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Check out more great ideas for Father’s Day gifts here! Haunted House...A Halloween Adventure(Graphic Intensive) Halloween Riddles from the Kid's Nest The role of fathers in the lives of their children has always been less straightforward than the roles of mothers. The Wearin' O' The Green...An Old Irish Song EMAIL: [email protected], A man remembers something special about his father, Funeral homes across the U.S. are offering seniors a limo ride to get out the vote, Funeral homes may offer refunds for prepaid funeral services affected by the pandemic. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.


Thoughts of Christmas..poem by Marilyn Ferguson Some children went days without seeing their fathers. Site Design and Hosting by. It has only been in the last few decades that the role of the father in child rearing has grown  more personal. ~, Other Seasonal Pages and Your email address will not be published. Tidings Of Great Joy But your hands are never too busy To stop and do good deeds. Mardi Gras!! Blue Christmas...Lyrics and WAV by Elvis(extra load-time required)  they seemed to me awfully nice!  to feel that love lies in the grip. Christmas With Grandma...Why I believe in Santa (Christmas story) "MY DADDY'S HANDS" daddy take my hand in yours...and you will plainly see... how very much I need you love and care for me!{:..

Mary, Did You Know...Lyrics with vocal by Mark Lowry

The Pale Blue Ribbon...Memorial for Vietnam POW Col. Don Cook

Ireland...Land of Leprechauns, Legends and Laughter

The idea eventually took hold across the nation. as my little hand grows...I will need you even more!..

New Year Reflections...poem by Judith Johnson Kypta

I want most of all when my son takes my hand,  The love in the toil, the dirt and the oil, The Chapel in Wren's World-Cast Your Cares Upon The Lord- Falling In Love...Again Joys Of Motherhood...Why mother's days may not be so joyful

 as strong as a carpenter's vice.  or the hammer that just seemed to slip. Happy St. Patrick's Day

He Lives and He Is Lord!

an engraved hammer (in your child’s handwriting). The First Christmas...Happy Birthday Jesus

©artist Tom Sierak, New Happy Valentines, Sweetheart  I was holding one of my lads. Proud To Be American Branch Home Page The sight of those hands - how impressive it was in the eyes of his little boy. Freedom Is Not Free The sight of those hands - how impressive it was

A Turkey's (after Thanksgiving) Perspective created using artwork "Life Spans"  Three Trees...A great inspirational story

Mother's Loving Embrace Through much of history, fathers acted as the breadwinners while mothers provided the rearing and the nurturing.

~ By David Kettler

It tells the story of how the narrator, looking at his own hands, remembers his dead father’s hands. I've Been Right Here Waiting...Come Into My Web (Halloween) Thanks Giving Prayer...poem by Rinda Nelson This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Thanksgiving Riddles For The Kids Jest 'fore Christmas...I'm Good As I Can Be But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Oh How The Angels Sing

Working hard for the benefit of your family is one of those ways.  when one day my time is done. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. New Year Resolutions! “My Dad’s Hands,” a poem by David Ketter, seems to have been written in a time when children and their fathers were just learning how to begin to relate to each other. I Thought of You

 My hands... they looked like my dad's! Wren's World Kids Nest Home Page

Rusty Christmas song with lyrics by Da Yoopers The Coffin...a little Halloween Humor The Friendly Witch...Halloween Poem The Bard of Armagh...Irish Top 'O' The Morning To Ye I don't mind the bruises, the scars here and there Sequencer: Unknown, Background Thinking back, he is proud of the evidence that his dad worked so hard. Santa's Christmas Eve Prayer Your hands are there to help To catch me when I fall To hug, tickle, and embrace You answer every call.  rusty plumbing that gave those hands fits! Mom, This Bud's For You! More Quick Quip Jokes

Thankful ©WrensByDesign2002, Top graphic You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

Come Be My Love

In 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers. What's New In Wren's World...Recently Added Pages Black Shadow...Halloween song lyrics and midi

Dear Santa...A Childs Meaningful Letter The Night Before Christmas

Awesome Love..An Easter Tribute

It tells the story of how the narrator, looking at his own hands, remembers his dead father’s hands. Treasures For The King...Christmas Gifts Who Will Trick Or Treat With Me?

Too Old To Trick Or Treat The Chocolate Easter Bunny..Delightful poem by Virginia Ellis Whoopee, It's the New Year!!

Two Jesus's Map.

In 1972, Richard Nixon finally signed Father’s Day into law. With your hands you labor And provide for all our needs. I gave little thought in my formative years of the reason for Dad's raspy mitts: The love in the toil, the dirt and the oil, rusty plumbing that gave those hands …

“My Dad’s Hands,” a poem by David Ketter, seems to have been written in a time when children and their fathers were just learning how to begin to relate to each other.

Collection of Christmas Midi's  his thumb was a beautiful blue! Giving Thanks

On June 18 of this year, the third Sunday of the month, the United States celebrated Father’s Day.  will pass on to the hands of my son. Wren's We express love in many different ways. My Cowboys Night Before Christmas Her father had raised her and her siblings. And thanks to a hammer that strayed from its mark. This poem's for you! I Remember You The Baby, The Bum...And The Spirit of Christmas Funny Father's Day Questionnaire For Kids, Father's Day Gift: "The Tie that Binds" Shadowbox,, Funny Father’s Day Questionnaire For Kids. The author of “My Dad’s Hands” powerfully portrays the love and admiration he felt for his own father and the love he feels for his children.  in the eyes of his little boy.

“I remember them well, those old gnarled hooks. Other dads' hands were cleaner, it seemed (the effects of their office employ). Your email address will not be published.  (the effects of their office employ).

In The Garden...An Easter Poem The United States did not take notice of a day to honor fathers until it was established as a counterpart to Mother’s Day in 1908. Still, the idea might have faded away had it not been for the insistence of a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington.

Why We Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day Happy Thanksgiving Spirit Of Santa..Dad Answers, "Is Santa Real?"

Thanksgiving Dinner...Sharing The Blessings  of the reason for Dad's raspy mitts: He reflects that, “Thinking back, misty-eyed, and thinking ahead, The torch of love in my own withered hands.

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