canadian steam locomotives

The Schmidt High-pressure System was used; as in other applications it worked fairly well but high maintenance costs outweighed any efficiency savings.

It operated on the Mountain Subdivision of the CPR from 1931 to 1936, but was scrapped in 1940. This stunning level of power was necessary for this locomotive class to complete its job climbing the Allegheny Mountains’ steep grades . 972, of class D10j, at Reading, Pennsylvania on October 9, 1983.

1266 was scrapped in 1962, six of the G5s are extant. The exhaust steam from this was mixed with 250 psi pressure steam from the LP boiler to feed the two outside cylinders.

2809 had an all-weather vestibule cab providing greater protection for the engine crew during the colder seasons.

According to the information provided by Don's Depot (Don's Rail Photos), she was retired at the end of 1959.

These engines of class N2c had 63-inch drivers and 23x32-inch cylinders.

Despite the evocative Ted Rose watercolor on its cover, Canadian Steam!

For local and branch line service, over trackage often laid with lighter rail during a period of rapid railroad expansion in Canada, the Canadian Pacific needed a smaller locomotive that could handle both passenger and freight traffic. I photographed her digitally at Scranton on July 26, 2005.

I photographed No.

472, shown here simmering away on one of the roundhouse lead tracks, was a member of class D4g outshopped by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1914.

Featuring 75-inch drivers, members of the H1 class developed a … In the USA the 2-10-4 wheel configuration was called the "Texas" type, but the CPR used the term "Selkirks" after the range of the Rockie mountains that the Railway crossed. To leave a comment you must be a member of our community.


However, I am glad I had the chance to see and photograph CPR steam in revenue service, in the waning summer days of 1955. For me, the country and the season go together. Alas, the current Covid-19 restrictions got in the way. A member of class P2e, No. No.

It’s a worthy addition to any railroad library, for, as D.P.M.

The train is 491, a hot New England–Chicago freight via Sarnia, Ont., and the Grand Trunk Western. Canadian National Railway Co. No.

The tractive effort would have been about 21,380 pounds following the usual formula.

2809 had an all-weather vestibule cab providing greater protection for the engine crew during the colder seasons. It was not original equipment but was applied during a 1922 rebuild, during which her cylinders were modified a to the dimensions given and she was reclassified from class G2d. The purpose of the feedwater heater was to use exhaust steam from the cylinders to preheat fresh water going into the boiler. Sadly, with a change in CPR management that program was suspended. If any photographer dominates Canadian Steam! Most North American steam locomotives built, or rebuilt, after about 1920 were equipped with feedwater heaters. 3254, have been mainstays of the Steamtown operation.

453 of this class is reportedly stored in Utica, New York with its future plans uncertain. They sustained 190 pounds per square inch of boiler pressure and weighed 109 tons. It’s hardly a substitute for being there, but the other evening I found myself getting at least a bit of a fix by reaching for a favorite book, David P. Morgan’s Canadian Steam!, a pictorial review of Dominion railroading published by Kalmbach in 1961, the year after steam vanished on Canadian National and Canadian Pacific. Jim Shaughnessy caught a CN 4-8-4 heading for the sunset with a Chicago-bound freight.

The locomotives of class G5 were intended for light freight duty across Canada, and the G5d subclass of this modest design was the last group to be placed in service after manufacture by Canadian Locomotive Company in 1948. 2317 was constructed by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1923, and handled main line freight and passenger trains until being retired in 1959. 1293 of subclass G5d, outshopped in 1948 by the Canadian Locomotive Company. It operated on the Mountain Subdivision of the CPR from 1931 to 1936, but was scrapped in 1940. Motive power on this line was pooled between the Boston & Maine and the Canadian Pacific, and consisted of CPR 4-6-0s and 2-8-0s, B&M 2-8-0s, and CPR 4-6-2s on the night passenger train. Despite the evocative Ted Rose watercolor on its cover, Among the photos that missed inclusion in. They exerted 45,300 pounds of tractive effort (57,330 with booster engine operating). Comments on this post must be approved by a moderator before they will appear on the site.

The transparency below was captured by my father, Dr. R. D. Leonard, in the fall of 1970 at Rutland. 1278 is also at the Age of Steam Roundhouse and will likely never be restored to operation, being preserved as an exhibit of the hazard involved in slipshod maintenance of steam equipment. a public relations vehicle for the railroad. 1278 of the same class achieved notoriety while being operated in tourist service on the Gettysburg Railroad in Pennsylvania in June 1995. For some alternate views of the same locomotives I photographed then, visit the Canada Collection in our Random Steam Photo Collection.

Get the Classic Trains twice-monthly newsletter. The locomotive preferences of the Canadian Pacific were displayed for us as we pursued our way westward and arrived at the locomotive servicing facility in Chalk River, Ontario.

receive our newsletter, manage your account online and more! Text and photo images©2013 Richard Leonard. The famous Royal Hudsons were preceded by earlier classes built by Montreal Locomotive Works beginning in 1929. Phil Hastings chose a low angle for his view of CP 4-4-0 No. The diesel era, dominated by the products of General Motors' Electro-Motive Division, brought a measure of uniformity to the motive power fleets of North American railroads. The 4-6-0 or Ten-Wheeler type met this requirement, and the CPR rostered a large number of these engines in several classes. 472 saw service under the often-severe weather conditions of eastern Canada and northern New England; Jean-Louis Ouellette provided a photo of No. Like all newer Canadian steam locomotives and many built for railroads in the northern United States, No.

With a grate area of 65 square feet, she has 3530 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 803 square feet of superheater surface, and weighs 319,000 pounds. 5631 has been preserved at an industrial park in Depew, New York, facing an uncertain future.

No. Here we found 2-8-2 No. ☆ = Inactive website noted for archival information & photos.

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