boeing 777 passenger capacity

[177] Greater range is possible if less cargo weight is carried. It reduces the lower back pain which I used to get when sitting in the seat without it.”, It seems that there are better quality seats available if the airline is willing to cough up the cash. Firstly, look at the fuselage width. [177] The -200LR was intended for ultra long-haul routes such as Los Angeles to Singapore. [208], In October 2019, Boeing and Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) launched the 777-300ERSF passenger to freighter conversion program with GECAS ordering 15 aircraft and 15 options, the first aftermarket 777 freighter conversion program. The Boeing Archives Presents Video Series. The two main passenger versions are the Boeing 777 200 and the Boeing 777 300 variants. For those in charge of looking after your safety while onboard, it’s fair to say that most of them love the 777. These improvements, of which the latter is the most important and was derived from work to develop the 787, were stated by GE to lower fuel burn by 0.5%. Boeing was also redesigning the inboard flap fairings to reduce drag by reducing pressure on the underside of the wing. [12] Delta Air Lines and Emirates are the largest operators of the LR variant with each operating 10 aircraft. These long haul variants feature 110,000–115,300 lbf (489–513 kN) GE90 engines and extended raked wingtips. Air France and Saudia are the only two airlines with a version made for more than 400, along with a version made for less than 300.

Some airlines want to use the aircraft for intensive short-range operations as Japan Airlines does between Tokyo (HND/NRT) and Sapporo (CTS). 777-300 - Either two 400kN (90,000lb) Pratt & Whitney PW-4090 turbofans, or 436kN (98,000lb) PW-4098s, or 409kN (92,000lb) Rolls-Royce Trent 892s, or 409kN (92,000lb) General Electric GE90-92Bs. First delivery, to Air France, is scheduled for March 2004. The 777-300ER was to shed 1,800 lb (820 kg) by replacing the fuselage crown with tie rods and composite integration panels, similar to those used on the 787. [80] On April 2, 1997, a Malaysia Airlines -200ER named "Super Ranger" broke the great circle "distance without landing" record for an airliner by flying eastward from Boeing Field, Seattle to Kuala Lumpur, a distance of 10,823 nautical miles (20,044 km; 12,455 mi), in 21 hours and 23 minutes. [10], The 777 surpassed 2,000 orders by the end of 2018. Full Disclosure: We may receive financial compensation when you click on links and are approved for credit card products from our advertising partners. "777 Triple Seven Revolution". Nine different -200 customers have taken delivery of 88 aircraft,[2] with 55 in airline service as of July 2018[update]. It uses the -200IGW 45,200 US gal (171,200 L) fuel capacity and 84,000–98,000 lbf (374–436 kN) engines with a 580,000 to 661,000 lb (263.3 to 299.6 t) MTOW. Other operators, like Crystal Skye, go to the other extreme and use them as private jets, with just 88 seats and some pretty impressive extras. Passengers, pilots, flight attendants, engineers, and ground handlers must all have their interests considered and catered for. Normally referred to as the “triple seven,” it has become a firm favorite with airlines and pilots alike. Each seat converts to a fully flat bed and there is a social lounge and stand up bar for when you’re bored of your bed. At the other end of the spectrum, Air France wins the sardine can prize with a variant seating up to 468. [106] FAA and EASA type certification for the freighter was received on February 6, 2009,[107] and the first delivery to launch customer Air France took place on February 19, 2009. [88], In March 1997, the Boeing board approved the 777-200X/300X specifications: 298 passengers in three classes over 8,600 nmi (15,900 km) for the 200X and 6,600 nmi (12,200 km) with 355 passengers in a tri-class layout for the 300X, with design freeze planned in May 1998, 200X certification in August 2000, and introduction in September and in January 2001 for the 300X. Sign up to receive the latest photos, news, contest announcements and more. With new breakthroughs in aerodynamics and engines, the 777X will deliver 10 percent lower fuel use and emissions and 10 percent lower operating costs than the competition. Boeing 777-200. [71] Initial service was affected by gearbox bearing wear issues, which caused British Airways to temporarily withdraw its 777 fleet from transatlantic service in 1997,[71] returning to full service later that year. As of February 2019[update], the 777 has been involved in 28 aviation accidents and incidents,[13] including seven hull losses (five in-flight and two in ground incidents) resulting in 541 fatalities along with three hijackings.

[12] As of August 2019[update], -300ER deliveries to 45 different customers totalled 810, with 34 unfilled orders. [207], In July 2018, Boeing was studying a 777-300ER freighter conversion, targeted for the volumetric market instead of the density market served by the 777F. [82] The -200LR was certified by both the FAA and EASA on February 2, 2006,[100] and the first delivery to Pakistan International Airlines occurred on February 26, 2006. To comply with emergency evacuation requirements with the increased passenger number, the -300 needed an extra pair of doors. However, the credit card information that we publish has been written by experts who know these products inside out, and what we recommend is what we would (or already) use ourselves.

