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The chapter was released on September 28, 2017. I think the girl’s voice we hear in the final cut scene is Henry’s daughter. The only way to get in and out of there besides breaking the boards would be to walk through the walls. The way this is set up, “empty/void” is modifying “silver”.

Wander around for a bit until he reaches Joey's office, the left of which is some extra-thick ink, take it and return to the main room, which houses an Ink Maker. But let’s not claim victory yet, since while going through a series of tunnels, he will be attacked by multiple search engines. After that, he sits on a chair and begins to hit his arm with Axe, threatening him. A joke teaser parodying the one for Red Dead Redemption II. Acetate is a special plastic used by traditional animators to add layers on top of a scene. Followed by SO- They are linked and Joey can influence Bendy to walk through walls and write the messages for Henry made out of ink…but it isn’t ink. In this post, we will continue to explore and provide a complete walkthrough […], Bendy and the Ink Machine also know as BATIM or simply Bendy is an episodic survival horror video game categorized as first-person puzzle action survival. But let’s take a look on the description. Henry, Tom and Allison then proceed to fight a horde of Searchers and Lost Ones. Restless, he approaches him and sits on a chair as he begins to hit his arm with Ax , threatening him. Maybe we will have to chose between two proposition that have something to do with “where we belong”, Since the picture is a hole, maybe we will have to fall on a certain hole to make our choice. Sorry for the s*tty quality, had to take a picture from the original paper version. All in all, chapter five was a great way to wrap up the story. To the left of Sammy’s office, there is some extra-thick ink you need to take back to Ink Maker. After that, Henry places the reel in a projector which flashes colors, the same in Henry's previous visions, which finally destroys Beast Bendy. But... is this truly The End? It possibly means that we’ll find something (One or more “Monster of ink”) in the depth of the Chapter 5 location. Here we will tell you a little more about it. Later, Alice talks with Henry again and he notices that she’s the one who writes on the walls. Almost as if it is pure creativity, untainted by greed. Oxygen tanks, IV bags, etc. It would kill him. I don’t want to jump to conclusions yet, though.).

You’ll have to try a few times, they say some glitches prevent you to get the achievement.

Then it dawned on me. (This is because the achievement says “longer walk”, and that’s the left way). Looks like you have a date with an Angel! They exist because Joey literally gave them life- part of his own. Am I crazy? I mean, his whole facial expression is scary, but his eyes… Here’s another example-. Where he talks to his old friend and tells him that he has a perfect family but is concerned that he has an empire in ruins.

Required fields are marked *, Bendy and the Ink Machine – Chapter 5 The Last Reel Walkthrough. No votes so far! An exciting moment but yes, it manages to survive. There is a metal grid in the middle of the room, screens on the walls and also control panel with a valve that you need to turn. It kind of reminds me of when older people need machines at home to keep them alive.

But then Tom will arrive behind him to kill him first with an axe. while Bendy walks through a wall to Henry's location. There are 3 bacon soup cans on the shelf and one more in the next room. And if the similarities weren’t bad enough, check out the timeline of their releases: They’re precisely the same number of videos apart: five.

but, there is no achievements that says “Finished the Side Story.”, so this “Other Story” may just be some bonus audio tapes. Suddenly he falls into an ink pool in a room beneath and finds a hidden message “it’s inside the vault”. All that’s left to see now is if there’s anything in the extras, any extra lore in the hidden messages that you’ll be able to see once unlocking the glass after chapter five, or if the version they released to everyone else is any different from the Jacksepticeye edition. Dylan has a passion for PC games of all kinds since he was a kid. (I had an Uncle Pete who wasn’t related to our family at all, but was one of my dad’s closest friends.) With everything we discussed in this guide in Chapter 5 of Bendy and the Ink Machine , you have everything you need to avoid suffering in the mystery and the surprise of this incredible game.

Showing the endcard to Bendy was the most cartoon-logical way to end his existence. His eyes are… too white. At the end of this, Henry takes a reel named “The End” and is attacked by “Bendy” that transforms into a Beast version of himself that attacks Henry. We can hear it glugging along as we look at the picture on the wall. I know… I’m probably reaching here, but the way Jack’s eyes have been…emphasized in recent thumbnails is unnerving. With some nostalgia or pain for everything he lived through. Being killed by a strange and strong light coming from the projector.

And what did Alice and Tom do? Because each one of them has a piece of Joey’s actual life force in them. After that, he is seen sitting on the table, while Allison repairs his mechanical arm, stating that it’s just a matter of time before “Bendy” finds them. As the fight ends he will push henry down and will stand above him with axe promising to free him and waving the axe to kill him, Honest to god. Thomas Connor said “To Hell and Back” in an audio tape, in chapter 3, but i can’t think of a possible link. The process had a failure to create one figure called Bendy which looks something unnatural to him. Henry finds himself in Joey’s apartment. It has firmly planted itself in the “Keep an eye on this and return to it later” part of my theorist brain. So, this achievements probably means tht once in this chapter, we can be “lazy”. The only certainty is that he is upset with Henry . Joey wrote it.

