blue whale niche

And this is the problem for our giants of the seas. Beluga whales are a great indicator of the health of marine ecosystems because they hold a large role in the food chain of marine animals. What is a blue whales niche in its ecosystem? (Scientific American, 31/07/2020). And it weighs roughly 25 times more than the largest living land animal, the elephant. They achieve these with enormous size, sleek bodies, and small, hydrodynamic flippers.” This huge body also has large fat reserves that are useful for travelling the thousands of kilometres that separate different feeding grounds.

However, lunge feeding requires energy-intensive underwater accelerations that must be made profitable by large catches. Read on to learn about the blue whale. But for this feeding technique to pay off, the necessary resources had to be available.

But such a high degree of specialization makes the blue whale very vulnerable to changes in its environment. Food Web:

I have had the ports two times on my starter island (tiny green) in story mode. This whale species is located in every ocean across the world. well i have to say a blue whales niche is to eat krill and keep them in watch. Where will the increase in size stop? The ports of the whale island look like the hard jungle ports though they can be found on the easy set of island as it is considered an easy island. […] Ecological entrenchment has become entrapment.”. Thus, “lunge feeders” have every interest in having a larger mouth to engulf more prey.

In a Scientific American article, biologist Eric M. Keen puts several pieces of the puzzle together and emphasizes one particular characteristic of the world’s largest creature: its hyperspecialization. © JC Lemay, The blue whale feeds exclusively on krill – tiny shrimp-like crustaceans © Fisheries and Oceans Canada, The gigantic size of the blue whale is both its strength... and its weakness © Benny Caro, Marine Mammal Interpretation Center (CIMM), Supersized: Evolution of Gigantism in Mysticetes Whales (in French, Whales Online, October 11, 2017), Evolution: Bigger Bodies to Better Tolerate the Cold! But such a high degree of specialization makes the blue whale very vulnerable to changes in its environment.

They must therefore be bigger.

Even the fin whale, the second largest animal on the planet, weighs only about half as much. They belong to the ocean biomes Antarctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean.

It would be quite difficult to build a tank large enough for such a huge whale so… no it does not make a good pet.

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These whales spend their summers in the cooler waters of the Arctic or Antarctic oceans, and their winters in the tropical waters near the equator. Of course, such a large size makes the species safe from most predators on the planet – notwithstanding humans. “The maximum size of animals does not seem to be limited by physiology, but rather by the availability of prey”, emphasizes Jérôme Goldbogen. It is bigger than the largest dinosaur. Independent evolution of baleen whale gigantism linked to PlioPleistocene ocean dynamics. A number of factors have contributed to gigantism in blue whales © NOAA, The “lunge feeding” technique developed by whales requires a large mouth © Daniel Grenier, The Ice Age contributed to the development of upwelling phenomena, which concentrates prey in dense schools.

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