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. This helps reduce weight and simplifies the aircraft's braking and hydraulic systems. [237][242] Two other minor momentary losses of thrust with Trent 895 engines occurred later in 2008.

[156] The 777's windows were the largest of any current commercial airliner until the 787, and measure 15-inch (380 mm) by 10-inch (250 mm) in size (all models outside the 777-8 and -9).

[12], In 2017, 777 Classics are reaching the end of their mainline service: with a -200 age ranging from three to 22 years, 43 Classic 777s or 7.5% of the fleet have been retired. [243][244] Investigators found these were also caused by ice in the fuel clogging the FOHE. Is The Chase Ink Business Preferred Worth It? [21] Airline planners' requirements for larger aircraft had become increasingly specific, adding to the heightened competition among aircraft manufacturers. [75], Following the introduction of the -200ER, Boeing turned its attention to a stretched version of the airliner. As a consequence, the 777-300ER received an engine and aerodynamics improvement package for reduced drag and weight. First: 6 (flat bed) Business: 53 (flat bed) Premium Economy: 34 Economy: 182 Total Passengers: 275. The delivery symbolized the carrier’s emergence from bankruptcy in April 2007. The aircraft's fuselage and right wing were irreparably damaged by the fire. It is recognizable for its large-diameter turbofan engines, six wheels on each main landing gear, fully circular fuselage cross-section,[8] and a blade-shaped tail cone. [99] The program backlog of 356 orders was valued at US$95 billion at list prices in 2008. If you'd like to add a comment to this article and share your valuable feedback and opinions, please click here to leave your comment. Where a smaller plane, like the Boeing 737-800, would have just two or three different seating configurations, the B77W has many. However, if you’re there to work, the unique design of the center seats means that the can be turned to create a 4-person meeting and dining space. So what other signs are there? [173] Eight different customers have taken delivery of 60 aircraft of the variant, of which 18 were powered by the PW4000 and 42 by the RR Trent 800 (none were ordered with the GE90, which was never certificated on this variant[191]),[2] with 48 in airline service as of July 2018[update]. That said, those who call the 777 their office seem to love it. [11] As of July 2018[update], Emirates was the largest operator with 163 aircraft. “The seat layouts!” joked Laura. Developed in the 1990s, it’s still going strong nearly 30 years later. Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. Boeing's 777-300 is powered by the world's most powerful turbofan engines. Galley. It was launched in November 2013 with two variants: the 777-8 and the 777-9. [24] McDonnell Douglas was working on the MD-11, a stretched and upgraded successor of the DC-10,[24] while Airbus was developing its A330 and A340 series. [183][184] Boeing nicknamed it Worldliner as it can connect almost any two airports in the world,[102] although it is subject to ETOPS restrictions. [183] The -200LR is powered by GE90-110B1 or GE90-115B turbofans. [110] By 2004, the airliner accounted for the bulk of wide-body revenues for the Boeing Commercial Airplanes division.

[183] As with the -300ER and 777F, the -200LR is equipped with wingtip extensions of 12.8 ft (3.90 m). For more information on our advertisers, see here. [237][245], The second hull loss occurred on July 29, 2011 when a 777-200ER scheduled to operate as EgyptAir Flight 667 suffered a cockpit fire while parked at the gate at Cairo International Airport before its departure.

[172], The initial 777-200 made its maiden flight on June 12, 1994 and was first delivered to United Airlines on May 15, 1995. [231], Orders and deliveries through September 2020[1][2], Orders through September 30, 2020[1][2] and deliveries[3]. ... Boeing 777-300ER (77W) ... Capacity Payload: 66.7 tons: NON-USA Routes: Passengers + Baggage: 33.6 tons: Cargo: 25 tons: Capacity Payload: 58.6 tons: Figures in brackets are for VT-ALX: [133], In March 2015, additional details of the improvement package were unveiled. [12] The last -300 was delivered in 2006 while the longer-range -300ER started deliveries in 2004. As of July 2018, there were 784 777-300ER aircraft in service with airlines around the world. [46] The 777 "was completed with such precision that it was the first Boeing jet that didn’t need its kinks worked out on an expensive physical mock-up plane", which contrasted sharply with the development of Boeing's next new airliner, the 787. “I have my own side to work at my own pace. To get an idea of what it’s like to work as a flight attendant on the 777, we spoke to Laura and Alex, crew for different airlines who operate the 777. [181][182], The 777-200LR ("LR" for Long Range), the C-market model, entered service in 2006 as one of the longest-range commercial airliners. It has some of the most up-to-date systems on board, ensuring that the pilots have the best tools available to them to get you safely to your destination. The Boeing 777-300ER is actually longer from nose to tail than both the Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A380-800. To keep them cost efficient, operators densify their 777s for about US$10 million each, like Scoot with 402 seats in its dual-class -200s, or Cathay Pacific which switched the 3–3–3 economy layout of 777-300s to 3–4–3 to seat 396 on regional services. It’s an incredibly reliable aircraft that is loved by both the airlines, crew, and passengers alike.

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