After that, he sits on a chair and begins to hit his arm with Axe, threatening him. After completing the pipes puzzle, open the door of the, To earn this achievement, you must complete the pipe puzzle without being seen by any, Remember that they don’t react to sound, so you can hide inside the Little. With a “The End!” endcard. He spends hours exploring and diving into the fascinating world of gaming. How do cartoons end? The glowing text… the golden orbs that rose from the ink… that’s Joey. It makes sense that it would reveal the hidden messages in this cartoon-based world.

Tom doesn’t trust Henry and won’t let him out, but Alice promises to try and help him tomorrow. In a box, you notice some old films and then Alice and Tom will arrive in the room. Allison tells him that she doesn’t remember her name but says that people call her Alice. That would explain how he’s “always there, always watching.” He’s on all our phones, TVs, and computers at once. Now, this achievement can suggest we’ll be able to take a more “pacifist” path. He then finds himself in the Administration Lobby needing to collect pipes to drain a hallway that leads to the Film Vault. Also, they don’t move like the Projectionist, if you take the ink, they won’t run to the place where you are. I keep seeing a lot of comments along the lines of “the ending is unclear” and “I don’t get it” and “the ending was so unsatisfying”, but I think you guys are looking at this in all the wrong ways. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Then you’ll get a new objective. :Unlocks after listening to all audio logs in Chapter Five. All in all great addon tho so yeah.

Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 5 Walkthrough. After traversing the passage Henry comes to a Vault, enter and click on the only unopened box to receive another cut-scene, where Allison and Tom appear and open the way forward. As time passes, Henry arrives at the Village of the Lost , where he meets Sammy Lawrence.

Allison stated that they can’t just leave Henry there. (From today’s video: Jacksepticeye Was Sans All Along! She/her. Previous update(s) since we have Tom and Alison with us, it’s obvious it has something to do with them. One of the best JackSepticEye series of 2016!! The chapter ends with Henry arriving in Joey Drew's apartment. This is some theories on what the Chapter Five achievements are about. They ceased to be when the final episode finished.

Use the special seeing glasses to look over hidden messages on the walls.

Now, this achievements is one of he most interesting.

When Henry looks through the glass, what was the first glowing text Henry saw? She says “Tell me another one, Uncle Joey.” Tell me another story. Too highlighted. At the end of the river, Henry finds himself at the Lost Harbor, a seemingly empty village. Maybe a Thing bigger than the Ink Demon itself. And I really freaking enjoyed it!

This will bring the Ink monster into the room running again and turning off the lights. When Henry wakes up he sees Tom being asked by Allison Angel to keep an eye on Henry as she leaves. Joey talks to Susie that Alice means a lot to him as well all of his other characters, he believes that

The people who worked there fuel their ink monster-personas with their own lives, too. You need to repeat the process and create 3 pipes, beware of Bnedy wandering near the main room and remember to use the Miracle Station nearby just in case you need it. But... is this truly The End? Home > Guides > Bendy and the Ink Machine – Chapter 5 The Last Reel Walkthrough. I think it’s acetate. I haven’t really been through the tag today, so I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this. Or something with his corpse…We’ll know the 26th. 32.33% Uncommon: Missable.

While others only see her as if she were an Angel. Henry awakes in Allison Angel and Tom’s safehouse, listening to a song that Allison was singing as she paints ink messages on the wall. Did you catch that? In this post, we’ll answer some FAQ that people have about Bendy And The Ink Machine. I gave you everything and you left me to rot“. In the previous […], Chapter 2: The Old Song In Chapter One of Bendy And The Ink Machine: Moving Pictures, we started the episodic series of BATIM. Not even that he created Bendy in his own image. With his two other companions, Henry leads the way going over a narrow planks bridge. “They are more than just drawing. THE PORTAL THING IS IN THE BALL LIKE IT WAS ON HENRIK’S COMPUTER SCREEN, WHAT DOES THE TITLE MEAN? This time the focus will be on Bendy And The Ink Machine Characters. Clicking the spoon opens the door of a hidden bathroom and using the special glasses Henry can see “You’ll need this” Repeat the process six or seven times to get to the Lost Harbor. Keep your eyes peeled, everybody! And finally, in the Chapter 5 reveal trailer, when it showed the corridor with Piper in it, there was a shadow that looked like the Projectionnist. I don’t know if it’s unintentional, or intentional for a completely different reason, but the similarities between his eyes and the eyes of the androids sent by Cyberlife…. In the tape, Sammy’s voice speaks to Henry about their achievement in creating a new life in the hearts of people, where today only the shadow of the Past left, but now Henry can change the situation. We arrive at the last chapter of Bendy and the ink machine. Predestined. The barge suddenly stops because something is stuck in the Paddlewheel. Jamie was calling for help in his jolly jaunts too, so its entirely possible anti took him for leverage against marvin(especially if the pictures of them that flashed alongside the message “jack you need to flee” in try to fall asleep means anything), Could be Marvin warning us that JJ is empty. He then asks Henry to come and visit again the workshop because there is something he wants to show him. After surviving a fierce battle in the tunnels and being free. Henry reaches the end of his journey.

The chapter release was on October 26, 2018 (originally planned to be on October 12, 2018). Be careful with the windows or small rooms, they can see it through them. A great story is not always accompanied by a few installments of it.

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