a shortsword where slashing quickly is the normal usage, you need to stab with gusto. Tldr, the rapier will be better in the assassinate scenario but otherwise the shortsword is better. Is this a duel to first blood, or a fight to the death?

+1 Shortsword. Beyond that, I think players often look at items as a collection of numbers, but really a rogue's damage comes from sneak attack.

I likewise would be happy to allow Longsword/rapier (or hell battleaxe/warhammer) and an off hand dagger. Rather than worry about it, create a new Fighting Style to support this instead! Archived . Firstly, +1 does not apply to crit rolls twice, you just roll additional die (two in your case).

Take a stick about 3 ft long, and wave it around. So, if you want to utilize your autocrit, you should use rapier.

5th Edition. Current builds that I've seen are: Single-weapon rapier users that use Cunning Action a lot, dual-wielding short swords users, or Shortbow users that take advantage of targets engaged with other allies.

Cutlasses are shorter and heavier, but same deal basically. Adventure Game Industry Market Research Summary (RPGs) V1.0, TSR, WotC, & Paizo: A Comparative History, Eric Noah's Unofficial D&D 3rd Edition News, Advanced Rules Miscellany: 5th Edition Rules Modules, http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/weapons. I have some knowledge, but am no swordsmith, nor sword expert of any kind. I also have the savage attacker feat so I can reroll damage dice once per turn and pick the higher number. I have a rapier, two short swords, and several daggers on my rogue, in addition to a longbow (high elf). Each weapon combination has its place, has its time, and has its merits. But the rapier does win in damage (9 vs 8) especially with the half orc ability. You are using an out of date browser. Rapier would do 3 more damage on average on crits and 1 higher max damage normally, while the shortsword is 5% more likely to hit. The 'light' property only matters when it comes to two-weapon fighting, and a rapier is far too long to be any real use for that, have you ever taken fencing? The sidebar explicitly tells us they are designed for two-weapon fighting. I believe past editions equated it with the shortsword.

Is there a good class for pirate? Dagger is handy if you want to be able to throw your weapon. You are using an out of date browser. Well, there's always aesthetics, flavor, and roleplaying, if you're not a number-crunching wanker. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I have a player that wants to run a fighter/rogue type (basically a Three musketeer like character) that wields either a rapier and dagger or a long sword and dagger. I've seen real cutlasses that were much longer than what the PF cutlass is supposed to be, but I don't know if these is a specific parameter in length or weight that defines what is a cutlass and what is not. Shortsword lets you dual-wield (unless you find yourself using Cunning Action that much) and daggers offer nice versatility for being thrown but also stabby-stabby. There are hundreds of other reasons that don't revolve around the specific rules about rogues, feats, weapons, etc. The shortsword would do min 4, mean 11, max 19, but the rapier would do min 3, mean 13, max 24. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Matt Mercer's Homebrew stuff is overrated. Ideally, I'd say these are four different weapons, though rapier is most similar to a cutlass. Savage attacker doesn't apply to sneak attack but it will be more effective on a d6 than a d8. They aren't conducive to being dual-wielded. Also, raw, the +1 does not get increased on a crit. Slashing rapier would be better called a Saber. So which is better, d8 or d6+1? Perhaps you've been disarmed and the first finesse weapon you got your hands on was a dagger. JavaScript is disabled. for flavor... You might restrict light weapons to off hand only on all weapons. the longsword does more damage and can wielded 2 handed if you so desire, or still 1 handed with or without a shield. And we are told that what sorts of characters they represent.

A cutlass is a cutlass, a rapier is a rapier, a longsword is a longsword and a shortsword is a shortsword - basically these are four different bladed weapons. Feel the difference? and even if you wanted to dual wield, you could take the dual wielder feat and dual wield longswords. For the assassinate case you do still need to hit first and the +1 improves the odds of that by 5%. Om average the rapier with the assassin crit will do 9 damage while the short sword does 8. It is not even possible to overvalue cunning action. A cutlass is a cutlass, a rapier is a rapier, a longsword is a longsword and a shortsword is a shortsword - basically these are four different bladed weapons. Maybe in your world the only weapons that anyone bothers enchanting are long swords and daggers. In most parties, getting surprise is pretty rare. What is he armed with? Also; 'short' sword is a misnomer, the weapon is actually quite long. Well...shortswords do piercing damage, don't they?

Short Sword is preferred if you want to dual wield.

Dagger, short sword, rapier.

How long is a “short sword”? 3 years ago. Can you dual wield a shortsword/rapier/dagger and a flintlock pistol in 5e? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Balance and how the sword is used. Flavorwise: you need to put some directed force behind your rapier thrusts, and can't just slash up your opponent. Rapiers are long, straight, narrow-bladed thrusting weapons, while cutlasses are shorter, curved, broad-bladed slashing weapons. You can call the weapons anything you like but the designers don't intend for you to dual-wield anything larger than a d6 without spending a feat. On the other hand, that +1 magic weapon will overcome resistances and immunities of some of the tougher monsters, so could be worthwhile in the long run. Later on in the game players will certainly be seeking out their ideal equipment (crafting, following legends, etc), but I hardly ever get there in my campaigns (I generally run players level 1-12ish, they get silly after that). In what conditions? Ok. A rapier is a d8 damage so average of 4.5. DM. if you're STR based fighter who isn't dual wielding as you've stated, there is no mechanical reason to ever use a shortsword over a longsword. I don't see it used for poking things as much as for slashing. It's the same average damage on hit, except one of those has a +1 to hit, which increases DPR. Simplist way to define this.

One or the other. Press J to jump to the feed.

The swashbuckler can use a smallsword (stats as shortsword) until he builds up the strength to use a rapier at level 4. I've been thinking about this, but cant really figure it out. I guess that might be so DMs can add their own weapons etc. I like the fighting style Swashbuckle idea but may just allow the 1d4 off hand weapons, as there is less change to the game that way. Thanks for the replies. So the shortsword's damage is slightly more consistent and the floor is higher, but on average the rapier will do more damage - assuming they run crits RAW. Definitely the short sword. You can far more easily use a shortsword in each hand than two rapiers due to their balance, style, and length. Press J to jump to the feed.

What most people would consider a short sword is actually a dagger. Or you can, y'know, dual wield - rapier for crits and shortsword for regular attacks. That said, spend a feat and you're good I think... or is it the class feature? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPlT2uKruwM#t=102. They're especially useful for smaller characters, although I'm blanking on the specifics for small character weapon limits in 5e right now (book is at home). While all bladed weapons have some similarities, only the rapier even resembles a cutlass (both being single edged, one-handed weapons), with the other two being double edged weapons.

But obviously you'll hit more often with the shortsword than the rapier. I was thinking gunslinger fighter dual wielding with a sword of some kind. And of course game balance. Roll20 brings pen-and-paper gameplay to your browser with features that save time and enhance your favorite parts of tabletop games.

Perhaps you're climbing a rope with a dagger clenched in your teeth. I like the idea of having characters "use what they can find" rather than expecting the Tomb of Zargon III to have their own personal armory within. 5e covers most weapons. I'm really excited about the whole idea of a duel-wielding rogue, especially with how easy they made it to throw in extra ranged attacks with an off hand weapon. Because game balance is more important than verisimilitude. I basically added the "Off Hand" trait to 1d4 Light Weapons, which allows them to be used for an Attack as a bonus action (no damage modifier, as per TWF).

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