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Surely there would have been overlords for those before Valentino and Velvet? The creators obviously don’t approve of transphobic slurs so why would they make a transphobic design in the first place? In the Pilot, we aren’t given very much reason why Angel is staying at the Hotel (other than a free place to stay) - except for a single moment in which he appears to have compassion for Charlie. I'm addicted to the feeling,,, Re-watching “Mulan” for inspiration on the smoke movement,, During Cherri's scenes, a one-eyed figure makes an appearance. I'm addicted to the feeling Which implies that either she’s a co-manipulator (likely), or maybe Vox is the one manipulating Val (unlikely), or they’re just romantic disasters (possible). My sinful delight That’s a very weak foundation for presenting a hardcore addict which the criticism is based on. I'm addicted to the feeling That could also mean that the ones who cannot be redeemed are the only ones who are able to become overlords, because they don't care how horrible they have to be and enjoy doing the most disturbing things to get that title. Reason is, anybody can still be older than the person and die later. [Chorus 1] Interesting to think about. I'm addicted, I'm dependent About “Addict” (Unreviewed) Centered around the popular web series Hazbin Hotel, “Addict” serves as a backstory for Angel Dust and his issues with sexual assault and drug abuse. Maybe things won't be so terrible inside this hotel, My Hazbin Hotel "ADDICT" Music Video Storyboards! During the scene wherein Angel's facing backwards, just before he sings the line “Just concede and give into your inner demons again.”, the heart-shaped patch of fur behind his head is missing. As of right now, there is only a single episode (being the pilot) created by Vivziepop, an experienced animator on YouTube. Just concede and give into your inner demons again But Angel's also going through a lot of abuse and trauma and lashing out in a bid to feel like he has some control over his choices, even bad ones. Fuck being a sober hoe But Val and Vox also essentially threw their pet shark twice her size at her, so really, whose to say how Triple V works. She doesn’t have an accent, says very little in Spanish (partly mumbling at some point) and doesn’t go into a loud, hissy fit in Spanish, as that stereotype is known for. This hotel is my Atlantis Something interesting we get through the context of Addict, and especially knowing more about Angel's relationship with Valentino:. If you want an actual summary, take a look at Wikipedia or watch the episode yourself.

Otherwise, the impression is given he’s just using her. shitposts, hcs, and shitty research takes || open to asks and hc/art requests!!

Track Information I've let my emotions go The rest? The theory is good over all but there’s one thing that doesn’t make sense for me. I had an incredibly abusive and lonely upbringing and it made me incredibly untrusting of other people but also extremely controlling because of my lack of agency in the better part of my entire life. Something I really needed to hear from my therapist that has helped a lot: "Bad people don't worry about if they're being bad.". Also if hurting people makes me feel awful in retrospect...but not in the moment... am I really sorry or am I just internalizing the humility because it damaged my character in the eyes of others? And the swearing is coherent with every character’s personality. What I believe is that Katie is hypocrite and do not admit her own lesbian side (She died in 1992 and if I recall, such relations where not really accepted yet) or actually suffered in her human self because of someone gay (We could imagine for example losing her husband because he cheated on her with another man). We're forever gonna have a fucking reason to sin This amount matches their personality and overall tone and can’t be called unnecessary or overused. Looking awesome, feeling helpless. Surrounded by fire Read the new comic, "A Day in the After Life," now as well as the first prequel comic. The episode follows Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she- okay no who am I kidding. You're playing with now 'til the end of the night What did Angel Dust and Cherri Bomb do before Val, if he arrived in Hell with the rest of the Triple Vs in the 1950s? Austin Kalista, who was previously an animator for the SpindleHorse short "Holidaze", also helped work on this short. ADDICT – HAZBIN HOTEL Lyrics Letra: Til death do us part But we’re already past that phase This is a brand new start And I think I deserve some praise. While death rains from above Charlie's eyes then widened with sparkles then she squealed and started bouncing up and down. But we're already past that phase We're forever gonna have a fucking reason to sin Alright, so ever since the pilot for Hazbin Hotel aired, a lot of criticism has been presented. Getting higher than the ceiling There’s another reblog of this elsewhere but to summarize it, the flashback man is actually probably not a spider my... Who is the one eyed spider in Cherri Bomb’s flashbacks? Now look me in the eyes, antis. And we're never gonna want this fucking feeling to end We know that Valentino, Vox, and Velvet form Triple V, one of the most powerful overlord alliances in Hell. @bluesoul-16 True, but there would only be a maybe 20-30 year age gap at most from what we can tell instead of, ya know, a couple thousand or some crazy number. "Addict" is a song composed by YouTube musician Silva Hound performed by Michael Kovach as Angel Dust and Kelly "Chi-Chi" Boyer as Cherri Bomb. I mean, he left for a reason but seems to be indulging Charlie on her little project though not actively supporting it.

A helluva high Subscribed. I swear a lot and at no point, it seemed unnatural or out of place for the characters to me. Specifically, Hazbin Hotel seems to be gearing up to deliver a very important message through the course of the show; the way someone copes with trauma may not be good, but it doesn't make you bad. But we're already past that phase On November 6, 2019, Medrano stated on Patreon that there was no stated release date for a second episode yet.

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