crf110 mx swingarm

and ready for adult sized riders.• Fully adjustable compression, rebound, and preload• Remote The stock suspension is too soft for most adults. Does not include chain guide. CRF110. CRF110; TBolt USA is open and filling online orders and back up to speed! MXP:$139.00, 420-HCF-1101 Carb Kit - BBR 18mm / CRF110F 13-18. -->, , , LIST:$369.95  border: 1px solid; } The shock can be moved to 8 different positions when you use the new F8 Ishock and 4 positions suspension action. From 100lb aggressive kids to 200lb adult riders. All Stock Comp Signature swingarms now include a brake stop for disc brake caliper mounts (fits old BBR disc brake or Diamond KX65 caliper mount) or the standard KLX110 brake arm. Our main warehouse, shop & offices are in Pennsylvania, but we often ship from other warehouses around the country.

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